Detailed Information about an Egg Boiler

What is an egg boiler?

An egg boiler is a kitchen appliance that is designed specially to boil eggs. It consists of a base unit with a heating element, a water reservoir, and a tray for eggs. We simply need to add water to the reservoir and this appliance heats the water to the boiling point. It results in steam rising up and then it cooks the eggs placed in the tray. There are many different types of egg boilers machine available in the market with many features such as you can set the softness level of an egg(soft, medium soft, hard-boiled egg). 

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It has a built-in timer that enables it to auto-turn off when a specific time is reached. It avoids overcooking. Egg boilers come in electric or stove-type. These appliances come in different sizes. You can select as per your requirements. An egg boiler machine is a very convenient and efficient way to cook eggs in less time without creating a mess. It is very useful for those people who are health conscious and eat eggs daily.

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Why an egg boiler should be used?

There are a lot of reasons that define why an egg boiler machine should be used. These are

  • Convenience

Boiling eggs on the stove is very convenient because it requires minimum monitoring. It automatically set the timer and monitors the water level and eggs. If we use the traditional way to boil eggs, It requires monitoring and is laborious. You need o check the water level and water spillage also creates a mess on the stove. In my understanding, An egg boiler is the best option to opt for.

  • Consistency

Using an egg boiler, the process of cooking eggs is consistent. The boiled eggs are also evenly cooked every time. There is no taste variation every time. If you love hard, soft, or medium-soft eggs then this can be done using an egg boiler machine.

  • Energy Efficient

An egg boiler uses that much water only which is sufficient for boiling eggs. So, this way it is saving energy on boiling excess water. If you try to boil eggs in a pot using a gas stove, then it consumes more energy. It has an auto shut-off feature that saves energy very well.

  • Easy to use

An egg boiler is very easy to use as it comes with many smart features. You need to press the button for start or stop and set the timer in minutes. You can also set the softness of eggs by pressing the button. Any unskilled person can easily use it on the first attempt only.

  • Take less time

An egg boiler machine cooks h eggs in less time when compared with the traditional way of boiling on the gas stove. Usually, on a gas stove, It takes half an hour to boil the eggs. But this egg boiler takes only 10-15 minutes. This is almost half the time and saves energy and time.

  • No mess

This egg boiler boils the eggs very neatly without creating any mess. Its tray contains the eggs and water is boiling in the bottom area. When eggs are cooked, simply take out the tray and peel off the eggs without creating a mess.

  • Portable

This appliance is small in size or very compact. So, You can easily carry it anywhere whenever you shift from one place to another. 

  • Healthy

Boiling eggs in this appliance is a healthy option because it cooks the egg using steam. As we know steam is hotter than water. Many times, we left eating eggs because it takes more time and creates a mess. But this appliance makes you sure that you will eat eggs due to its fastness in boiling eggs. Eating eggs daily means you get healthy.

  • Easy to store

As an egg boiler machine is compact, it is very easy to store in your kitchen in a small compartment also. Nowadays, most people live in rental houses. Those houses are small, so storage can be a big consideration. But this appliance is totally small in size and easily fits in small space.

  • Versatile

Many egg boilers come with different features. There is huge competition in the market. So companies try to make every product with more features to compete with their competitors. I am using an egg boiler machine that has the option to boil the eggs and omelets too.

egg boiler machine

Features of an egg boiler

  • Capacity

An egg boiler machine comes in many different sizes and their size indicates how many eggs you can boil in one batch. Many egg boilers are capable of 8-10 eggs in one batch and many can boil only 2-4 eggs.

  • Automatic OFF

There are almost all egg boiler appliances have the feature to auto shut off the boiler when a specific time is reached or eggs are boiled. It prevents overcooking and saves energy.

  • Timer

The timer in this appliance makes sure to cook the eggs properly within the specified time that is set in the timer. Its time varies according to the type of eggs it is boiling. Type of eggs means soft, medium, or hard eggs.

  • Water measuring Cup

Almost all boiler comes with a measuring cup that measures the correct water that helps in perfect boiling. According to the number of eggs in the tray, You can set the water level.

  • Steaming Tray

Many egg boilers come with a steaming tray. This tray gives you the versatility to cook vegetables, meat, and many more along with eggs or without eggs.

  • Non-stick Coated

There are many egg boiler machine that comes with a non-stick coating that makes sure that eggs do not stick to the tray. Tray material varies from aluminum to stainless steel. I think stainless steel is the best option to opt for.

  • Power indicator light

This appliance always comes with an indicator light. It shows us whether the boiling process is completed or not.

How to use an egg boiler?

Here are the steps that are required to use an egg boiler to cook the eggs.


