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Quick Highlights: Apple watch series 6

  • Apple watch series 6 features Apple’s new WatchOS 7
  • It can measure the blood oxygen level
  • It comes with a new S6 processor.

Apple watch series 6

The Apple watch series 6 is very fast, bright, and cheap that can be own.  It is one of the best watches in the market that gives trouble-free access with greater performance. That is the reason, it is owned half of the marketplace. It comes in two sizes, 40 mm or 44mm. It has a lot of variety in case material and colors. It cannot be used with an android phone. It requires an Apple phone. 

  • The Apple watch series 6 inherits all the best features of the apple watch series 5. It comes with a blood oxygen saturation sensor. Its chip is very fast and the screen is brighter than you can notice while you are outdoors. It is very comfortable to wear and a vast variety of straps are available.
apple watch 6

Specifications of Apple watch series 6


Storage: 32 GB

Processor: S6

Weight: 30.5 to 39.7g

Case: 40 or 44mm

Wireless charging: Yes

GPS: Built-in

Case thickness: 10.4mm

Operating system: WatchOS 7

Water Resistance: 50 Meters

Connectivity: 1. Bluetooth 5, 2. WiFi n, 3. NFC, 4. Ultra wide band, 5.  4G requiring eSIM, and 6. a compatible plan

Sensors: HR sensor, gyro, ECG, Blood oxygen, light, speaker, microphone, GPS/GNSS, compass, and altimeter


The Apple watch series 6 has the latest chip S6, which is fast enough to beat even the best-performing smartwatch maker. The company claims to be 20% faster but does not do much. It beat the apple watch series 3.


Apple Watch 6 has OLED display technology. Its display is very sharp and fine. It offers a great color contrast between black and white. You do not need to raise your wrist to check the time or anything else. 


  1. Apple watch series 6 has a solid battery. If you keep the always-on display active and track sleep overnight, its battery last more than 35 hours. You can do manual ECG, blood oxygen recording, and a lot of notifications.
  2. Sleep tracking consumes 10-11% of battery life, and running for 20 minutes consumes 3-4% of the battery. It charges very fast in 50 minutes it hits almost 75-80% of charging. Apple watch series 6 battery life is not as good as expected. This watch uses a 100% replaceable and recycling battery

Operating System

  1. The Apple watch series 6 uses the latest version of the operating system of apple watches which is Apple WatchOS7. This same Operating System is also used on the apple watches series SE, 3, 4, and 5.
  2. WatchOS 7 has new watch faces and you can share the configurations of watch faces with other users. It comes with a greater text-to-speech converter that converts very fast without taking much time or without the usage of an internet connection. You can use Siri to reply to messages, you can set a time. It is not capable of setting multiple timers. 
  3. It is capable of handling calls and text messages very well. The integration between the watch and iPhone is unmatchable. You can use Google Maps, Spotify, and WhatsApp. Its Bluetooth connectivity range is also good. If you are offline, then it can still track your health. If you forgot your phone and go outside, it will assist you with the stats.
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  • Brand: Apple
  • Series: 6
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 18 Hours
  • Available Colors: Multiple


The translation feature of the apple watch 6 is amazing. Its Siri is pretty sensitive and activates instantly. If you say ” Translate the appliances are used by almost everyone to make life easy in french” Then Siri will quickly respond to it.

Health monitoring

  1. The Apple watch series 6 monitors the heart rate and ECG. It has a sensor on its backside that sense the oxygen saturation of the blood. To use this health benefit from the apple watch, you have to activate it manually. It works very fine on the wrist for health measurements. It tells you how well your body is working with oxygen and lungs working. 
  2. It also works while you sleep and detect your breath. Its sleeping tracking is not as impressive as other brands are providing. It tracks your sleep very well like how many hours you sleep but does not tell how was your sleep like a deep or light sleep. It forces you to use Apple’s sleep function. It set the wake-up and bedtime. At bedtime, it turns your phone’s DND. If you turn off the DND, then it will alert you and vibrate on your wrist. 
  3. One more impressive feature of health measurement is that it detects when are you washing hands by motions, the sound of water, and soap timing for 20 seconds. then it enters the detail in the health app. It will notify you to wash your hands when you enter your home.
  4. You can access the music from your watch without touching your iPhone.
apple watch


 The Apple watch series 6 comes in 2 variations or sizes 40 or 44mm. Its cost in India for GPS is Rupees 44,900 and GPS + Cellular costs Rupees 69900.

