What is Rice cooker? A detailed study.

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Do you love cooker rice?

A rice cooker is an electrical appliance or countertop appliance. It is specially designed to cook the rice automatically. It is capable of cooking different types of rice with perfection. The rice cooker is assembled with many parts like a cooking pot, thermostat or thermometer, handle, snug lid, and controls.If you love cooker rice then keep reading this article. Gone are the days when cooker rice are not liked by almost all due to non-perfection. But rice cooker solve this problem.

More Information

If you like rice then why not to cook cooker rice. The cooking pot is used to place the rice that you want to cook. Thermometers control the temperature while cooking. It prevents the rice from the burn. It also has a sturdy handle that is used to hold the cooker. It also has a control panel that controls the cooker.

The rice cooker comes with a dedicated spoon that is used to scoop rice from the pot without damaging the internal pot.

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How does a Rice cooker work?

Following are the steps by which you can understand the working of the rice cooker

  • Fill the rice cooker pot with water and rice in a ratio of 2:1. 
  • Turn on the rice cooker. It will activate the heating element and thermostat. It is a good heating conductor. It allows the water to evaporate and then cooks the rice.
  • The heating element heats the bowl or pot for cooking and the thermostat controls the temperature. It measures the pot temperature. Its pot continues to heat until it reaches 100°C. This is the temperature here water turns into steam.
  • This steam is absorbed by the rice and makes the rice soft. The internal temperate is working until the rice cooks properly and be tender. 
  • Its temperature does not go above 100°C because it makes sure that rice won’t burn or sticky.

Benefits of Rice cooker

If you love to cooker rice, then definitely you will love to know which one is the best rice cooker or a pressure cooker.

  • Automatic

Instead of cooking rice in a saucepan or a kadai, it is good to cook in a rice cooker that is capable of cooking hands-free. Simply measure the rice and the water in the proper ratio, close the lid, and turn it on. Once you turn it on, you do need to stir the rice or supervise. It will cook the rice automatically.

  • Perfection

The rice cooker is capable of cooking the rice with perfection. When cooking in a saucepan, sticky rice comes out. But the rice cooker does its job very well and you can enjoy the rice. Mostly eyes appealing food is increase our appetite. So this is good to go with.

  • Auto shut off

Almost all rice cookers have a controller named auto shut off. This feature auto shut off the rice cooker when the rice is ready. This is the reason why most people prefer to cook rice in a rice cooker. It has a sensor that automatically detects the moisture in the rice and maintains the temperature accordingly. It senses whether the rice absorbs the water or moisture in the pot or not. If so, it automatically shut off the cooker. Now no more cooker rice burn, it will auto shut off.

  • Keeps the Rice warm

As we know hot rice is tastier than cool one. These rice cookers allow doing so. It maintains the temperature inside the pot and keeps the rice hot or warm for a longer time. If you are working on other dishes, then you can cook worry-free, as it keeps the rice hot. Many cookers do not come with this feature. Try to find out which has this feature.

  • Cook more than Rice

Mostly, The peoples have the mindset that a rice cooker is capable of cooking rice only. But this is not true. You can prepare many more recipes in it that have similar properties to rice. It is limited to cooking rice-type dishes because its temperature can’t go beyond 100°C.  

  • Easy to use

You do not need to be an expert to cook rice in the rice cooker because this appliance is a very straightforward device. It does not have more settings. It is simple to use. It requires only putting the rice and water in the pot and closing the lid. Then press the button to turn it on. That’s so simple. It will let you know when the rice is ready by beeping and it will turn off automatically.

  • Easy to clean

The rice cooker is easy to clean as it does not have tiny holes or vents. It has a non-stick-coated pot that is easy to clean. Food does not stick to the pot.

  • Beep when done

The rice cooker cooks the rice hand free and informs you that rice is done by a beep. So, you do not need to attend to the rice cooker to check whether the cooker rice are cooked or not.

  • Low Maintenance

The rice cooker does not require more maintenance. Most of the parts are dishwasher safe and the modern cooker does not have as many parts as the rice cooker a few years ago.

