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Kenstar Coolers

As the summer is arriving, it is very important to have a nice and durable cooler that is capable enough to beat the hot waves of Indian weather. Are you looking for a cooler that is an economical solution to beat this heat? Many brands provide us with exceptional Cooling and simple maintenance. Kenstar is one of those brands that has established itself as one of the best brands in providing the best air Cooling in India. The main mission of kenstar Cooler is to provide consistent delivery of air in all kinds of rooms. In this article, I am going to discuss one of the best coolers by one and only KenStar.

KenStar 15 Liter glam personal air cooler

If you are looking for a compact air cooler then this is the one that is provided by Kenstar. This is one of the best coolers that you can easily move. We always think that cooler means a square piece of machine that will make a lot of noise and not go with our interior. But this cooler is very stylish at the same time value for money. This cooler is designed in such a way that you can use it in a hot summer and humidity.

  • Brand: KenStar
  • Color: White
  • Control: Remote
  • Water capacity: 15 l
  • Form factor: Personal
  • Number of speeds: 3
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Kenstar 15 L Tower Air Cooler
  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Capacity: 15 Litre
  • Mounting type: Freestanding
  • Color: White
  • Control: Remote
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Water level Beep

One of the features that I love about this cooler is that it starts beeping when the water level is low. Once it reached the desired level of water, it will stop making beeps. 

Advantages of this cooler

  1. It is suitable for personal use only. If you have a large room or a medium room you can’t use it for the whole room. 
  2. It best fits those who are looking for a cooler that consumes less energy and provides you with the best Cooling.
  3. As this cooler has a less price but provides you with good quality Cooling and durability, it is a value for the money
  4. This cooler comes with the easy to move Wheels so you can easily transport it from one room to another or one place to another.


  1. This cooler makes a noise when running at full speed.
  2. Many people experience that the customer support is not that good too.

Kenstar Ventina Window Air Cooler for Home

This is another cooler by Kenstar. It is made from plastic material. Its color is white. You can control these coolers using a remote control. Gone are the days when you have to get up from bed and control the speed of the cooler manually. It has 60 L of water capacity. Its weight is 12 kg. It consumes 210 watts.  It is capable of running at three speeds.

  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Capacity: 60 Litre
  • Mounting type: Freestanding
  • Color: White
  • Control: Remote, Inverter Compatible
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Power-packed performance

This cooler can keep the room cooler covering up to 250 square feet.

Cost cutting Cooling

These coolers are using wood wool pads that are very cost-effective and environment friendly. Nowadays everyone is working and has no time to have proper maintenance for their appliances. If you are under this category then this cooler by Kane Star is for you. As it required very low maintenance and at the same time provides cooling efficiency that is high. It has a very important and very high surface area, as it is made from thin strips of wood that are tightly packed together.

Safe living

Collapsible louvers in this cooler allow us to customize the flow of a year very easily. It is capable enough to keep out the dust and mosquitoes for a comfortable Environment.

Make your summer cool

Do you know this cooler comes with a dedicated ice chamber that is responsible for providing you extra Cooling? This ice chamber is designed in such a way that keeps the ice frozen for a long period. In this way, it has cooling efficiency. It has a 60 L of water tank capacity that can run for a longer time without refilling the water. So that you can enjoy uninterrupted Cooling for sure.

Exceptional experience

This cooler is designed in such a way that it is very easy to operate. It has aesthetic look that increases the look and feel of your house. You can easily move this cooler as it comes with castor wheels.

Suitable for all kinds of spaces

This cooler can be used as a personal cooler or room cooler. This is a multipurpose window cooler. You can use it inside the room or hang it on the window.

Strong motor

It has a Quadra flow technology motor that makes sure to give you cool air in all directions. It can spread the cool air in the large room also.

Inverter compatible

This kenStar Coolers are inverter compatible. This means that it can run when there is a power cut or voltage fluctuation. So, no more hot summer days when power cuts.

Good warranty

This air cooler comes with 12 months of warranty from the date of purchase. If you find any manufacturer defect, then you will get resolved that issue in warranty. 

Quick Specifications

  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Control type: Remote control
  • Water capacity: 60 l
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Idle for: Personal use
  • Wattage: 210 Watts
  • Number of speeds:3
  • Model number: ‎KCLVTPWH060BMW-EGM

Where to use?

 This cooler is medium in size that is perfect for small houses, studios, shops, salons, and four personal uses. Due to its small size, it takes very less space but provides you with maximum Cooling. If you are experiencing space problems for a cooler then this mid-size cooler is a perfect solution for you. You can use this cooler for elderly parents’ and kids’ rooms.

Air pollution filter

One of the best parts of this cooler is that it has a multistage air pollution filter that eliminates bacteria, allergens, dust particles, and many other contaminants. It results in a healthy and comfortable environment. You can use this cooler for elderly parents’ and kids’ rooms.

Auto swing

The Ken Star cooler has an auto-swing facility. So Gone are the days when you have to get up from bed and set the direction of the air. As these coolers have auto-swing functionality, you do not need to change them manually.

