LED and Its Types

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LED and Its Types

LED Lights are the most energy efficient. But its initial cost is high, and after that, it runs a long time that ways it is cost-effective too. It requires no warm-up time as other types of lights required. Its light quality decrease by the time you use it. There are different LED and Its Types that used in different situations/ areas.

LED and Its Types

Types of LED

There are many LED and Its Types .

Standard LED Lights

The standard LED lights are highly efficient lights. These lights are used in both home and business lighting. LED lights are this much energy efficient that they replace almost all types of traditional lights on a large scale. These lights can be connected to smart homes. Standard LED lights are cost-effective because it has a long life. So one-time investment pays you long time output.

Standard LED Lights

CAN LED Lights

We all love ceiling lights because these lights enhance the beauty of the interior to a very large extent. These CAN LED lights are the best for ceiling lights. These lights fit inside recessed lighting sockets. It has an inbuilt reflector to direct the light straight to down. 

Can LED lights

More Detail

CAN LED lights have many different featured. Their RGB CAN LED lights are available, as you know RGB means a large variety of colors can be generated, so it is available in many different colors and shades. These lights have many features like dimmable CAN LED lights, color changing lights, smart home lights, temperature control lights( warm/cool)

Dimmable LED Lights

Sometimes we need more brightness less brightness. With normal lights, it is difficult to adjust the brightness of lights. For this purpose dimmable LED lights are there. You can control the brightness of LED light in many ways some require a physical dimmer to control, some require a smartphone or smart home system. 

More Detail of a Dimmable LED Lights

A bedroom is a place where we all spent most of our time. Sometimes we need more brightness like when we study or work, and sometimes need low brightness like when we watch movies. So according to our mood, We can adjust the brightness of a light.

Track LED Lights

Whenever we went to the market, we see in some showrooms a bright light that is focusing on something special to attract customers.  So Track LED Lights are used to focus on some special places. These lights are also known as direction lights because we can change their direction according to need. These lights give a spotlight maybe for decoration. 

Track LED Lights

More Detail of a track LED Lights

These lights are fitted on tracks and can move along the track. You can change the direction of the lights for focus. These lights are very flexible and versatile and enhance interior beauty.

What is Track?

The track is nothing but a holder for lights. There are three types of tracks named H, J, and L. If the track has 3 contact points and the distance between contact points is 1 inch then it is an H type of track. If the distance between contact points is 7-8 inches then it is a J type of track, else It is the L type of track.

Applications of Track Lights

Track LED lights are used in many places like in the kitchen, and living room, and on many commercial sites like cloth stores, furniture stores, jewelry stores, hotels, clubs, and museums. It is also used in industries like factories and warehouses.

Advantages of Track Lights


  1. Track LED lights are pollution-free lights as it does not produce any radiation. so these are also known as green lights.
  2. These lights are energy-saving lights as all LED lights are.
  3. It has a lower flicker rate.
  4. These lights are health friendly.
  5. These lights have a longer life.

Tube Lights

Tube Lights are long and linear in shape. These tubes are known as T8 4Foot. T8 means 8/8 that is 1 inch in diameter. You can use these tube Lights anywhere like industries, warehouses, and homes. These are versatile that’s why it has more sales as compared to other types of tubes. 

Tube Lights
More Detail of a Tube Lights

Tube Lights saves up to 50% of energy and its life is long which is 50,000 hours. Its color quality is very good with a lower flicker rate. Tube Lights uses no toxic/dangerous chemicals so, it is environment friendly too. The installation cost is also very low. It comes in many sizes such as 2 feet, 3 feet, and 8 feet. It saves you money due to its long life.

Full Spectrum LED Lights

Full spectrum LED lights are also known as mood lights. You can customize these lights as per your taste or liking. It uses RGB colors so it is capable of producing a very wide range of colors. You can control these LED lights using a remote control, and mobile phone connectivity through an app. It is also used for decoration purposes. 

Smart LED Lights

We are living in a modern world where everyone love to have smart devices that save time and make our life easy. So Smart LED Lights are one of those appliances. It is an advanced way to light your home or any other place. Smart LED Lights have smart software that connects it to smart devices like Amazon Alexa, and mobile apps.

Smart LED Lights
More Detail of a Smart LED Lights

Smart LED Lights requires a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection to access these lights otherwise you can use switches to operate them. So this way you can automate your home lights and control them remotely, wireless. You can control the temperature, color, dimming, or completely customize these lights.

Security LED Lights


As its name defines itself, it is a kind of light that is used for security cameras. It illuminates the porches, Paths to the home, and yard to give security to your home. It has a dusk-to-dawn sensor. It means it turns on lights when dark outside. It also has motion sensors that detect the movement and turn the lights ON. It scares the animals too. It works as a blind spot for the intruder. 

Applications of a Security LED Lights

Floodlights, parking lights, wall lights, street lights, and dusk to dawn lights.

Decorative LED Lights

Decorative LED Lights are used for decoration. These lights also known as holiday lights, give us a good look, classy or modern look too.Decorative LED Lights uses decorative glass bulbs that look like the shape of candles.

Decorative LED Lights

LED Light Stripes

If you are interested in flexible lights that can customize as per your wish then LED light stripes are the best option. You can stick it anywhere. You can cut it to length and use it. You can get many color options. The best thing is that you can use it anywhere, LED light stripes fits on all surfaces because it is slim. You can use double tape to paste it. 

LED Light Stripes

More Detail of a LED Stripe Lights

These are fully dimmable and compatible with almost all home automation systems. It can operate on low voltage. Mostly, LED light stripes comes in a long reel (length 16 feet) that has a width of 10-12 mm or 1/2 inch.

Applications of a LED Stripe Lights

It is popularly used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, sign boards, homes, industries, businesses, and pathways.


LED lights are used widely due to its energy saving, long life, and versatility. We can use LED lights almost in every place. You have to pay one time cost to buy it, that cost pay you back in cut down the electricity bill. We discuss LED and Its Types in detail.

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