  • Simple control panel

The rice cooker has a very easy-to-use and simple control panel. Its control panel has only one button for start or stop.

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Drawbacks of Rice cooker

A rice cooker is a great appliance to be used in the kitchen. But as we know every appliance comes with some disadvantages too. So let’s explore the downsides of the rice cooker.

  • Not versatile

A rice cooker is not ideal for cooking recipes that require temperate above 100°C. This is the limitation of this cooker. You can cook many dishes but not all. Only cooker rice are perfectly come out.

  • Sometimes rice still burn

Mostly we heard that rice cooker is capable of cooking rice perfectly. This is true but if you mismatch the ratio of water to the rice then your rice will never come out perfectly. Sometimes, this may lead to burned rice at the bottom. Because the sensor detects the water and will continue applying the heat. It will burn the rice and overcook the rice. You must measure the rice and water in a perfect ratio only to get perfect rice.

  • Non-Stick interiors restrict the use of utensils

Most of the rice cookers are coated with non-stick material. You need a special spoon to be used to take out the rice. If somehow you use another utensil, then you will end up damaging the non-stick coating. So, it destroys the experience of using it.

  • Limited features

You may wonder after knowing that not every rice cooker is capable of shutting off automatically. Entry-level cookers need to be off manually and need o check the rice manually. So it is good to check whether your rice cooker comes with this functionality or not.

Why should you buy a Rice Cooker?

If the answer to the following points is yes, then this article is very helpful for you.


  • Do you love cooker rice and make rice frequently? If yes then keep reading.
  • Do you face problems or trouble while cooking rice on the gas stove? If yes, then you are at the right place.
  • Do you hate monitoring rice while cooking and do not like stirring in between? Then keep reading.
  • Is your kitchen very small and does not have much space? Then the rice cooker is good.
  • Do you love to cook rice when going on a picnic or traveling to another city? Then you can carry it and use it there.

How to use the Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers are very easy to use but mysterious at the same time. So follow the following steps for a perfect result.


  1. Add water and rice of your choice. Add water according to the rice type.
  2. Use the same cup for measuring the water and rice for perfection.
  3. You can add salt or any oil you like at this point.
  4. Put the pot into the cooker and close the lid.
  5. Press the ON button. This button pops up a little bit and a red light starts glowing.
  6. Once the rice is done, its red light turns off and its switch goes down automatically.
  7. Do not try to open the cooker in between the cooking.
  8. Do not open the cooker immediately. Let’s wait for 15 minutes so that excessive water is absorbed by the rice.
  9. After 15 minutes, your rice is ready and use the scoop to take out the rice.

Types of Rice Cookers

There are many types of rice cookers in the market. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Warm Cooker

These warm cookers are the cheapest cookers and very easy to use. It has only two functions: ON or WARM. A lower price does not mean that these have low quality. These cookers have a longer life and the results are also impressive. You can buy an Aroma brand rice cooker. 

  • Smart Rice Cooker

If your pocket allows you to spend more and you love to use a smart rice cooker then this is the option. If you can track your rice cooker with your smartphone and hear the volume of rice and water inside the cooker then it is the smart cooker. It has many dedicated settings like sticky rice, brown rice, sweet rice, and beans. This rice cooker costs more than a WARM cooker.

  • Multi Cooker

Multi cookers are known as multi because these are capable of performing multiple types of cooking like a pressure cooker, rice cooker, or insta cooker. It is a combo of these three. If you love to have one appliance that can be used as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, and insta cooker, then this is the one you can choose.


Do you love cooker rice? Then you are at the right place. A rice cooker is an appliance that is used to cook rice. It is specially designed to cook rice only. But you can use it for cooking other meals too that have similar properties as rice. It is very easy to use because only one button is there to turn it ON. Cooked rice is very perfect and needs no monitoring at all. The perfection of rice depends on the measurements of water and rice.

Thanks for trusting me and reading this article.

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