Cool and Comfy with LG AC 1.5 Ton: The Perfect Cooling Companion for Your Space

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LG AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star with AI DUAL Inverter Split AC: Model- RS-Q19YNZE

This LG split AC comes with an inverter compressor that is capable enough to run at a variable speed. This means, it is capable enough to adjusts the power requirement depending on the heat load. It is has artificial intelligence convertible 6 in 1 that gives you the freedom to increase or decrease the cooling capacity as per your requirement. Inverter AC is specially designed to consume less energy and provide better performance than non-inverter AC. 

  • In the normal AC, the compressor runs continuously whether it requires more cooling or not and consumes more electricity. But this is not the case with inverter AC. Inverter AC sense the heat inside the room and then according to that heat and runs the compressor at variable speed. So inverter compressor AC saves your electricity bill.


This LG Ac comes with 1.5 tons of capacity that are suitable for a medium-sized room. In square feet, it is fit for room sizes 150 to 180 sq ft. It has an air circulation of 653/1236 CFM. Its ambient temperature is 52 degrees Celsius with a 4-way air swing.

Energy rating

LG Air conditioner is 5 star and best in efficiency. It consumes less energy. Annually, it consumes 685 Units per year approximately. This AC is  certified by ISEER and has 5.2value 2 for ISEER.


This LG AC has 10 years of manufacturer warranty  specially on its compressor  that includes gas charging also. It has 5 years of warranty on PCB and 1 year on the product. 


LG Ac 1.5 Ton has a copper condenser. It uses copper with ocean black protection to safe it from rust and corrosion. In this way, it increases durability and provides uninterrupted cooling. Copper is a metal that is reliable and durable. So whichever product uses this metal, that product becomes durable and provides longer life than usual.

Key Features

This LG AC has a DUAL inverter compressor that is enough to save electricity bills for sure. It is AI convertible 6 in 1 cooling. It has a virus filter that comes in HD. It has an ADC sensor to control and maintain temperature levels at the optimum. Thus, it provides comfort and saves energy at the same time. It detects, whether the gas is on the lower side. Its fan comes with 6-speed.

Stabilizer free

This LG AC does not require a stabilizer to operate. It is capable enough to manage itself while power fluctuation and at lower energy. You can save your money that you might spent on stabilizers. But you can use a stabilizer if you like and if you are very concerned. There is no bad to use a stabilizer.

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G 6 in 1 Convertible 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC
  • Brand: LG
  • Capacity: 1.5 Tons
  • Special Features: Artificial Intelligency Cooling Mode, Stabilizer Free Operation, Smart Diagnosis
  • Energy rating: 5 Star
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Refrigerant Gas

LG Ac 1.5 Ton uses the R32 gas which is very environment friendly. There is almost zero ozone depletion due to the usage of this gas. So, You are contributing to the safety of the environment.

Uniform Air Flow

Many ACs are not able to provide you with air equally in all directions. But this LG AC provides you with uniform air flow and swings in 4 different directions. So, Every direction will be evenly cooled.

AI Dual Inverter

AI dual inverter takes the LG to a different unique level that is equipped with different speed dual rotary compressor. Before this technology, LG ACs has tonnage technology. But now this is smarter with AI.

AI convertible 6-in-1 cooling

LG Ac 1.5 Ton has a 6-In-1 convertible capability. Now, you can increase or decrease the cooling capacity as per the requirements or according to the weather. It has AI-inbuilt sensors. So, It automatically senses the and provides you cooling accordingly.


 LG introduces very high-quality ACs that have the next-level VIRAAT model. This model can provide 110 to 117% of instant cooling capacity. It delivers cool air with its powerful fans.

Mute Function

Have you ever thought that the Air conditioner be silent while operating? Yes, It is true in LG Air conditions. Just press a button from the remote and it will start working silently without creating any noise. It will help a lot those people who record audio and video and requires no background noise.

4 Ways Air Swing

This LG AC provides 4-way air swings. The horizontal and vertical swings ensure to have better airflow and distribution of air uniformly.

LG Ac 1.5 Ton

HD filter with Anti-Virus Protection

We all experienced the bad consequences of Covid-19. It is only because of viruses. So, LG has created an air conditioner that purifies the air of viruses and bacteria. LG Ac 1.5 Ton provides long-lasting protection against viruses, fungi, bacteria, and mold. I think Lg is updating products according to the time and situations.

Copper pipes

LG AC uses high-quality copper pipes that provide dual benefits. It has better heat dissipation and it increases the durability of the pipes.

Auto Clean

This LG Ac 1.5 Ton is Equipped with auto-clean functionality. Automatically eliminate the bad odor. To lock the bacteria and mold that help a surrounding to smell nice. It’s a heat exchanger that dried up automatically. As We Know bacteria can’t flourish in a dry place.

R32 refrigerant

R32 is a gas that is used in this AC. It is an environment-friendly gas that lowers global warming as compared to R 410. 

Ocean black Fin

If you are experiencing allergies from dust, smoke, and chemical available in the Environmental then this AC offers you unbeatable protection against these all. It also offers you protection against Fin corrosion. Mostly, elderly people experience these kinds of a problem like asthma patients. Then this AC is the best fit for those.

Low gas detection

LG Ac 1.5 Ton detects the gas level of this AC automatically. If sometimes the gas level is at the Lower Side then it will be displayed on the display for timely maintenance and refilling of the gas. So you can run this AC without any worry about low levels of gas.

Smart Diagnosis

It is very hard to understand the fault in the air conditioner if you are not a technical person. To help you in this kind of situation, LG has equipped smart diagnosis error notifications. You can notice that error message and let customer care help you in a better way.

Monsoon comfort

LG Ac 1.5 Ton equipped with the unique Monsoon Comfort technology that controls the temperature of our room very efficiently. It also controls the air movement and humidity inside the room to provide you the comfort. It saves energy even in humid conditions.

Quick Specifications

Brand: LG

Type: Splitter

Capacity: 1.5 ton

Color: White

Condenser coil: Copper

Noise level: 31 dB

Warranty: 10 years on the compressor, 5 years on PCB, and one year on the product.

Model: RS-Q19YNZE

Dimensions: 21 * 99 .8 * 34 .5 cm

Indoor unit weight: 11KG

Outdoor unit weight: 30 kg

Battery type: Zink carbon

Annual energy consumption: 685 kilowatts per hour yearly approximately.

Installation type: Splitter

Voltage: 230 volts

Wattage: 1130 watts

Included components: One indoor unit, 1 outdoor unit, 3 m connecting Copper wire, one remote control, One manual, and one warranty card.

Star rating: Five star

SEER: 5.2

Number of speeds: 6

MRP: Rupees 75,990.

Discounted price: 45,490( when I see on the Amazon. It may change)


LG AC 1.5 Ton is an excellent choice for those looking for an energy-efficient AC that saves you from viruses, bacteria, and mold. It is a dual inverter AC equipped with AI. It auto-detects the faults, heat in the room, and R32 gas when lower than required.

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