Pros of Apple watch series 6

Following are the advantages of apple watch series 6

Excellent Haptics

One of the greatest features of the apple watch series 6 is its haptics alert feature. It gives you an alert or vibration whenever you need it. This way watch notifies you of something that you need.

Always-on Screen

It is very much noticeable while using a watch indoors. When you travel or move outdoors, due to the sunlight it is not that much noticeable. Its screen looks brighter when I tried to see images.

Watch Faces

Apple watch series 6 uses the watch faces. It gives you bold designs, emojis, and artist options to show your personality.

Faster charging

When compared with the Apple watch series 3,4,5, and SE, the apple watch series 6 has a greater charging time. It is improved very well. This is fully charged  in 90-95 minutes. I am very impressed with this.

New Colorful casing

There are many new colors are introduced for the apple watch series 6. Now you can own your favorite one. In India, many colors are not available as in the USA. Even the online platforms are not providing us with the same number of colors.


The ECG monitors the heartbeats and rhythms via electrical sensors. It records the irregular heartbeats and notifies you.


This watch is very light in weight as its weight is only 30.5 to 39.7g. You may sometimes forget that you wear a watch. This is that much lighter weight.

Heath Tracking

It is a great feature that apple is providing for health monitoring. It gives you almost accurate results. I am using it for my father’s health. I am totally satisfied with its monitoring.

Activity Tracking

It is capable of tracking the activities like swimming, sports time, hand wash time, and many more. Whenever you enter the home, it notifies you to do your activity like washing your hands.

apple watch 6 series

Water Resistance

This Apple watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. You can wear it while swimming but not for more than 25-30 minutes. As it is water resistant but not waterproof. But if you exceed this time, the seals are open and your watch will be ruined. 


It offers 18 hours of battery life as series 3,4 and 5 offer. Its battery is not that much impressive. But yes, It charges very fast in 90 minutes for 100% battery.


This watch is very comfortable to wear as its weight is very less and sometimes you may forget that you have to wear a watch. There is no tightness or sharpness in this watch. You can wear it very comfortably while workout, during sleep time, or at a job.

Apple pay

Apple offers us to pay securely using a watch without using our phone. It does its job in a very secure and private way. You can add your card using the following steps

  • Phone: Open the Wallet app and tap to add a card.
  • iPad: Open Settings then Wallet & Apple Pay and tap Add Card.

Cons of Apple watch series 6

Following are the disadvantages or cons of the apple watch series 6


Apple watches are very attractive. Everyone loves to have it but it is not affordable. Its price is very high.

Solo Loop band

The Apple Watch 6 uses a stretchy, classless band. It seems to be a good update, but when I try to use it, its loop is not fit to me. I think many other people might experience this problem too.

Limited with iPhone only

If you have an Android phone and want to use an apple watch then this is not possible. You must have to have an iPhone.

Sleep tracking is not good

Its sleep tracking is not that much impressive. It tracks your sleep very well like how many hours you sleep but does not tell how was your sleep like a deep or light sleep. It forces you to use Apple’s sleep function. It set the wake-up and bedtime. At bedtime, it turns your phone’s DND. If you turn off the DND, then it will alert you and vibrate on your wrist. 

Should I buy it?

  • If you want yourself to be future ready

As we all know, that future is for smart technologies. If you want a good hold on that then this watch is a great option for you. Keep in mind that it must to up to date and have a great battery life with multiple features.

  • If you are a health concern

Apple is not recommending us to use the apple watch for health monitoring as hard and fast trust. But Doing ECG daily is not possible. You can use a watch ECG to monitor the health of the heart beats and if anything abnormal is found, you can go for a laboratory test ECG.

  • Raising your wrist is tough for you

If you mind raising your wrist, then the apple watch series 6 is one of the best options. Its always-on feature needs just a flick and it shows you time without raising the wrist.

Don't buy it if...

  • Love the regular sleeping pattern 

This watch very sticks to its sleeping pattern and it may disturb your sleep if you sleep late or earlier than the usual set time in the watch. It will wake you up at the exact time, ask you to sleep at the time, and then set your phone on the DND.


The Apple watch series 6 is one of the popular watches that hold almost half of the watches market. It holds almost all the best features of the apple watch series 5. It has improved charging time, the latest WatchOS 7, Watch Faces, always screen-on, ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, and OLED display. Its price is somewhat high. The middle class can’t afford it.

Thanks for trusting me and you can buy the Apple watch series 6 here.

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