The Best HP Laptop Under 30000 in 2023

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The laptop under 30000?

We all love to have a laptop. Everyone has a different choice. So, now the question is can we customize the laptop as per your choice? The answer is yes. If you do not have technical specifications knowledge then you can buy a ready made one. There are many other ready made laptops in the market you can buy and use by very known and reputed brands.

Let’s start with the top laptop under 30000.

14 Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop

This HP dy2507TU laptop is a middle-range laptop by HP company that is suitable for doing everyday tasks such as web browsing, email, editing, and multimedia tasks. It is 11th generation laptop with an Intel core processor i3. It has 8GB of RAM to perform multimedia and other tasks in a better way. It is not recommended to use with gaming and video editing. This is a laptop under 30000.

HP dy2507TU

What makes it stand out?

  1. Processor: Intel Core i3- 1115G4(11th Gen)
  2. Ram: 8GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM
  3. Storage: 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  4. Display: 15.6 Inch Full HD 1920*1080 IPS anti-glare micro-edge WLED backlit display
  5. Graphics: Intel UHD
  6. Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  7. Battery life: Up to 7 hours
  8. Weight: 1.40 KG
  9. Type: Thin and Light Weight
  10. Dimensions: 32.4*22.5*1.79 cm
  11. Power supply: 65W smart AC power adapter
  12. Webcam: HT true vision 720p HD camera with mic
  13. Audio: Dual speakers
  14. Battery type: 3 cells, 41 Wh Li-ion
  15. Warranty: 1 Year
  16. Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, Multi Card Reader
  17. It provides a stunning view to enjoy your favorite movies in full HD resolution. 

Best fit for Students

It is suitable for students as they do light tasks like email, documents, youtube, web surfing, or assignment writing. It comes with all the latest features and still, it is pocket friendly. It is very easy to carry as its weight is just 1.40 KG. Students can carry it around the campus easily and you can carry it on any tour or travel time.


If we talk about its design, the HP dy2507TU has a sleek, aluminum brushed finish and a modern aesthetic look. It has a large display. It is easy to carry from one place to another without feeling the burden. This laptop is perfectly fit for those who want a laptop that is pocket friendly but loaded with features. It has a good battery life and performance is excellent. Its keyboard is very comfortable which makes it to be used for work and entertainment. This is a highly recommended laptop for those who are searching for an affordable laptop loaded with features yet high performance.

Powerful processor

This HP dy2507TU Laptop comes with Intel graphics and a processor. You can work on this without effort. You can comfortably work, surf, or stream data easily.


With this HP dy2507TU Laptop, you can easily maintain a strong connection between the outside world and your laptop in practicality with Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Voice assistant

You can easily use this laptop to make your daily life easy by using voice commands or interacting with Alexa. It comes with amazing voice assistant capabilities.

Color enriched visuals

HP dy2507TU Laptop has an outstanding visual. You can witness the clarity of every image or video. It supports up to 2 million pixels with 1920*1080 resolutions.

Applications of 14 Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop

Following are the usage areas of 14 Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop.

  • Personal use

The 14 Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop is a great choice for personal usage such as browsing the web, emails, and streaming video, and can connect to social media.

  • Work and productivity

The 14 Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop is very useful for work and productivity tasks like spreadsheet making, word processing, PPTs, and communication. You can send Emails.

  • Education

This laptop is one of the best options for students as it is thin, lightweight, and compact. You can easily carry it along inside your campus. It is used for research work, assignments, and note-making.

  • Travel

It is a very travel-friendly laptop due to its compact size and lightweight. You can easily carry it while camping or on any other kind of tour.

  • Entertainment

If you are a movie lover, then this 14 Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop is one of the best options. You can also listen to music and play casual games.

  • Graphics design

The 14 Inch HP dy2507TU Laptop is a good option to opt for if you are a graphic designer. Maybe you need to add some graphics cards for advanced design. But for basic designing, it works very well.

  • Storage

You can easily store your photos, videos, or any documents in it. It happens to me very often that my phone memory card gets full in a few months. So, I take the help of a laptop and store my data on it.

  • Online shopping

This laptop can be used online hopping over all the websites to make a purchase and manage personal accounts.

14 Inch HP dq3033TU Personal laptop

The 14 Inch HP dq3033TU Personal laptop is the one which comes under 30,000 Rupees. Its price is low because of its Pentium processor. Its configuration is perfect for students, executives, and home users. You can do any basic task with this. It uses an Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor. Its processor is good but not capable of doing heavy jobs like multitasking, gaming, and professional jobs. But its design and making are very impressive. This is a laptop under 30000.

HP dy2507TU

Should buy it or not?

Now the biggest question is whether I buy it or not? The answer is yes. You should buy it if you want it for light or daily tasks. Its HP brands are trust worth and known for quality. But remember it is only a general usage laptop.

