The Difference Between An Inbuilt And A Countertop Oven

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What Is The Difference Between An Inbuilt And A Countertop Oven ?

In brief The Difference Between An Inbuilt And A Countertop Oven is that an Inbuilt ovens go inside cabinets, are big, and are good for cooking lots. Countertop ovens sit on counters, are small, and are good for cooking a bit. Choose based on how much space you have and how you like to cook.

Many people mostly ask me What is The difference between an inbuilt oven and a countertop oven. So, today I am going to write about it and we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both types of ovens. But before this, we need to understand the difference between these types of ovens very well. So let’s start exploring this topic:

Counter Top Oven

  1. A countertop oven is a small-sized oven that sits on your kitchen countertop. It is smaller than the big size ovens, but still, it has lots of good things about it. It is compact and small enough to fit on a small kitchen counter too.
  2. A freestanding oven is the more traditional kind you might be used to. It’s a complete cooking unit with a stove on top and an oven below, standing on its legs. It’s the typical image that comes to mind when we think about ovens.
  3. This kind of oven has many good points you can consider while selecting. They are versatile and fit very well into your kitchen. Additionally, they can be a decor centrepiece in your kitchen that matches your interior as well. You can choose between gas or electric ovens, and many of them have easy-to-clean options.
  4. Contrary to what you might think, having a freestanding oven won’t make your kitchen look old-fashioned. They give a cosy, homey feel compared to ovens attached to the wall, which some people might find comforting.
Counter top oven

  • Ease of Movement 

You can easily move these ovens in the kitchen when you’re making changes, and if you move to a new house, you can take them with you. In this way, you do not have to buy a new oven whenever you change your home. These ovens come in two sizes mostly either single or double size It gives you more easiness while using.

First of all understand What is a built-in oven?
  1. Built-in ovens are ovens that neatly fit inside a kitchen cabinet. They’re fixed units and usually about 60cm wide but can be smaller or larger.
  2. While these may not be your first choice if you want a standout oven, these are best for a modern modular kitchen. You can pick from different types like conventional, fan, or multifunction built-in ovens with steam-assisted cooking.
  3. They’re super handy because you can install them at any height that works best for you, like eye level or hip height.
  4. The hob (the cooking surface) is a separate unit, so you can put it wherever you find it most convenient.
  5. The top brands of built-in ovens often come with extra space under your countertop, which is easy to reach when you’re preparing meals. If you like a tidy kitchen without too many things on your counters, built-in ovens might be the perfect choice for you.
Built in ovens

  • Variety

  1. Mix and Match for Your Kitchen When you install two separate units, you can pick and choose what you like. For example, if you want a gas stove on top and an electric oven, the built-in option is a great choice.
  2. Gas stoves are a little bigger, but they work well. If you like a more modern look, you can go for a smooth ceramic electric option. It all depends on what you like and how you cook!
  3. Lots of homes also add a microwave to make things even easier. This helps to keep your kitchen countertop tidy and organized.

Let’s understand The Difference Between An Inbuilt And A Countertop Oven in detail:

The Difference Between An Inbuilt And A Countertop Oven

Built-in Oven

  1. Perfect for starting fresh in a new home, especially if you’re designing the kitchen from the beginning.
  2. This is an excellent choice to free up space on your kitchen counter.
  3. If you’re designing your kitchen, aim to install it at eye level to avoid bending often when handling heavy oven items (good for your back).
  4. Does not include a cooking surface on the top.
  5. A brand I recommend and have enjoyed using is Faber, LG, and kaff.
  6. It is easy to clean.
  7. It costs you more than counter top oven.
  8. Limited sizes and choices are available in the market.
  9. These ovens are very hard to repair due to embedded in the unit.
  10. It gives your kitchen a very seamless look.
  11. These are hard to move.
  12. Only professionals can repair these kind of ovens.

Counter Top Oven

  1. Ideal when you’re in a home with a fully working kitchen that doesn’t have a specific spot for a built-in oven.
  2. It takes up valuable space on your kitchen counter.
  3. You can put it wherever you have space and find it convenient to reach.
  4. Available both with and without a cooking surface on the top.
  5. A brand I recommend and have enjoyed using is IBF, LG, and Samsung.
  6. It is pocket friendly.
  7. There are endless choices and sizes for counter top ovens.
  8. This oven is very easy to repair. The repair man easily pull out the defected unit and repair that.
  9. This oven is not much helpful in providing seamless look.
  10. You can easily move the position of these ovens.
  11. Almost every service man can repair these ovens.
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Which Type of Oven Suits My Kitchen?

Are you really into a specific type of oven but wondering how it’ll fit in your kitchen? Or maybe you’re not sure which oven you like best? That’s okay because there’s no perfect answer!

But if you understand a few things in your kitchen, then it gives you some clues or ideas and you can make the decision a bit easier.

  • Kitchen Size

The most important thing to consider while selecting the oven for the kitchen is the space. If your kitchen is small, freestanding cookers might use up space you need for other things. But if you have a big kitchen, a freestanding oven could be a cool addition.

Remember, built-in ovens don’t come with cooktops, so you’ll need some countertop space for that. If your countertop space is limited, a built-in oven might not be the best choice.

  • Oven Size

We often forget to think about the size of the oven, but it’s the most important. Ovens come in different sizes, and if your old one was smaller, your pans and baking sheets might not fit the new one. It’s not fun to install an oven and then realize you need to buy all-new baking trays!

