Air Conditioner’s must have part – Condenser Fan.

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What is a condenser Fan?

A condenser Fan is a type of fan of the HVAC system, that is located near the condenser. It is specially designed to eliminate or remove heat from the refrigerant.  When you switch on the AC, refrigerant picks up heat from inside the room at the evaporator coil. Then it is travel to the condenser. Condenser is located outside your room or home. The condenser fan removes the heat from the room. 

condenser fan
More Detail

It is exclusively used only for AC systems. It is responsible for producing cool air by expelling heat into the outdoor air. If it is not cared for or maintained properly, It will carry dirt, debris, and dust. It will wear and tear more frequently or faster. If this will happen, It will result in warm air, Poop airflow, and a suffocated indoor environment. If it is maintained properly, It consumes less energy. It will increase the life of the rest of the system too.

Hows it Works

A condenser is a Part of an HVAC system. It is a heat exchanger. It cools and condenses gas refrigerant into liquid form. After this, the refrigerant goes through the condenser coil and goes to the evaporator. At the evaporator, It turns into a gas once again and this process is repeated.

It is located near the top of the condensing unit. It is covered with a grill or guard to prevent debris and other objects.

Condenser Fan Material

Most HVAC systems use a fan that has blades. These blades are made up of plastic, metal, and aluminum. You can change these blades when the old ones are out of service. You can choose whatever material you like. These all materials are lightweight but their weight might increase with the size of the blades.

Its material depends on the type of environment in which you want to use it. Aluminum fans come in diameter from 2 inches to 48 inches.  The number of blades also varies. It comes in 3 blades to 10 blades.

Advantages of a condenser fan

  • These fans are cost-effective.
  • These are compact and occupy less space.
  • These are very easy to install and take less time for installation.
  • It maintains the temperature and humidity.
  • Its maintenance cost is low.
  • It prevents dust.
  • It is used universally. (Used in any environmental conditions)

Identify - A condenser fan is in bad condition

The condenser unit is placed outside. So you can easily see whether the condenser fan is working or not and its condition too.  Many other symptoms show that the condenser is in bad condition. You must have to call the HVAC company if you feel the following symptoms:

When Fan speed is not normal

You have to check whether the condenser fan is moving at a normal speed o not. if it is slow or not moving, It may be due to a variety of reasons. The very first reason may be due to a bad capacitor.  A capacitor is used to store the power and delivers the power to the condenser motor fan. Another reason may be its fan belt is loose or broken. It is due to wear and tear. Sometimes it is due to a burnt motor. If it is because of a burnt motor, The one and only solution is to replace it with a newer one.

Burning Smell

If your outdoor unit is smelling and giving you a burning sensation then you must be alert. It shows that the motor or fan is over-heating. It indicates that the unit is broken down very soon if you use it continuously as it is. You must shut your HVAC system immediately and contact to HVAC company.

Producing Noise kind of sound

It is very normal that condenser fans produce noise that is a normal thing. But sometimes it produces a sound that is not normal and it is something different. It may produce a buzzing or rattling noise. A buzzing sound means that debris obstructing. A rattling sound means that some components are loose or not aligned properly or damaged. It is recommended that don’t try to fix this on your own. You will end-up spoiling your HVAC system.

Condenser failure

The condenser fan is responsible for cooling the condenser motor. It is not functioning properly, It may be related o its fan motor. many other reasons are there. The HVAC technician will identify and solve your problem.

Warm Air

One of the main identification that the condenser fan is in bad condition is lukewarm air. The reason behind this is that the condenser is overheating and is not able to turn refrigerant into liquid form(cool one). This is the reason a fan is kept near the condenser motor to prevent it from overheating. This is the only reason. But there are also so many other reasons.

The room goes too hot when AC is ON

Sometimes, You ON the AC but it is not producing cooling. It produces only hot air. This is a cristal clear indication that the fan is not in good condition.

The Fan won't stop when AC is off

Many times it happens that you shut the AC off but its blades are not stopping. It is a clear symptom of a bad condenser.

How much does it cost to replace the AC condenser Fan?

It depends on the size, model, and brand of the ac you are using. This may be covered under warranty. Because AC comes with a warranty of up to 25 years. Its cost is approximately Rupees 650-3000.

What is the approximate life of the Condenser fan?

The approximate life of a condenser fan is 10 to 20 years. You can understand that this is the time when you should replace your system.

Condenser fan

Can AC work without a Condenser fan?

It is not recommended to use an AC system without a condenser fan. If you try to do so, The condenser gets overheated and it might catch fire or it will break.


A condenser fan is used to cool the condenser and prevent it from overheating. It is located near the condenser. It removes the heat from the room. It is exclusively used for AC only. It carries dirt and dust. It is an important part of an HVAC system. I explain the advantages and problem detection points above in the section. 

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