Deep Study- Pressure cooker versus Rice cooker

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What is pressure cooker versus rice cooker?

Are you excited and curious to know pressure cooker versus rice cooker? As these, both seem to be the same but there are pretty much differences too. Both cook the rice very well in less time. I was also not aware of these differences. Let’s start by exploring  the difference between these two.

A rice cooker is not a pressure cooker but with many differences

If you are tight on your budget or have limited space in the kitchen, then choosing a good rice cooker or pressure cooker might be difficult. These both serve different purposes. Let’s figure out which functions of these rice cookers and pressure cookers are most important.

What is a Rice cooker?

  1. A rice cooker is an electrical appliance or countertop appliance. It is specially designed to cook the rice automatically. It is capable of cooking different types of rice with perfection. The rice cooker is assembled with many parts like a cooking pot, thermostat or thermometer, handle, snug lid, and controls.
  2. The cooking pot is used to place the rice that you want to cook. Thermometers control the temperature while cooking. It prevents the rice from the burn. It also has a sturdy handle that is used to hold the cooker. It also has a control panel that controls the cooker.
  3. The rice cooker comes with a dedicated spoon that is used to scoop rice from the pot without damaging the internal pot. If you want to know about Rice cooker in detail then read it here.
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What is a Pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers are cooking appliances that are used for many decades for cooking.  It prepares food quickly with help of steam. As we know heat is the greatest heat conductor when compared with dry air. Steam reaches its maximum temperature and thus cooks the food faster. This is the reason pressure cooker are mostly used in every house and are faster and more efficient than other methods.  If you want to know about Pressure cooker in detail then read it here.


The pressure cooker versus rice cooker

  • Cooking in a different way

  1. The first thing in a pressure cooker versus a rice cooker is that the pressure cooker has rubber lining lids that help trap the steam when the lid is closed.  It maintains the pressure inside and cooks food faster. It uses both steam and pressure to cook the food.
  2. A rice cooker uses steam only. Rice absorbs the water and makes them tender and soft. When it turns off, all the water goes away and you get a perfect dish. It has a rice bowl or cooking bowl, a thermostat, a thermometer, and an internal power system.

  • Different Functions

  1. The second thing about a pressure cooker versus a rice cooker is that Whenever cooking different kinds of recipes, then you can buy a pressure cooker because a pressure cooker is a versatile appliance and a rice cooker is limited to rice and similar food only. Pressure cookers are multi-functional. You can cook almost everything in the pressure cooker.
  2. As the name suggests, the rice cooker works exclusively for rice. It does not mean that it is limited to rice only. You can cook many more recipes too that have similar properties to rice.

The rice cooker can’t cook food that requires a higher temperature for cooking.

  • Speed/ faster

The pressure cooker is faster than other cooking appliances because it uses both steam and pressure. This means the average time of cooking in a pressure cooker is very less than in a rice cooker.

A rice cooker is faster for cooking rice only. Its speed is not comparable with other methods.  But whenever it comes o cook soup or meat, pressure cookers are best to use.

  • Cooking temperature

  1. A pressure cooker uses high temperatures to cook the food, so cooks faster than a rice cooker. It is a healthy, hygienic option. The pressure cooker is not limited to cooking food only, you can use it for sterilizing the accessories. As I use the pressure cooker to sterilize the stainless steel bottle in it. But be careful. Don’t keep the bottle when the lid is closed. Always check for instructions for a pressure cooker as well as accessories before sterilizing.
  2. The rice cooker uses steam only for cooking rice. It has a lower temperature than a pressure cooker. It is not suitable for sterilizing the accessories. You can use it to cook rice or similar foods only.

  • Portability

The pressure cooker and rice cookers both are small in size and have countertop appliances. These are portable. You can easily carry it while moving from one place to another.

A pressure cooker is not hard to use, only it requires some time to use it. 

  • Easy to use

Both appliances are easy to use. A rice cooker is easier as it requires proper measurement of rice and water and that’s it. The rest of the job is done by the rice cooker itself. No monitoring is required in it.

The pressure cooker required some time to understand the water and vegetables or rice ratio. Once get this ratio, it’s very easy to use the pressure cooker too.

  • Versatility

The primary difference that I notice while cooking for many months in a pressure cooker and a rice cooker is that the pressure cooker is more versatile. As a pressure cooker is more versatile, you can use it for multiple recipes. On the other hand, the rice cooker is specially designed for cooking rice only or dishes that have similar properties as rice.


In this article we cleared the doubts about pressure cooker versus rice cooker. The rice cooker and Pressure cooker both are countertops and compact appliances. Both of these appliances have the same role of cooking food. A pressure cooker is a versatile appliance and the rice cooker is limited to rice only. A pressure cooker is multi-functional, saves energy, saves time, saves nutrients, and is faster. The rice cooker is automatic, auto shut off when cooking is finished, keeps the rice warm, and is easy to use.

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