Mopper Magic: Effortless Floor Cleaning at Your Fingertips

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Mopper Magic: Effortless Floor Cleaning at Your Fingertips

The covid-19 changed our life drastically. Everyone who is relying on Maids for their housework suffers a lot during this pandemic, especially for cleaning time. Our professional job time was replaced by “Jhadu and pocha” time. At that time, bucket moppers were feels like a magic mopes. Thanks to bucket moppers available in the market or available online that help us a lot doing the cleaning. 

  • I brought spot zero by Milton spin mop during the pandemic and I am using that mopper till now. I am very satisfied with the quality, durability, and cleanliness it provides. In this article, I am going to share my 3-year experience with the spot zero spin mop by Milton. I am sure, it will help you to take decision to buy this Milton mopper.
Spotzero by Milton Prime Spin Mop
  • Brand: SpotZero
  • Color: Green and Grey
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Special Features: Water drainer, handle to carry, wheels.
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  • Brand: SpotZero
  • Color: Aqua Green
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Special Features: Water drainer, handle to carry, wheels.
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* Information available on the box.

  • It is a 360° mop handle.
  • It comes with twin buckets, one bucket for dirty water and the other for a spin.
  • It’s a mop stick that has a lock system.
The way of doing cleaning change a lot as we did in the last few years. Nowadays, you can get several devices that can clean your house with comfort and you will feel the less back-breaking problem.

Milton Mopper

This moper has many features. A long sticker. This means back to squeezing the water out of the synthetic fiber cleaner. You’re able to do a contact-free cleaning with dirty water. In this way, it is more hygienic than the traditional way to clean the house. The mobile has a very soft fiber cleaner that is very gentle on your floor tiles or marble. It clean the floor very well and left no stains on the floor. Make sure to change the water if we need to get dirty.
  • I am using this Milton mobile for more than 3 years every day. My experience with this mopper is very satisfactory. The spinner basket is made of teen which makes it so more study and durable. The water bucket is spacious enough to hold water for cleaning.

Easy-to-move wheels

This Milton mobile has a very easy-to-move 4 Wheels. When the  Mop was empty it was moving very well liked with a very light touch of a finger it move from one place to another. I was thinking, it is moving very well because it is empty now. But I try after feeling water in the bucket. I was quite happy that it was moving very smoothly with the full bucket of water. It is clean now and its wheels are working very fine. Just make sure to check its Wheels once a week to see whether any thread or hair is stuck there or not. Give its wheels a nice cleaning.

Reach tough spots.

It is very hard to clean the hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen like under the fridge. I was very worried about how to clean the floor under the fridge. But after buying this mop, I am tension free now as it can reach on toughest Spots too. Now I can clean the floor under the sofas, table, and bed. Be the hands, I was not able to clean the floor under the bed. But this mop has a long stick that reaches under the bed and gives it a very nice cleaning. I’m very satisfied with this.

Wringing the mop

It is very easy and smooth to Wringing the mop. You can use it with one hand only, this is that light and smooth. You can adjust the height of the mop sticker for your height. If your height is about 6 ft then you should have to bend a little to use it.

Sturdy handle

It has a very sturdy handle, that is strong enough to tolerate the weight of water in the bucket very well. Before this mop, I was using a move from another company that I got almost rupees 900. But that moper gets out of service after 1 month of usage. The Stick of that mopper was not spinning at all. When I was trying to hold it with its handle, it was not balanced. After that, I got realized to invest in a good brand and I buy this Milton Move. Today I am very happy about my decision of purchasing Milton Mopper.

Easy to assemble

This mopper by spot zero is super  easy to assemble. It requires assembly only for its stick. Its stick comes in three parts. The first part is the top stick of the mopper, the second is the middle of the mopper where the lock is available and the last is the circular portion where the microfibre is attached. 

Water drainer

There are many Moppers that are not equipped with water drainers. But this mop has a water drainer. At the bottom of the bucket, it has a cap almost 2 inches in diameter. Just removing that cap in the water will automatically drain.

How much does it cost you?

As We Know Milton is a very popular and reputed brand, all of the products by Milton are made from high-quality materials and that’s why their price is a bit more. Its price is Rupees 1399. ( when I check, it is subject to change with time). I was also worried about the investment of 1399 rupees, but now I am much more satisfied. As I invest only one time, and I am using it for more than 3 years.

Quick Specifications

  • Brand: Spot Zero by Milton.
  • Type: Spin mop.
  • Material: Plastic and steel.
  • Package content: One piece
  • Color: Aqua green
  • Style Name: Steel wringer.
  • Size: 505 * 275 * 270
  • Head material: Microfiber.
  • Weight: 2400 grams.

Benefits of SpotZero Mopper

  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. Your cleaning tasks.
  3. It is made from high-quality material.
  4. This mop is very durable.
  5. It has a comfortable grip.
  6. It has four wheels, which make it super easy to move.
  7. Its handle is very sturdy and capable enough to hold the bucket with balance.
  8. It’s a stick that has a good length that is suitable for all heights of people.
  9. It has a water drainer that makes it easy to drain the water without any backache.
  10. It saves your time, as it is very fast to clean as compared to the traditional method.
  11. It is very smooth and Light to use so even kids or children can use it.

How to use it?

  1. Fill the bucket with the water below the steel bucket.
  2. Dip the mop stick in the clean water.
  3. Make sure to unlock the stick, then put the sticker of the mopper in the spinning bucket. 
  4. Remove the excess water with the help of the spinning bucket available on the side.
  5. Now lock the sticker by adjusting it so height according to your height. Mop the floor. 
  6. Repeat these all steps until you’re room or house is fully cleaned.

You can use this mop on dry and wet floors. It is very easy to use, store anywhere, and carry whenever you shift your home. It’s a microfiber cleaner that quickly picks up dirt, dust, and pet hair.

Frequently Asked questions

What is the capacity of a bucket?

It’s a bucket that is 10 L in capacity.

How to take care of a mop bucket?

It is very important to maintain the bucket for its long life. The bucket should be cleaned with clean water. You can use the cleaning solution and then rinse it again. Let it dry and then store it. You can use the disinfectant before using it.

Are mop heads washable?

Yes, the machine washes the Mop Heads, regularly. It helps to keep the threads of the mobile to be clean. You can use a move-head laundry bag so that these strands don’t tangle. Never use bleach for washing the mop head.

How often do you change the water in the mop bucket?

Replace the water as soon as the bucket water becomes dirty.  It is advised not to use dirty water, as it carry germs and bacteria.

How many times can you reuse a mop head?

Depending on the floor, approximately you can use a 500 washing when it is properly maintained and laundered.

How much bacteria is in your mop?

More than 8 million bacteria per 100 square centimeters. These bacteria can transfer to your floor. So it is advised to, replace clean, or maintain the microfiber after a month. Otherwise, it will spread the bacteria to your floor.


The Spotzero mopper is a highly efficient and effective cleaning tool that is designed to make cleaning floors easier and more convenient. With its durable design, microfiber cloth, and wringing mechanism, the Spotzero mopper is capable of effectively cleaning floors without leaving any streaks or residue. It is a popular choice among homeowners and cleaning profession.

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