The Dark Side of Ozone Vegetable Purifier: Disadvantages You Should Know About

The Dark Side of Ozone Vegetable Purifiers: Disadvantages You Should Know About

An ozone vegetable purifier is a device that uses ozone gas to kill bacteria and pesticides from food. Ozone is one of the powerful oxidants. It does not cause specific diseases but many concerns are related to it when not used or maintained properly.

Harmful pesticides in food

  1. One of the disadvantages of ozone vegetable purifiers is that Farming nowadays is not organic. Farmers use pesticides and other chemicals to kill harmful pests. Modern manure is popularly used in the rural area to increase the production of crops. Most of the farmers are not educated that’s why they are using blindly all types of chemicals that are harmful to the human body.
  2. Many chemicals are banned by the government. Still, farmers are using them without knowing the danger and health threats. This is not stopped here till the farms, It is also contaminated on the shelf of a store. The containers are managed in a very unhygienic way. We keep these all vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator that is full of chemicals and pesticides. It controls the microbial.

How Microbial counts are controlled by it?

Ozone is one the most powerful natural broad-spectrum microbiological controlling substances and react very efficiently for disinfection. If vegetables or fruits are washed with strong ozonated water,  it reduces the bacteria, viruses, cysts, and pathogens from food items in just a few minutes.

the pesticides are oxidized into small components and then into harmless elements. It increases the life of fruits or vegetables.  This is one of the advanced ways to eliminate contaminated bacteria.

Hows it impacts our health?

Many vegetables are very healthy for our health because they give us many nutrients. Those vegetables are spinach, cabbage, and celery. But eating these vegetables without proper cleaning is not good for our health. It increases the chances of infection. The best practice to clean vegetables is to use vegetable cleaner. These cleaners are capable of cleaning the vegetables 90-100% with perfection.

Washing vegetables is not mean using a detergent. You just need a bowl of water and cleaner. 

People are afraid of the disadvantages of ozone vegetable purifiers Because

  • Ozone can be harmful to the human

The biggest disadvantages of ozone vegetable purifiers are that As we know that ozone is effective in killing bacteria and many other micro-organisms, It is also harmful to human health when taken or inhaled in more quantities. If it is exposed in large quantity, It can damage the respiratory system, causes chest pain, and many other health-related issues. So you can use it sometimes, but not frequently. If you are moving somewhere outside, then you can use it to make sure that you do not eat bacteria or contaminated food.

  • Ozone is harmful to some food.

One of the popular disadvantages of ozone vegetable purifiers is that We are using ozone filters to protect our food from harmful and dangerous bacteria. But many foods react negatively to the ozone. It results into spoil or damages food nutrients’ value. It is very true for delicate fruits and vegetables. This sensitive food is damaged by exposure to ozone. If you eat these contaminated fruits, It results in chest pain, respiratory problems, and other problems too.

  • Ozone can be expensive.

The second disadvantages of ozone vegetable purifiers are that almost all purifiers that are based on the ozone are expensive and not everyone affords them. Its maintenance is also costly. So, fewer people can approach this kind of purifier.

  • It requires proper maintenance

If the ozone purifier is not maintained and used properly as per guidelines it may result in ineffective purification. It results in damage to the purifier. It also causes low birth weight if taken during the second or third trimester.

  • Ozone is not a perfect solution

As we know ozone purifier is capable of killing bacterias effectively. But it is not a complete and permanent solution. proper handling and care still need to be taken to eliminate illness or any infection.

  • Ozone is not effective for all contaminants

The ozone-based vegetable purifier is capable of eliminating many contaminants very effectively but not all. It is not able to kill mold spores and viruses.

  • Can't predict the exposure level

It is not possible to see how much ozone is used in cleaning vegetables or fruits. No indicator defines its level. So, if it is not maintained and used properly it may result in excessive ozone intake and results in death too.

Health problems

  • Skin irritation

 Ozone gas is very irritating to the skin and eyes. If it remains in contact for a long time, it may cause the worst skin irritation. So, use it carefully.

  • Allergic reactions

Many people are allergic to the ozone or any other material that is used in the ozone vegetable purifier. It results in skin rashes or difficulty breathing.

  • Inhalation problems

If an ozone vegetable purifier is not used properly, it is capable of generating a high level of ozone gas. It is very harmful to humans and pets if inhaled in very large quantities. It causes inhalation or respiratory problem, chest pain, and many other health-related problems.

Don't be scared.

Do not scare after reading about these all disadvantages of ozone vegetable purifiers. To minimize the health risks. use it properly as per its manual and maintenance guidelines. If you feel any adverse effect on your health using this purifier, you should stop using this and seek medical attention. Buy it from Amazon.


An ozone vegetable purifier is an appliance that uses ozone gas to remove bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants from the surface of fruits or vegetables. Many health issues occur when exposed excessively. It causes the respiratory problem, chest pain, and skin irritation. You must use it as per manufacturer guidance. Try to use it only when needed. Overuse may lead to health problems.

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