  1. Fill the water in the egg boiler as per requirement or recommended. The amount of water depends on the type of boiler or model you are using. You can take the help of a measuring cup that comes along with this boiler.
  2. Set the eggs on the tray and place them in the egg boiler. You can also use the steaming tray to cook the vegetables or meat.
  3. Carefully close the lid and make sure that it is closed properly to prevent steam loss.
  4. The Next step is to set the timer of an egg boiler according to the egg type you want.
  5. When the eggs are boiled, They will shut off automatically. If it is not shut off automatically, turn it off manually.
  6. Now, carefully remove the egg tray from the boiler and never ask kids to remove the eggs because the boiler and eggs both are too hot.
  7. Now put the eggs in room temperature water and peel them. It is done.
  8. Now through the water used to cook the eggs if left and clean that. It is that much easy.

Drawbacks of an egg boiler machine

While cooking or boiling eggs in the boiler is very safe and good for health. They do have some limitations or Cons. These are

  • Limited Functionality

This appliance is designed specially to cook eggs. Many times it comes with a feature of cooking vegetables too. But it can’t bake or cook like a stove. So, it might prove a good appliance if come with more cooking options.

  • Limited Capacity

Every egg boiler comes with a limited capacity to cook the eggs. Sometimes, If you want to boil more eggs for a group of people then this is not useable.

  • Inconsistent Results

This appliance is designed to make sure that the boiled eggs will be perfectly cooked. But sometimes, the size of the eggs change, and the amount of water used is not accurate. This will result in inconsistent results. It may overcook or under-cook the eggs.

  • Cost

This appliance is expensive if compared with the other ways of boiling eggs. Its initial cost is also not affordable by many people.

  • Cleaning

Many egg boiler machine trays are not non-stick coated. So, the egg sticks to the tray and it’s hard to clean the boiler. One of my friends was telling me that his boiler’s tray is not removable. She feels so frustrated when it comes to cleaning the tray. 

  • Depend on electricity

It depends on the electricity for its functionality. If there is no electricity when you are willing to eat eggs, then this appliance is not usable.

  • Maintenance

Every appliance requires maintenance for its proper functioning and accurate results. If it is not maintained properly, then it starts giving wrong results like over-cooked or under-cooked eggs. It is also prone to bacteria and odor to flourish.

How to select the best egg boiler machine?

Many factors are important when you buy a new egg boiler machine. These factors help you to buy the best one. These are

  • Capacity 

It means measuring your requirement first. You can calculate it by the number of members and how many eggs in one meal they eat. Go for that boiler only that fulfills your requirement. It is not good to boil eggs in two different batches as their capacity is not as per your requirements.

  • Material

Material decides the life of an egg boiler. If it is made from plastic, Its life is less and it is not safe to use. Always choose stainless steel or non-stick only.

  • Types of eggs

Whatever the type of eggs you love to eat, check that feature in the boiler before you buy it. If you love medium-cooked eggs then go for that boiler.

  • Timer

Look for that boiler which has a timer setting according to the eggs. Because a timer gives you time to do other work and you do not need to do manual monitoring.

  • Features

Look for a boiler that offers more features like a timer, types of eggs it can cook, auto shut-off, and versatility. Many egg boilers can connect to the smartphone also.

  • Easiness in usage

Always try to buy a boiler that is easy to operate and requires minimum monitoring. If it is easy to use, anyone can use it without any skill.

  • Maintenance

Its maintenance is one of the factors. Many times we buy it, but later on, realize that it is very typical and hard to maintain. Its tray must be removable for easy cleaning. Otherwise chances of odor and bacteria increase.

  • Cleaning

It must be easy to clean. Because we can’t put it in the dishwasher if its tray is not removable. Its tray must be non-sticky.

  • Brand

Always trust the popular and known brands only. You may invest some more money buying the branded product, But it offers you more facilities like warranty, durability, and reliability.

  • Budget

Budget is one of the biggest factors that finalize our selection in most cases. we always like products that are offering good features, but due to being out of our budget we always end up buying expensive appliances that disturb our budget. So, decide your budget in advance. An egg boiler price is important.

  • Warranty

A warranty is nothing but a trust of a brand over the product and a kind of assurance to the customer that its life is long and it will run for a longer time. So, it is good to look for those products that are offering a longer warranty.

  • After-sale service

I think we all experience issues with appliances that after buying any appliance, the company does not respond to or tackle the problem when we face any issue with the product. So, trust known brands only and check their after-sale service.

  • Reviews

One good way to know which boiler is good is to take reviews from your family or friends. You can take the help of google too for this. many E-Commerce websites which are selling products are also collecting reviews. You can go there and check.

An egg boiler price

An egg boiler price is depend on many factors such as its size, features, capacity, material, and brand. Mostly egg boiler price starts from $10-$20 and in INR its Rupees 200 and go up.


In last, an egg boiler is a convenient appliance for those who love to eat eggs regularly without creating any mess. It offers a simple and hassle-free way to boil eggs. It comes with many features like a timer, versatility, auto shut-off, and water level indicator. Like any other appliance, this also has some pros and cons including maintenance and electricity dependency. However, this is not suitable for those who are environmentally concerned. Overall, it is your decision whether to use an egg boiler or not.

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