Quick Specifications

  • Display: 35.56 cms / 14 Inch
  • Memory: 8GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD ROM
  • Weight: 1.46 KG
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Silver
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home
  • Graphics: Intel UHD
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, MIC-in, Headphones, Ethernet, HDMI, USB Type C, SD card Reader, and Wi-Fi
  • Speakers: Dual
  • Cache memory: 4MB
  • Certified: Energy Star
  • No. of USB port: 3
  • Dimensions: 21.6*17*32.5 cm

  • See More, carry Less

It weighs only 1.46 KG. Due to light in weight, it is easy to carry. It is a portable entertainment system.  You can carry it inside your campus while traveling, or on any tour. You can do a bundle of tasks using a compact laptop.

  • Long lasting Battery life

The 14 Inch HP dq3033TU Personal laptop has 3 cell Lithium-Ion Prismatic battery. Its battery life is last for 9 hours. If you are worried about battery life, then your worry ends with this laptop.

  • Display

It gives a n excelent visula experience. It has a micro-edge display and HD or FHD resolution. Almost all the colors look bright and the experience is just amazing.

  • Awesome Design

Its sleek design is just amazing with a single bar hinge and thin bezel option. It is lightweight and easy to carry. You can work from anywhere.

14 Inch HP cf3047Tu Multi-tasking laptop

The 14 Inch HP cf3047Tu Multi-tasking laptop is By HP that comes under 35000 Rupees. It is an upgraded version of the cs0023TU model. The 14 Inch HP cf3047Tu Multi-tasking laptop is improved for its multitasking. It is faster than its previous model. You can easily use it for gaming. This is one of the best options for laptops that come under 35000 Rupees and can be afforded by students, for home usage, and office too. During sale time you can get this  laptop under 30000.

HP cf3047Tu

  • Storage

If you are looking for a laptop that is budget-friendly and has a large storage capacity then your search ends here. It is featured 256 GB of storage.  It comes with DDR4 RAM and 4 GB of RAM that enables you to perform well and push yourself for peak performance.

  • Fast charging

It is capable of charging the laptop 50% in 40-45 minutes when a laptop is switched off.

  • Stay connected

Everyone loves to love to work on the laptop without disconnecting. It is not hard with this laptop. It comes with a long-lasting battery life and fast charging technology. It is capable of charging 50% in 40-45 minutes.

  • 10th Gen Intel Core Processor

The 14 Inch HP cf3047Tu Multi-tasking laptop has a 10th Gen Intel Core Processor (i3- 1005G1) It comes with DDR4 RAM and 4 GB of RAM that enables you to perform well and push yourself for peak performance.

  • Design

This is a gorgeous laptop that has a sleek look. Its design is eye-catching.

  • Powerful dual speakers

Now, you can enjoy immersive listening with inbuilt speakers come with it. It has deep bass.

  • Display

The HD Micro Edge display is just awesome and capable of displaying every small detail. You will feel a realistic view. Its no color looks dull.

  • Lifetime Genuine window 10

If you buy this laptop, then you will get a Windows 10 operating system with it. Now you can work confidently with the original window.

Quick Specifications

  1. Power supply: 65 W AC Adapter
  2. Battery Cell: 3 cell
  3. Suitable for: Processing and Multitasking
  4. Processor: 10th Gen
  5. Ram: 4GB
  6. RAM Type: DDR4
  7. Cache: 4 MB
  8. Operating System: Windows 10 home
  9. Mic: Yes
  10. Screen Resolution: 1366*768 pixel
  11. Dimensions: 324*225.9*19.9 mm
  12. Weight: 1.47 KGWarranty: 1 Year
  13. Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics
  14. Hard Drive: 256 GB
  15. Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  16. Keyboard: Full-size Island style keyboard

14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop

The 14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop is the successor of the HP cs0023TU model. There are not much more differences between these both. The HP cs0029TU laptop has an Intel i3-8th generation processor. It has 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Its RAM frequency is 2400MHz. These are the two factors that make it a successor of the HP cs0023TU laptop. Its price is 33990 Rupees. During sale time you can get this laptop under 30000.

Quick Specifications

  1. Screen size:14 Inch
  2. Hard disk: 256 GB
  3. Operating System: windows 10
  4. Type: Thin and Light Laptop
  5. Suitable for: Multi-tasking and Processing
  6. Battery cell:3 cellRAM: 8 GB
  7. Cache: 4 GB
  8. Resolution: 1366*768 pixel
  9. Mic: Built-in
  10. Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  11. Dimensions: 335*234*19.9 mm
  12. Weight: 1.47 KG
  13. Warranty: 1 Year

  • Display

The 14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop has an HD LED-backlit display. If you are looking for a laptop for home, office, or study then it is a good option for you. If you are looking for a good laptop for movies, then its display is not that much great. You should look for some other option as its display is not that much impressive.

  • RAM

The 14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop has 8GB of DDR4 RAM which is enough to do daily base jobs. You can use it for your job, home, or for office.

  • Processor

The 14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop hasi3 8th generation processor. Its type is 8130U.

  • Operating system

The 14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop has Windows 10 Home which is pre-installed. It comes with Microsoft Office Home. Its operating system has lifetime validity.

