Energy Efficient Appliances Pros and Cons

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Energy Efficient appliances Pros and Cons

It is very important to know the Pros and Cons of Energy Efficient Appliances before you make a decision to buy any appliance. These Energy Efficient Appliances Pros and Cons has a adverse affect on your daily life and budget in the long run if not understand properly. So let us jump into these

Pros of Energy Efficient appliances

Following are the pros of energy-efficient appliances

  • Quality and durability

Energy STAR appliances need to meet some quality checks and standards. So buying an appliance with energy star means that you are investing in a good quality and durable product. It is based on many factors. These factors are

  1. Testing and certification Energy STAR appliances need to meet some strict testing and certifications. These ensure us that these are made up of durable material and quality or properly checked.
  2. Performance Standard Energy Star appliances are specially designed to meet the performance standard.
  3. Better components and materials Energy Star appliances mostly or often use very high-quality materials and all its components are also of high quality. This makes sure that appliances do not break down as early as other non-energy star appliances do.
  4. Improved Design Energy Star appliances are designed in a way that saves energy but at the same time gives a beautiful look to them. It has better ventilation, a more efficient motor, and improved airflow.
  5. Continuous Improvement Energy Star appliances Are regularly updated for performance as soon as new technology comes into the market. This is a clear sign that these appliances have improved performance.

  • Save energy

As per the official website of ENERGY STAR, the USA saves more than 520 billion kilowatt hours of electricity or power and saves energy costs of $42 billion. Each ENERGY STAR appliance can save 10-50% of energy if compared with the non-energy star appliances. It saves energy in many ways. These are

  1. Energy-Efficient Design These devices are specially designed to use less power. It has better insulation, airflow, and a motor.
  2. Improved Technology Energy Star appliances use the latest technology in the market to maximize the saving on power. Its perfect example is an inverter-based compressor that changes its mode/ speed from cooling required to saving energy.
  3. Better Control Energy Star appliances give you better control for settings over the appliances. It maximizes energy saving. For example, many dishwashers are run when peak hours are gone and energy cost is low.
  4. Reduce Standby Power Energy Star appliances are often designed in such a way that whenever goes into standby mode, they start using less energy. For example, A TV consumes 5 watts when normally used, but in standby mode, it reduces its consumption by 1 watts. Isn’t it a cool thing?
  5. Third-Party Verification Energy Star appliances are verified and checked independently to check whether they meet the guidelines or not. So, you can make a purchase these appliances without any worry.
energy star

Image showing the certification Grades for energy efficient appliances.

  • Helping the Environment

It is doubt free that an energy-efficient device saves our environment. These devices save us from greenhouse gasses. It saves us from sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and many more. It saves the environment in many ways. These are

  1. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions These appliances use less energy than normal appliances. This means that these produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. It protects us from climate change.
  2. Reduce Waste Energy Star appliances are specially designed to be durable and long-lasting. It is less likely to replace with a new appliance. This reduces waste and saves natural resources.
  3. Reduce water Consumption Energy Star appliances use very less water than standard appliances. For example, a dishwasher requires less water. It results in water conservation.

  • Tax Credit

Very less people know if you upgrade your appliances to energy star then you can get a tax break for this change. You can get 10-30% of the cost back.

Improved Performance and Functionality

Energy-efficient appliances are designed to deliver high performance while using less energy. Technological advancements have allowed manufacturers to produce appliances that provide the same or even better functionality compared to their conventional counterparts.

  • Save money

These appliances save monthly electricity bills and lower the burden of money. It has a higher initial cost but after that, it saves you every month. It is done as follows

  1. Lower Energy Bill It uses less energy than standard appliances, which means it reduces your electricity bill. You can save thousands of rupees.
  2. Rebate and incentive Many govt offer incentives for purchasing appliances. People mostly discourage buying these appliances because of the initial cost, it encouraged by govt incentives.
  3. Longer Life These appliances are designed with quality checks and good material is used. So these appliances have a longer life.
  4. increase Home Value Energy Star appliances increase the value of your home. If you have energy-efficient appliances then you can sell your home at a good value.

