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What is Google Home?

Google Home Voice Controller is a smart IoT (Internet of Things) device that works the way Amazon Alexa and Echo do. It is a glimpse of technology that we will use in the future on a wide level. It requires a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection. It Remains activated the whole day and listens to you. It doesn’t record your voice without your command. When you say action/ command word it starts taking action. Those action words are like “Hey Google” or OK Google” and many more commands are there. Google Home work over our command given through voice. 

What is Google Home?


It works directly for us or sometimes indirectly. For example: Google Home plays a song for us directly on our command, It activates other smart devices using  commands in an indirect way such as putting ON the lights. You can control your smart TV and speakers too. It can tell you the weather forecast, flights, control plugs, and switches.

Features of Google Home Voice controller

Google Home Voice Controller has many features such as, you can set an alarm, set an event on the calendar, and control the volume of speakers via voice command. You can ON/OFF lights, use thermostats, and give the command to play songs from a specific channel. You can add shopping items to your cart. Google home can give you answer to any query, You can hear jokes. Its results rely on the internet.

Features of Google Home Voice controller

How to know that you need a google home


  1. If you want to have voice-control speakers, then it is the best option.
  2. If you want to ask complex questions to Google Home as it uses google knowledge graph.
  3. If you want to make touchless calls.
  4. If you want to use multiple google accounts.
  5. If you want Google Home to track the context of your questions.

More Detail About Google Home

It uses Google Assistant and a voice recognization system. It comes with 2 built-in microphones. Its top portion is touch sensitive. You just swipe your finger clockwise/Anti clockwise to volume up or down, It Ring a bell simultaneously to tell us how much volume is right now. It can translate sentences from English to any other language. It can also show you what is on your calendar today, unfortunately, it is not able to add a new event as the echo is done. Google Home is able to read google Maps, so tells you the distance between two locations.

google home

What Google Home can do

  1. Make a Call
  2. Read Recipe
  3. Broadcasting to smart devices connected.
  4. It can process Multiple commands in sequence.
  5. It works in night mode like it decreases the brightness, and lowers the pitch of the voice.
  6. Tell you a story.
  7. Set your routine.

Google Home App

It works with the google home app that synchs your google accounts with smart device accounts you want to control. You can see all of your devices on the app and control them from there. You can take one action for all devices like switching all the lights with one tap.

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Advantages Dis-Advantages
1. Good Looking It is not a boring type of gadget, it has an aesthetic design that goes with every design and decor. It comes in many colors. 1. Limited Capabilities Its capabilities are limited.
2.Reasonable Price It has a very reasonable price if we compare it with other companies devices. It is more costly than Echo. 2. Speaker quality could be better for music.
3. Conversational The best thing I like about it is that It can trackback queries and answers. 3. It always needs to be plug-in. It doesn't work on the battery.
4. Google knowledge graph It uses google knowledge graph, So its responses are superior. 4. Sometimes, It doesn't hear from a distance.
5. Call You can easily make calls. 5.It can't read or send messages to you.
6. It can recognize different voices. 6. It has few buttons to operate. Everything control with voice.
7. It can cast video on smart tv or music to a speaker. 7. Sometimes, One command activates all devices unnecessarily.
8. Sound quality Its sound quality is just awesome. 8. It is not available in many countries.
9. Easy to use It is very easy to communicate with Google Home. 9. Many times you may experience miss hearing from Google Home.
10. Integration You can integrate your google account with it. 10. It has connectivity issues.
11. Multi-tasking It can do multitasking. 11. It has fewer skills than Alexa.
12. Quick Its installation is quick and easy. 12. You can't connect external speakers as it doesn't have any out port.

List of few commands for Google Home device

  • “Hey Google, play rhymes.”
  • “Hey Google, .Turn the light ON/OFF”
  • “Hey Google, Set an alarm for tomorrow 11 PM”
  • “Hey Google. is it cloudy today?”
  •  “OK, Google What is Coronavirus?”
  •  “OK ,Google Play songs by [singer name]”
  • “Ok, Google Tell me a story”

Pin Points

Google home is a glimpse of future technology that uses the internet to make communication between smart devices. It works using voice commands.  It is a must have device if you want your home to be equipped with  smart devices.


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