  • Storage

The 14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop has 256 GB of SSD which make it faster. It has 4 MB of cache memory. So huge data is stored in cache memory too.

  • Design and Battery

This laptop has a 1.47 KG weight. It is thin and light in weight. It comes in one color only which is jet black. You can’t buy any other color laptop. It has 3 cells for its battery and it is capable of up to 7 hours of battery backup.

  • Ports

The biggest thing I notice and feel is the absence of a CD or DVD drive. But it has many other ports. It has 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, and an Audio port.

How much does it cost?

You can buy 14 Inch HP cs0029TU Multi-tasking laptop online or offline. Its MRP is 40.104 but you can get it at a discounted price of about 36,560. You can buy it during the sale or offer time as low as 28000. If you want a laptop after a few months, I suggest you wait for the sale and then buy it and save money for your pocket.

15.6 Inch HP du0050TU Multi-Tasking Laptop

The HP du0050TU Laptop has an SSD storage. It runs on the licensed windows 10 operating system. It has preinstalled student version of MS office 2016. It is the limited version for word, PowerPoint, and excel. You can buy a full license Its build-up quality is just awesome. Nowadays DVD RW is not needed. So it does not come with DVD RW. It is also as light in weight as another laptop till now we discuss in this article. Due to its being portable, you can carry it anywhere. It is multitasking that’s why so popular.

You can play games on it very well due to its processor and SSD memory.

Quick Specifications

  1. Suitable for: Multitasking and processing
  2. Power supply: 65 W AC adapter
  3. MS office provided?: Yes
  4. Processor: Core i3
  5. Processor gen: 7th Gen
  6. Ram: 4GB
  7. RAM Type: DDR4
  8. HDD Capacity: 1 TB
  9. Expandable memory: Up to 16GB
  10. Cache: 4 MB
  11. USB Ports: 2 USB 3.1, 1 USB 3.1 type C
  12. HDMI Port: 1 HDMI port
  13. Speakers: Built-in
  14. Mic: Built-in
  15. Screen Type: Full HD with LED Backlit, anti-glare display to protect eyes.
  16. Resolution: 1920*1080 pixel
  17. Touch Screen: NO
  18. Connectivity: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  19. Dimensions:358*242*19mm
  20. Weight: 1.74 KG
  21. Keyboard: Full size
  22. Warranty: 1 Year(on-site)

  • Graphics

It has Intel Integrated HD 620 graphics.

  • Memory

You can expand memory up to 16 GB. It has a SATA hard disk drive for 1 TB of storage.

  • Operating system

It has a Windows 10 Home operating system. Its OS is 64-bit.

FAQ related to HP du0050TU Laptop

Yes, It comes with pre-installed MS Office. You just need to connect it to the internet and activate it.

Yes, It comes with pre-installed Windows 10. You just need to activate it.

Yes, It has Windows 10 with lifetime activation.

No, It does not come with DVD RW.

No, It does not come with a touch screen.

HP eq0007AU Multi-tasking laptop 15.6 Inch

The latest HP laptop is an excellent option for everyone who is expecting a laptop that has a fast speed with MS Office 2019. Its price is 30,000 to 35,000 Rupees. It is powered by AMD Ryzen-3 with dual core processor. We mostly heard about the intel core processor but AMD is not that familiar. The Ryzen 3 dual-core processor is far better than the intel core processor. It is fast in speed and gives better performance.

More detail

The HP eq0007AU Multitasking laptop 15.6 Inch is very fast and capable of doing multi-tasking very easily. You can play those all games on this laptop that do not require a special GPU and not more than 4GB of RAM.

It comes with pre-installed MD Office 2019. This is one more positive option to buy it. It has word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are required more general tasks.

Quick Specifications

  1. Screen size: 15.6 Inch
  2. Hard disk: 512 GB
  3. RAM: 4 GB
  4. Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  5. Special features: Anti-reflective
  6. Graphics card: Integrated
  7. Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor
  8. Resolution: 1920*1080
  9. Memory: 4GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD
  10. Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  11. Warranty: 1 Year
  12. Dimensions: 24.2*35.8*1.8 cm
  13. Weight: 1.77 KG
  14. Batteries: 1 Lithium ion battery requires.
  15. Processor count: 2
  16. Speaker: Dual
  17. Port: 3*USB 3.0, 2*USB 2.0, HDM*1, Audio port*1
  18. Battery Life: 6 Hours
  19. Disk Drive: Not
  20. Keyboard: Full-size Island style


There are many people who are students,  newly joined jobs, or from middle or lower-class families who cannot afford much to buy a laptop. So, here I come with the top laptop by HP for under 30,000 Rupees. These are eq0007AU, dy2507TU, dq3033TU, cf3047TU, and cs0029TU. These are capable of doing daily base jobs like sending emails, making notes, doing assignments, and watching movies. You can trust these laptops because HP is a known and reliable brand. I give a complete specification of all the laptops. You can read that and get to know which laptop suits you the most.

From where to buy.

Thanks for reading my article.

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