Modern Building’s Requirement for HVAC System for Fresh Air.

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What is HVAC System?


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is used in various technologies to control the temperature and it purifies the air where fresh air is not possible to enter enough. It is used in both domestic as well as for industrial use. It is capable of controlling the humidity. The primary reason behind using it is that it provides thermal comfort and provide pure air. This uses the principle of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and transfer of heat. HVAC is used to keep the building hot in winter and cool in the summer. It is used in all seasons.

HVAC System

What is the Heating process?

As its name indicates that it is used to warm the room or building. It uses three ways for heating. These are conduction, convection, and radiation. It is used in those areas where the climate is very cool like snow areas, where warmth is required for survival.

What is the ventilation Process?

Ventilation in HVAc is used for fresh air flow. It can be indoor or outdoor. It exchanges the air from indoors to outdoors to maintain fresh air inside. The most known example of ventilation is in car parking. It is used to remove carbon dioxide from vehicles and eliminate pollution.

What is Air Conditioning Process?

It is used to cool the area. It uses chillers, air conditioners, and cooling towers. It is used in a hot area where cooling and humidity needs to be maintained for survival.

Where does it use?

HVAC is a very important part of residential such as apartments, hotels, family homes, medium to large industries, skyscrapers, and hospitals. It is also used in the vehicles such as trains, cars, ships, airplanes, marine environments, and a submarine. These are the areas where safe and standard air quality is compulsory or important. It regulates the fresh air from outside area.

What does it do?

Ventilation in HVAc is used to exchange the air from any indoor area to fresh air that is of high quality. It maintains the temperature and replenishes the oxygen level. It eliminates the extra moisture from the air. If there is any odor, It removes that. This odor may be from smoke, dust, and heat. It also removes carbon dioxide gas from the room and other dangerous gases. It is capable of removing bacteria. 

Components of an HVAC system

The basic components of an HVAC system that are responsible for improving indoor air quality are:

  • Mixed air plenum and outdoor air control.
  • Air filter
  • Supply Fan
  • Exhaust fan
  • Outdoor air intake
  • Ducts
  • Terminal Device
  • Return air system
  • Cooling and heating coils
  • Cooling unit
  • Cooling tower
  • Boiler
  • Control
  • Water Chiller
  • Humidifier and dehumidifier

Types of HVAC system

The HVAC system is classified into a central system and a decentralized system. This type depends on the locations of the primary equipment whether cooling the entire building or a specific part of a building. According to this, the water distribution and air are designed.

These are the types of an HVAC systems:-

Split System

It is also known as a forced air system. It consists of two units. One unit is placed outside and one is inside the home or room. It has a furnace and air conditioner, an air handler, and a heat pump. Its configuration depends on where you are living. It is best suited in a very cool area.

Hybrid Heat Pump

In this, the electric heat pump is used in the central heating system that works with the furnace. In the spring and fall, it is used to heat the home.  When the weather is too cool, the furnace takes responsibility. It is also known as a dual-fuel system. Its cost is less because it uses a heat pump.

Ductless Mini Split

Ductless Mini Split uses an outdoor unit that consists of a compressor and condenser. An indoor part is hung on the wall in the room that blows cool air into the room. It is best suitable for small rooms It is not suitable for the complete home. You can install it yourself.

Ducted Mini Split

It uses tubes in place of ducts for air to flow from outdoors to indoors. It has a better circulation of air as compared to the ductless Mini Split. noise.

Packaged System

It is best suitable for those homes that do have not enough space. All units are placed outside the home. Its installation cost is less and it produces less 

Difference between an Air Conditioner and an HVAC?

There is no such difference between an Air conditioner and an HVAC as an air conditioner is an integral part of an HVAC system. It works along with ventilation and heating elements in HVAC. An air conditioner also works with it.

hvac system

An important consideration before you buy an HVAC System

Right Size

It is very important to know the correct size of your home and then choose the HVAC. Because many houses are small and they are using large HVAC. Oversized equipment cycles too frequently, which results into shorten the life of it.

Higher Efficiency

It is important to choose equipment that has higher efficiency. The cost of labor is the same for both lower-efficient and higher-efficiency HVAC systems. A system with higher efficiency will pay you for longer with its service. You can decrease the cost by 20-30% by using the higher efficiency system.

Buy Indoor Air Quality when you buy a new system

It is recommended to buy IAQ when you buy a new HVAC system. Many contractors ask you to do not to use IAQ and give you a discount. 

Brand is important

It is important to search for good brands. Known and popular brands have a reputation and the same time produces a good quality product.

Choose the Right Contractor

Choosing the right dealer is one of the important factors that decide the quality of an HVAC system. It is not that much easy to customize as other electronic devices like a refrigerator. Your contractor will guide you about everything.

Check for References and Reviews

You can check the reviews of contractors online. Many websites are providing this feature. Always go for trusted websites only. You can ask your friends or other people for their reviews about the contractor. You can check for contractor certificates. You can check for their service and contact them to check how easily and well they are treating you for service. It is a must to note that after working hours, whether the machine can solve the problem or not.

Contractor has permission or not?

In many areas, this is important to have permission to work as a contractor. Because govt want to make it sure for correct work. They fall under the responsibility category in which they must correct the work in case something wrong is happen.


It is important to know what kind of maintenance your system required and how much it costs.


You should have to compare the warranty provided by different dealers for your long-term benefit.

Noise Level

HVAC systems are noisy. It is good to talk to your dealer to make sure that, your dealer chooses those systems that produce less noise.


Only you are the one who knows the budget for your system to buy. If you are spending more, it is important to check whether it maintains the temperature accordingly or not. Maintaining a budget is not only a factor, you must have to keep in mind other factors too. These are energy efficient and durable. Buying a cheap product is always not a wise choice. If you save money in buying a product, then it may cost you more in maintenance or energy efficiency.

hvac system


An HVAC system is a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner. It is used in many types of buildings to maintain fresh air. It is used in car parking to maintain the oxygen level and cut out the level of carbon dioxide gas. It also eliminates the bad odor. It grabs the fresh air from outside and blows it inside. It is also capable of killing bacteria. You can use it to cool and hot the room.

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