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What is Weight.?

Weight is sometimes also known as mass. It is the weight of any object or person created due to gravity. When we are on earth, the weight change is negligible for day-to-day work. This weight change happens when we are on another planet. We can measure the weight using Weighing Machine.

What is Weighing Machine?

Weighing Machine is also known as a weighing scale or balance. It is used to measure the weight of any object.  Traditionally, a Weighing scale uses two plates or bowls. One plate is responsible for holding an object which has an unknown weight or mass and the second one is responsible for holding an object that has a known mass.  These are not accurate, You can take approximate results. Weighing scales are very important to sure that whatever we are getting is fine for its quantity.

digital weighing machine

More about it.

Nowadays, many digital weighing scales come. They are very accurate. It shows the weight in digital form (Numbers). It is used by shopkeepers, in the kitchen, and by doctors to get body weight.

Weighing scales are available in many different sizes, capacities, and different outputs display.

 Where you can see it?

You can see Weighing scale almost everywhere in the market and used by all. Here is the list that shows the usage areas:

  • When making medicines, proper measurement is taken using this.
  • It is used in fuel measurement whether it is for a plane, car, bike, or scooter.
  • It is used by engineers to check the weight of a car or truck while building a bridge to measure the weight-holding capacity of the bridge.
  • It is used by doctors to measure the weight of the body to check weight improvement or to give medicine according to the body weight.
  • It is used by shopkeepers to measure the weight of some raw materials.
  • Scientists use it for testing procedures. They mix some accurate quantity of any chemicals or components.
  • It is used for groceries.
  • It is used in the kitchen. Many people use it for measuring the grocery. Like, while baking a cake, the accurate quantity of everything is very important for a good result.

Types of Weighing Machines

There are many types of Weighing Machine. Each one has its unique features and advantages. Here, I am going to explain its types. These are

  1. Digital Weighing Machine
  2. Analog Weighing Machine
  3. Electronic Weighing machine
  4. Smart Weighing machine
  5. Baby weighing Machine
  6. Pet Weighing machine

Digital Weighing Machine

Digital Weighing Machine is one of the popularly used scales. You can see it very easily in the market. It uses electronic sensors for weight measurement. According to that, Digital Weighing Machine displays the weight on the screen. It has an LCD screen for display. Digital Weighing Machine give a very accurate result and are very easy to use. It has a vast area of usage like measuring the weight of food, ingredients, and all other objects. Digital Weighing Machine needed a power source for functioning. It is capable of measuring 150 KG. It comes in two variations. First, the one that uses a battery, and second those which need to be plugged in.

digital weighing machine

Analog Weight Machine

Analog Weighing scale are not that much popular as digital machines are. But, still, you can see this one in the market. These types of machines are difficult to use as compared to digital ones. But its results are more accurate. These are mostly used in areas where accuracy is the priority like in industries.

analog weighing machine

Smart Weighing Machine

Nowadays, brands are very intelligent and trying their best to stay in the market due to competition. thus, many companies come with a Weighing scale that has the best features of both analog and digital one. These are easy to use and the results are also accurate. You can find a variety and more features in this. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and you can track it using a smartphone.

smart weighing machine

Electronic Weighing scale

Electronic Weighing Scales are very similar to digital ones. the difference comes in the sensor. It uses an electronic sensor. These provide you with more accurate results than digital one but it is hard to use them. You can find these devices in industries where accuracy is more important than easiness of usage.

Baby Weighing Scale

These Machines are specially used by doctors or you can use them at home too. It is specially designed to measure the weight of babies, toddlers, or infants. You can use it easily and the results are also good.

baby weighing scale

Pet Weighing Scale

Pet weighing scale comes in two variations: Digital and Analog. It is specially designed for pets to measure their weight. You can monitor the health of your pet at home too.

Pet weighing scale

Why Digital Weighing Machines are used widely?

Digital Weighing Machine is popular due to their accuracy and easiness of usage. It uses LCD for display. You can measure the weight in different measurements like in KG, Grams, and Pounds. It is used everywhere like in the grocery shop, bakeries, departmental stores, and in the meats shop.

Advantages of Digital Weighing Machine

  • These machines are small in size.
  • Its weight is not much. You can easily use it and carry it.
  • These are portable. If you have a moving job, you can easily carry it in your car. 
  • These are easy to store due to their size.
  • It comes in many designs.
  • The biggest benefit is its accuracy in the result.
  • It is reliable. You can trust it easily.
  • Its functions are easy to use.
  • It gets turned OFF automatically If left unattended for a long time.
  • Its life is long.
  • It comes with a full warranty. If it gets damaged, you can get resolved this issue easily. This is the primary reason behind its trust.

Which machine is used in the kitchen?

Digital Weighing Machine is used in the kitchen for weight measurement while cooking. You can check the number of food items. Its weight is light.

Which type of machine is used in the home?

The Digital Weighing Machine is used for a home with the reason that it is light in weight, easy to use, easy to carry, and small in size. You can keep it anywhere.

Can we use a kitchen machine for human weight?

No, a kitchen weight measuring machine cannot be used for human weight measurement. The reason behind this is that the kitchen machine has a limited weight tolerance capacity. The kitchen machine has a 10KG limit. If you will try, it may break due to being small in size and lightweight.

Which machine to use for human weight measurement?

A digital bathroom machine is used for this. You can stand on it and check the weight. It uses an LCD. It is multifunctioning. It is capable of measuring body mass, muscle mass, fat, water ratio, and more.

People who are fitness freak uses this machine at home.


Weighing scale is designed to measure the weight of objects. I describe all the types of weighing scales in the above section. Many businesses require accurate results. For this, they use the right machine. Many people prefer to use a bathroom weighing machine to check body weight and a kitchen machine to measure food items’ weight.

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