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What is Moon Light?

We all loves the night with Moon Light with stars and a cool breeze.  Looking at the moon is so beautiful and magical too. In this modern world, We do not have this time to sit and enjoy this fantastic view. For that many brands come and present a lamp that looks like a moon and gives the same kind of peaceful light. Now you can own your mini-moon and place it next to your bed and enjoy. Its surface and design are the same as the moon has to enjoy the realistic view. 

Moon Light lamp

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More Detail

You can set the temperature as cool or warm and its color is also customizable. You simply touch it and change the color you like and its intensity is also changeable according to your mood.

You can change the mood using it and plan a romantic date time. You can position it anywhere on any desk. It is very lightweight. 

How to use it?

You can use it by following the steps explained below.

  • You can ON / OFF the lamp by touching the metal ring available at the bottom of the lamp. You can change the color of the lamp from white to yellow.
  •  You can adjust the brightness. For this, long press the metal ring. It comes with a brightness memory. Memory means it remembers the last brightness setting when you OFF it. 
  • Sometimes if your hands are too dry or the temperature is low, then this will not respond.
  • It is affected by power. That means if the power is low, it does not shine that much.
  • To charge it, insert the connector in a metal ring. A red light- it is charging.
  • When it is fully charged, Its red light turns off. There is no red light at that time.


  • Its temperature varies from warm to cool.
  • Its voltage is 0.5 W.
  • It comes with 6 months of warranty.
  • It requires a power supply of USB (Universal Serial Bus) DC 5V.
  • Its brightness is a step-less adjustment.
  • Its light temperature according to colors varies from 3000K to 6000K.
  • Its battery capacity is 1*240 nAh Li-po Battery.
  • It takes 6-7 hours to fully charged.
  • It uses one LED bulb for white light and one for yellow light.
  • Once charged fully, It works for 7-30 hours. It depends on the brightness. More brightness means its battery gets consumed fast.
Moon lights

Why it is so popular?

Many reasons are responsible for its popularity. These are

  • Perfect night lamp

No more boring evenings. You can enjoy the perfect evening or night with this Moon Light Lamp. You can create your room into a romantic date place by using this lamp. You can change the light and brightness according to the situation. It will give your eyes relaxation.

  • Easy to use 

 Not only elegant or good-looking products are famous. Any product gets success in the market because of its easiness of usage. It is easy to use. It has one button that is used to ON or OF it.  Its brightness is controlled by touching its surface. You have to connect its USB plug to your laptop, computer, or any mobile charger. It does not need to require batteries to operate. You can recharge it. You can easily clean it.

  • Rechargeable

Moon Light Lamp has a long life because it uses a USB wire to charge them. It can be connected to a laptop or computer for charging. Once you charge it at full level, It will work for 7-30 hours.

  • Portable

You can hold this Moon Light Lamp and move it from one place to another in your home. It is not like playing with it. If you wish to change the location of this lamp, only when you are recommended to move it. 

  • Loved by Kids

This Moon Light Lamp is loved by all, especially by kids. It creates a very pleasant environment in the room and this is very important in the kid’s room. If kids like painting or craft work, you are recommended to use a bright light. If you have kids in your home, You have to pay attention to which bulb is used in it. It must be an LED one. Because halogen lights get hot and may hurt kids if touched accidentally. It will make kids’ nights and evenings very enjoyable. This light is kids friendly and environment-friendly too.

Moon Light lamp

  • Unique gifting item/ Romantic piece

On very special days like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and Christmas. This is one the best gifts ever you gave to your partner or near one. It is difficult to find a perfect gift on these occasions, but it will be liked by your dear one. You can customize this lamp by using your photos.

  • Treat scary nightmares

A room with no lighting at night may scare you or your kids. If you are suffering from nightmares and you want to drink water at the night, it is very hard and scary to go. Moon Light Lamp can help you to feel secure and protected. 

  • Improve mental health

After working the whole day, It is very important to have a relaxed night with a cozy bed and glow your dark dull room with colorful light.  It will aid in better sleep. The more you sleep, the better you perform in your work.

  • Can be personalized

You can personalize this lamp using your favorite picture, and choose your favorite wooden stand. You can show your love to your kids and husband by gifting this.

  • Decoration piece

Besides the lamp, it is a piece of decoration. It is so a stylish and modern piece. It comes in three sizes. These are 7 inches, 7 inches, and 8 inches. You can choose the stand color as per your interior color or theme color.

  • Relaxing

In this fast-moving world, people forgot to give time to themselves. Relaxation is one of the main requirements for a good life. You can use lights for this. Lights are responsible for changing the mod.  You can change the light color and its temperature.

 Life is uncertain and very short, So it is better to enjoy every day. Whatever is happening in the day, night, and evening must be relaxed. You will feel peace and relaxation using his light.

  • Control using smartphone

You can control this bulb using the smart LED light inside this lamp. It works or controls in the same way as any smart light works.

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We have a list of One of the best Moon Lights

  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Brand: Bright World
  • Size: 5.9 Inches
  • Colors: 16
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Brand: DesiDiy
  • Colors: 16
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Brand: Desidiya
  • Style: Modern
  • Colors: 7
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Brand: Bright World
  • Size: 5.9 Inches
  • Colors: 16

The material used in Moon Light Lamp

The Moon Light Lamp use the material of PLA plastic. This material is also popular for polylactic acid.  It is derived from a non-toxic plant starch and sugar cane. You can buy it without any worry about its quality and your health. It is safe for you as well as for the environment. It does not involve any chemical processing. Bacteria are used to form these all natural resources into plastic.  I always prefer to buy a product that is recycled easily.

Moon light Price

How it is produced?

This process starts with producing the moon lamp with a 3D model. In the next step, the design is printed on the material which gets hardened very quickly once it comes in contact with air. It uses resin power which is heated until it melts. Then this melted resin poured over the moon and then cooled down. Once the mold is created, the next step is to install the LED light.

What is the cost of a Moon Light Lamp?

The Moon Light is not that much expensive. Its cost starts from Rupees 250. You can measure its cost goes up as you customize it and its stand material is also price changing factor.

Pin Points

Moon Light Lamp is one of the popular items searched over the internet. Because it is modern light that is used for gifting purposes. It uses LED light that changes its color from white to yellow. It is environment-friendly because it is made from plants and uses bacteria or microbes to decompose it into plastic. You can plan your romantic date using this lamp because it gives you a very relaxed and pleasant light. I explain in detail all the points that lead you to buy this lamp. You can check those.

I am very glad you are here and reading my article.

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