Detailed study of a Hair Trimmer?

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What is Hair Trimmer?

A hair trimmer is a special tool that is used to trim the hairs specially from head. It works like a scissors but totally different from scissors. It is used for grooming. There are many types of trimming tools that are used to trim the hair from the ear and nose. This kind of cutter mostly comes with a battery and is very light in weight. You can carry it anywhere. Gone are the days, When trimmers are used only for head hairs and beards. 

Hair trimmer for men

More Detail

Nowadays hair trimmer for men are used for shaving the face, neck, chest, and back. If you love to shave your body while taking bath, You must go with a water-resistant hair shaver. Today, Most all companies are making one shaver for all body parts. It comes with a hair comb that is attached to it. Many men use it for daily cleaning some are using it occasionally. Today’s many hair trimmers can tim eyebrows too. It is capable of cutting nose and ears hair very finely.

What are the Parts of a hair trimmer?


The basic or primary part of a hair trimmer for men is the blade. it is connected to the head. It is made up of superior-quality steel. It has multiple teeth that make it cut the hair very finely and in huge quantities.

Parts of a hair trimmer


It is the one that is responsible for its work. It is mostly made up of magnetic, pivot, and rotary motors. It is one of the important factors to consider before you buy any trimmer. The more powerful its motor is the marrier the results are.


It is the one that is responsible for the adjustment of the length of the blade to customize the length of hair.


It is used as a power source. It is the wire that may charge it or you can plug it in while you are using it.


It is the part that you hold physically while operating it. It is made up of plastic or maybe metal like aluminum.

Is it used by men only?

No, a Hair trimmer is used by men and women both. Men use it for removing hairs from the chest, head, ears, and nose. Of course for the beard. It is used by women for trimming their unwanted hair.

An electric hair trimmer is not able to provide that much procession or accuracy as beared trimmers are providing.  Beard trimmers are able to trimmer away the very small and every unwanted hair. After corona pandemic, many parents are preferring their children’s hair to be trimmed at home.



Hows it decides the hair size to trim ?

It comes with an attachment that is known as a guard. This guard comes in many different sizes and it is placed on the top of the blade. Its size defines the size of the hairs to be trimmed.


For Example, If you ask your barber to use a guard with the number 0, It will leave your hair 1/16 inch in length.

What are the different sizes of guards?

There are many types of the guard are available. These are

  • Number 0
  • Number 1
  • Number 2
  • Number 3
  • Number 4
  • Number 5
  • Number 6
  • Number 7
  • Number 8
  • Number 10
  • Number 12


Shorter the number, the Larger the hairs it cut on the body area.

Manual hair clipper

As its name depicts, Manual clippers are needs to be operated with the power of hands, without electric power. It is very ideal for those people who need to travel a lot or who love camping where electricity is a main issue.  It looks like scissors and is slower than an electric one. It is preferred by the parents because it produces very low noise and has no vibration at all that electric one produce. Younge one kid may feel scared from the electric trimmer. Its cost is also very less as compared to an electric one.

Electric hair clipper

The Electric Clipper works in the same way as the manual one works. The main difference is that it uses electricity as a power source to operate. It is replacing the manual clipper very fast. 

Electric hair trimmer

How to Maintain it?

If you are a hair trimmer or clipper lover, then it is very important to take care of it too. For that, you should have to lubricate the blades for a longer life. many companies are selling their own branded oil for lubrication, disinfectant, cleaner, and rust preventer.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, hair clipper is completely safe for kids. It is noiseless and vibration free. So, It is very good for kids.

What material is used in the trimmer?


Hair trimmers come in many different materials. But plastic is mostly used by people as its cost is less and easily available. It also comes in stainless steel material that makes it durable So its cost is increased.



Which Material is used for the blade?

Blades are mostly made up of a material that is rust-proof. It is of stainless steel. Ceramic is another option that stays sharp for a longer period of time. You should have to be careful with ceramic as it is very delicate and break easily and its cost is also more. Metal blades are preferable.

How to use it?

These are the steps to use a hair clipper

Select the hair clipper and comb attached 

The first thing you have to do is to select the style you want to do. You can change the blade as per your hair length.

Your hair should be dry

 It is important to note that a hair trimmer is not able to cut the hair when your hairs are wet. You should not try this. First of all dry your hair with a towel then tries a trimmer. Wet hair damages your trimmer as it causes rust to the blades.

Do first rough cut

 It is a very wise choice if you start with a longer size blade as it gives you a rough idea for your required hair length. After that, you can go with your desired blade.

Be Patience 


Never be in hurry to cut hair and go. It may cause you a bad haircut. It takes only a few minutes so keep your hands steady and work with patience.

Give a clean look o your neck


It is important to cut the hairs from the neck very wisely and clearly. It must be seen by a line that shows the difference between cutting hair and remaining hair. You can take the help of a mirror.

Clean the hair trimmer


You must clean the hair clipper after every use. It must be disinfected. You must have to use the brush to remove the hairs from the cutter. If you are caring for it properly, Its life will increase.

Price Range



Hair clippers come at many different prices according to their functionality, size, and material. Its price depends on the features like its power source. If it is an electric one, its price is more as compared to a manual one. How many setting is provided by it is another factor that decides its price. Many haircutters are battery-operated. So its battery life is also one of the factors. Its price starts from 199 and up.

hair trimmer

Hair Clipper vs Hair Trimmer vs Detailed Trimmer


The hair clipper is specially designed to cut the hairs from the head, not from other parts of the body where the skin is very close to the hairs. hair Trimmers are used to cut very fine hairs from the face, and body. It is designed to cut the hair close to the skin and is used for a finer result. The detailed trimmer is popular for personal use. It is used for the nose, ears, and eyebrows too. It comes with a number of attachments. It is used for detailed and highlighted cutting of hairs.


A hair clipper are used for hair trimming by men and women both. It is of many types like manual, electric, battery operated, and detailed. Each one is good according to its features. If you are about to buy one for kids, it’s good to buy a manual one or a battery-operated one. for adults, you can buy an electric one too. 

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