  • Save Time

Energy star appliances are fast to do their job. However, these cannot save time directly. It reduced the maintenance, repair, and replacement because these are made from durable material and have good quality checks. For example, if you compare a washer with energy saving and without energy saving, the energy-saving appliance is capable of doing the job in less time and at the same time, consuming less energy.

  • Noise Reduction

Some energy-efficient appliances, such as high-efficiency HVAC systems and modern refrigerators, incorporate noise-reducing technologies. These appliances operate more quietly, providing a more peaceful environment in your home.

  • Slows Global Warming

It reduces the greenhouse gasses effect on our planet and thus slows down the process of global warming.

Cons of Energy-Efficient appliances

Following are the cons of energy-efficient appliances

  • High upfront cost

The energy-efficient appliances have very few downsides. The downside is that it has a high initial cost. You can earn back that money if think of long time benefits.  In some research, It is calculated that on average $100 or in rupees 8000 saved using these appliances on electricity bills.

  • Not Much Affordable

After knowing so many advantages, people prefer not to buy because of its high cost. these devices are not affordable to many of us.

  • Compatibility issues

 Energy-efficient appliances often incorporate advanced technologies and controls. While these features provide energy savings, they may also be less compatible with older infrastructure or home automation systems. Upgrading existing systems to ensure compatibility can be an additional expense.

  • Large lifestyle changes are needed

It requires correctly understanding the appliance to save energy. It is a kind of big change in your life because this is not going to happen for a few days or months. It is a permanent change that you need to adapt to. It is a must in order to save energy.

  • More maintenance cost

Almost all energy-efficient appliances require maintenance and the cost to maintain these appliances is somewhat high. It requires regular repair depending on how well you are maintaining these.

  • Limited Options

There are very less appliances that are energy-efficient. So you may experience limited energy-efficient options.

  • Reliability Concerns

While energy-efficient appliances are generally designed to meet high standards, there have been instances where early models experienced performance or reliability issues. However, as the technology advances and manufacturers refine their designs, these concerns are gradually being addressed

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What is energy efficiency mean?

  1. There are many ways by which we can find energy-efficient appliances. I use my laptop a lot. It requires frequent charging. For this, I brought my laptop which is energy efficient. I paid more than the usual price of any laptop for long-run benefits. It is done by comparing the energy consumption of different appliances. The operating cost of these energy-efficient appliances is very less as compared to traditional appliances. 
  2. It is very important to consider the energy consumed by the appliance before buying. To help people understand this concept in the easiest way, the ENERGY STAR program was introduced by the US. After this, it expanded to many more countries. This ENERGY STAR program can identify more than 40 categories of appliances like office equipment, lighting, equipment, and heating and cooling appliances. This program is so popular that every consumer is willing and looking for their appliances to be listed or marked with this ENERGY STAR certification. In south korea HEAC( High-Efficiency Appliances certification) is popular for some categories.

Concerns related to Energy STAR.

  • The biggest barrier that prevents consumers from purchasing energy-efficient appliances is the budget. Most peoples prefer to buy a less energy-consuming appliance, But these appliances have more initial cost. Many people overlook the after-purchasing cost in front of the initial cost. I think energy-efficient appliances need to be affordable so that everyone buys them.
  • The second reason that hampered the buying decisions for energy-efficient appliances is that appliances change very frequently as per the trend. Many people love to buy expensive appliances instead of energy-efficient appliances. 
  • The third most popular reason why people do not buy energy-efficient appliances is that they are not aware of it or do have not proper knowledge about it. For this reason, in many countries govt makes it compulsory to label appliances with their energy consumption.
  • The fourth concern is that energy-efficient appliances require a different installation as compared to the conventional method. Make sure that you are familiar with that installation.
  • The energy-efficient appliances require extra maintenance including regular cleaning and replacement of their parts.



It is good to know the Energy Efficient Appliances Pros and Cons before deciding to buy them. Energy Star appliances have several pros but limited cons. In pros, we can count energy efficiency as the biggest positive point because it saves electricity bills. These are durable because quality checks are very strictly followed. Govt give rebates and incentives to the people to encourage them to buy the appliances. It is also Eco-Friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and produces less waste due to a longer life span. 


In cons, the very first thing is its initial investment. Everyone hesitates to invest more. You may experience limited options in this category. 

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