Lower electricity consumption

This Cooler by Kenstar consumes very less energy that is 210 Watts and it is invertible. Invertible means you can use this cooler while power cuts. This cooler will save your monthly bill.

Kenstar Icecool Desert Air cooler

This air cooler by kenStar has many unique features and Cutting Edge design. This air cooler comes under the top-rated and best-selling coolers. It has many features like wide-angle airflow, multiple fan speeds, and very effective honeycomb pads. These honeycomb pads are very easy to clean. This is also one of the best options during this hot summer.


  1. This cooler is value for the money.
  2. This cooler has a long life.
  3. Do not require any kind of installation.
  4. It is capable enough to provide cool air in the peak summer.
  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Capacity: 60 Litre
  • Mounting type: Freestanding
  • Color: White
  • Control: Button


  1. It produces a noise when running at full speed
  2. this cooler is not providing us with remote control. So every time whenever you want to control the speed or direction of the air, you have to do it manually.

Quick Specifications

  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: White
  • Airflow capacity: 4000 CMPH
  • Control type: Buttons
  • Water capacity: 60 l
  • Floor area: 500 square feet
  • Special feature: This cooler is ready to use and does not require any kind of installation. It provides you with effective ventilation in your room
  • Form factor: Desert cooler
  • Air throw distance: 45 feet
  • Compatibility: Inverter
  • Air delivery: 4000 Cu.m./hour
  • Water level indicator: Yes
  • Cooling pad openable: Yes
  • Easy to clean: Yes as it’s a honeycomb pads are removable and you can Clean it very easily.
  • Wattage: 175 watts
  • Ice chamber: No


The Mexocool ECO desert air cooler by kenstar is designed to provide you with most of Cooling quickly and efficiently. This feature makes it one of the best air coolers in India. This cooler comes with 50 l of water capacity. If you want to get relief from Indian hot summer, then this cooler is one of the options. This cooler comes with air-throwing range of 9.8 meters. It is also inverter compatible.

  1. Model number: Maxocool Eco
  2. Color: White
  3. Water capacity: 50 l
  4. Material: Polypropylene
  5. Form factor: Desert air cooler
  6. Control type: Remote
  7. Wattage: 175 watts
  8. Number of speeds: Three
  9. Warranty: One-year service warranty by brand.
  10. Spare parts available online: Yes
  11. Water Outlet: Yes


  1. It has a high cooling capacity.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. It is very durable.
  4. It is a large cooler that is very stylish.
  5. It has a large tank capacity for water that is 50 l.
  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Capacity: 50 Litre
  • Mounting type: Freestanding
  • Color: White
  • Control: Remote
  • Type: Desert Cooler


  1. It gets dirty very easily.


What is the best price for a can-star air cooler in India?

The price for the best chicken Star air cooler according to this article is 7 000 and above. Many factors decide the price of any cooler like its look and feel and functionalities.

Which brand is popular for the cooler?

KenStar is one of the most popular and trusted brands for its stylish air cooler in India? This brand is very popular for its cooling capacity and designs.

How to get the maximum benefit from the cooler?

To get the full benefit from your air cooler, keep the doors and windows open for proper air ventilation. 

How do you take care of an air cooler?

You can use a brush to clean the pads of the cooler once a week. If there is a lot of Duster the best option is to replace them or wash them very nicely. It is very important to clean the tank of water. Clean its blades once a week.

What is the capacity of a kenstar Coolers?

The air cooler by Ken Star is available in many different capacities of such as 12 l, 15 l, 16 l, 55 l, 60 l, 80 l, and 90 l.

Is there any cooler that works without water?

Without water, the fan and cooling pads just blow the hot air inside your room. It will increase the temperature inside your room instead of cooling it. Most coolers use water to cool down the temperature.

After how many hours does an air cooler need to refill the water?

It is advised by the brands that if you’re using a personal cooler it is good to refill the cooler after every 4 to 6 hours.

How many units does a cooler consume per day?

Mostly air coolers consume 150 to 300 watts. It depends on the condition of the air cooler and how well you are maintaining it.

Does cooler purify the air?

Many kinds of coolers are eco-friendly, Safeguarding you from air pollution. But many coolers purify the air in a very effective way. KenStar is also providing coolers that are purifying the air.

The benefits of an air cooler? 

  1. Air coolers are energy efficient.
  2. The air cooler is eco-friendly.
  3. Air coolers do not produce CO2.
  4. People who use cooler for Less sick than people who are using the air conditioner.


In conclusion, KenStar Coolers are an excellent option for those people who are looking to beat the heat during the hot summer months. Kenstar providers a wide range of models to choose from. Cooler offers us a convenient and efficient solution for officers, homes, and other places. These can be used for all kinds of spaces whether it is a small room or a large living area. These coolers are designed in such a way that these are provided Powerball performance while energy-efficient and environment-friendly at the same time. Kenstar coolers are an excellent investment for anyone looking to stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer month.

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