If you need more space, you can also think about getting a double oven. This is very important if you love to bake cakes or hosting events. If you have a home base bakery, then definitely go for big size one.

  • Colour

Choosing the colour of your oven might seem like a small detail, but it’s worth considering. Ovens don’t just come in white, black, or silver anymore! Some ovens have metallic finishes like gold or copper, and there are even bright colours for a retro vibe.

It’s a good move to match your oven with other appliances’ color, like a dishwasher, toaster, air fryer or microwave. If your kitchen is open, think about the colours in the rooms nearby too.

  • Price

Along with many things, price is a primary factor everyone considers and makes decisions. A basic single built-in oven is most likely to cost much less than a double oven with a convection feature. Luckily, there are so many different options available you will be able to find your dream oven to meet all your needs. 

Is it Possible for a Countertop Oven to Substitute a Standard Oven?

Small ovens on the counter can do a lot of things regular ovens can do, and sometimes even more! But they’re not as big, so you can’t cook a bunch of stuff at once. Deciding if you should use a small oven instead of a big one depends on what and how much food you want to make.

These little ovens often have cool features, like:

  • Convection (that means it cooks things evenly)
  • More than one shelf to cook on
  • Buttons that automatically set how long and hot to cook
  • Lights inside so you can see
  • Inside parts that food doesn’t stick to
  • A tool to check how hot the food is inside

Some small ovens, like Digital Countertop Oven with Air Fry, can even do more than big ovens! It has a special basket for making things like french fries without flipping them, and it cooks all around the food.

Even though small ovens are great, most homes still keep a big oven because it can cook a lot more. Having both lets you be flexible and make different kinds of meals. If you’re making just one thing, the small oven is handy because it heats up faster and uses less energy. And if your big oven is having problems, you can figure out how to fix it.

A small oven is also good for cooking many things at once when they need different cooking times. You can roast meat in one oven and bake a delicate soufflé in the other.

Are Countertop Ovens a Good Investment?​

Counter top ovens for your counter can make your cooking more fun and give you extra space for making more things. You can bake bread in your big oven while roasting dinner or air-frying bacon in the small oven. If you usually cook small amounts or just one dish, a little oven is the right size.

Some little ovens can do lots of things on your counter, like baking, roasting, cooking with hot air, and even air frying. Each type can fit a big baking pan, making it easy to bake a cake, cook a whole meal, or even roast two big chickens.

Here are a few more good things about having a little oven:

  • It doesn’t take up as much space as a big oven.
  • It heats up quickly, so you don’t have to warm up the whole oven for small meals.
  • It’s a very good option for fast tasks like toasting, warming up food, and even air frying with some models.
  • Some little ovens with hot air cooking can do things your regular oven can’t, like air frying and cooking with hot air.

What More Should I Be Aware Of?

We’ve covered the main things you need to think about, but there are a couple more details to keep in mind when buying freestanding or built-in ovens in South Africa.

Moving Built-in Ovens:

    • It can be hard to move built-in ovens once they’re installed.

Power Source for Freestanding Ovens:

    • Freestanding ovens should be close to a power source.

Professional Installation:

    • It’s best to have professionals install both types of ovens.

Cleaning Freestanding Ovens:

    • Cleaning around freestanding ovens might be tricky because things can fall between the oven and the counter.


What is a built-in oven?

built-in oven is a kind of oven that is designed to fit into your kitchen cabinets, making it look smooth and tidy. You can install it at eye level or under the counter, depending on how you like it and how your kitchen is set up.

How do I put in a built-in oven?

It’s a good idea to get a professional to install your built-in oven to make sure it’s done right and safe. The process involves taking out the old oven, getting the space ready, and putting the new oven into the cabinets.

What is the The Difference Between An Inbuilt And A Countertop Oven?

People often use “built-in oven” and “integrated oven” interchangeably, but technically, a built-in oven can also mean an oven installed in a cabinet that’s not fully part of the cabinets. An integrated oven is designed to fit perfectly with the cabinets, so the oven door is flush with the surrounding cabinets.

How do I clean my built-in oven?

Always check the manual for the right cleaning stuff for your oven. If you’ve got a Beko oven like BIS25300GRD, it has a steam cleaning function. This uses steam to loosen dirt, making it easier to wipe clean. Just pour water into the oven, pick the steam cleaning setting, and you’re good to go.

What's good about a built-in oven?

A built-in oven makes your kitchen look cool and modern. It saves space because it doesn’t take up extra floor space. Also, it’s often better for energy efficiency compared to ovens that stand alone.

How do I pick the right size built-in oven for my kitchen?

Think about how big your kitchen is and how much cooking you do. Built-in ovens come in different sizes, from small ones for little kitchens to big ones for large families or people who love cooking a lot.

How long does a built-in oven usually last?

Built-in ovens usually last around 10-15 years. If you take care of it and clean it well, it can last even longer.


Big inbuilt ovens easily fit into kitchen cabinets, making everything look neat. These are just perfect for cooking big meals and can do fancy cooking. On the other hand, countertop ovens are small and sit on counters, giving flexibility. These are good for smaller cooking , perfect for one person or a small family. Deciding between them depends on your kitchen space, how you like things to look, and how much cooking you do. Inbuilt ovens have cool features, while countertop ones are easy to move around. Choose based on what you need, making sure your kitchen looks nice and fits how you like to cook.

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