Very interesting Facts and mistakes that invent many appliances.

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Very interesting Facts about Appliances.

Nowadays, you can find any appliance and know its technical detail. There are very few who know the Facts about the appliances. These factors include how these appliances are invented and their history. Let us discuss these all inventions in detail.

The kitchen hood can increase your home value

The second Facts is about the Kitchen hood. If guests come to your home and they cough due to bad odor and masala used. Is it increase your grace? No, this is not right. If you have a very clean kitchen, no excessive odor, and no extra noise then this will make you the hero. You can achieve this by having a kitchen hood or chimney. Mostly all the real estate dealers noticed this fact that, if any house has a chimney then its value increased. It completes the overall look of the kitchen.

kitchen hood invention

The dishwasher can be used as a cooking appliance

The third Facts is about the dishwasher. It looks something weird, but true to its words. many sources confirm that a dishwasher is capable of doing this. Special recipes are developed for this. You need proper care and attention while doing this. Make sure to set a correct temperature.

dishwasher as a cooking appliance

Microwaves were invented because candy melted.

The third Facts is about the microwave. Strangely, a microwave was invented because candy was melted. Yes, it’s also true. The story behind the microwave invention is that an American engineer was working in his lab and testing high-powered vacuum tubes. When he was working some random day, magnetron produced a microwave. The funny this is that an engineer had candy in his pocket, and due to the microwave, the candy melted in his pocket itself. This accident invents the microwave that we are using to prepare food or heat the food. It makes our life easy.

Microwave invention

The first AC was not invented for cooling

The second Facts is about the AC. In 1902, there was a publishing house. The first AC was invented to control the publishing house humidifier. It helps ink to dry quickly. Air conditioners are not only limited to controlling the humidity but also cool the space and filter impurities.

AC invention

Refrigerators were dangerous to use?

The Third Facts is about the Refrigerator. In the 1920s, refrigerators were used. These were dangerous in some cases. Its compressor was malfunctioning and its toxic gas escaped. It results in sickness and death too.

Refrigerator invention

First clothes dryer used heat from the stove to operate

The Forth Facts is about the Cloth dryer. The very first cloth dryer was invented in 1892 by George. He was living in an area where the temperature is in minus. He found it very difficult to dry cloth in this cold. So he starts using stove heat. He found it useful. So he starts experimenting with it. He did 30 years of research on an experiment but did not succeed. After this, Moore come to the rescue, and in 1938 first automatic dryer was launched. isn’t it a long period Mr. George spend for our comfort?

The washer can defrost food

The Fifth Facts is about the Wahser. It may sound awkward but Yes it is true. You can defrost faster in the washer as compared to using a sink for defrosting. Place your food in the washer and run it on slow cold speed. It uses very less water and does it faster. Simply pack your food in the zip lock bag and leave the lid of the washer open.

X-Ray machine

The Sixth Facts is about the X-Ray. In 1895, one physicist Wilhelm was working in his laboratory and researching vacuum tubes. He notices a mysterious and strange glowing emanating from the chemical-coated screen. He was very confused. He did more experiments over that and found that if I put my hands under that screen, it show my bones under his skin. He named it the X-Ray machine.

X ray machine

Accidentally fall off of Kerosene lamp invent Dry Cleaner.

The Seventh Facts is about the Dry Cleaner. Jean Baptiste was working in the textile industry for many years. He invented the dry cleaner by accident. His maid accidentally falls the kerosene lamp on the clothes on the table. At that time, Jean Baptiste notice that it cleaned the dirty cloth. Thus dry cleaner was invented.


The Eight Facts is about the Printer. We all print papers very easily with the help of a printer. But do you know, it was invented by mistake. One day an engineer did a mistake and rested his hot iron on the pen. after some time, the engineer noticed that the ink was ejected from the pen’s point. It became a new principle of the printer.


Many appliances or devices were invented due to some mistakes. You can take microwave, X-Ray machine, Dryer, washer, and many more in this category. Never scared to try something new. Because it results in something useful or a new invention. As you read about many inventions done due to mistakes in the above section, you should try but with care or under supervision.

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