What is a Heater?

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What is a heater?

In India, The weather is hot throughout the year. But there are chili days for a few months on the northern side. The cold weather is this much that you can’t survive without having a heater or lamp. Some people prefer wood flame but it is dangerous. Many people feel that room heaters are not safe to use. That’s the reason you should read this article and clear your doubts and know What is a heater?

Room Heater

Important points to be considered before buying a Heater


  1. Heating Elements It is very important to know how many heating elements are in the heater. The more the heating elements more heat it will produce.
  2. Wattage How much wattage a heater is consuming? It is an important factor to know because it will decide our electricity burden. Always choose wisely. Large heaters consume more wattage. Do not buy a heater that has no STAR rating.
  3. Temperature settings Always choose a heater that has temperature control settings.
  4. Power cut failure It must have a power cut failure control. It must cut-OFF when the power goes off suddenly or the desired temperature is reached. This way, it saves energy too.
  5. The light Lights of the heater are mostly bright orange. Sometimes it is disturbed during the night when you sleep. So check the brightness before buying.
  6. It must be portable.
  7. It must have a safety grill that provides safety to kids and pets from the hot heater.
  8. Timer It is good if a heater has a timer. You can set the timer and it will shut off on time and save energy for you.
  9. Noise level Always checks its noise level. Noise may disturb your nap.
  10. Humidity and oxygen level As you know, a heater burns oxygen and decreases the level of humidity. It is good if you check for this point too. otherwise, it causes nose, skin, or dry eye problems. It is good to keep a bucket of water to maintain humidity.
  11. Check for style It is necessary in today’s world to buy any appliance according to the decor and style of your room. 
  12. Auto oscillation It must distribute the heat evenly to the entire room.
  13. Plug type Always checks for plug type. It must be a universal type and fit in your home sockets.
  14. Budget Always set your budget before buying a heater. it will help you to stay good at your budget.
  15. cord length Most heaters come with a small cord. Sometimes you need to connect the heater to some length. So always check for corn length.
  16. Warranty It must have long years of warranty. It ensures the quality of the appliance.
  17. Technology Latest technology means good options to control the heater and less energy consumption.
Heater type

Fan Heaters 

Additional thermostat

Infrared heaters

Oil-filled heaters






Types of Heaters

There are mainly  three types of heaters that are used for household. These are

Infrared Heater 

An infrared heater is also known as a heat lamp or halogen or quartz heater. It uses a quartz heating element to produce heat that makes you feel warm but when you touch your skin it’s cool. It is safe to use in the house. It also comes with remote control. It is economical to buy. It works like a campfire. It is best for small spaces. It heats the space very quickly and consumes less energy. But it is not suitable for large spaces. An infrared heater is not child and pet friendly as its elements are hot.

Infrared Heater



  1. The infrared heater has low emissions. So it is environment friendly at some extant.
  2. It is aesthetically pleasing as it comes in many different designs.
  3. It doesn’t take up much space. These infrared heaters are compact.
  4. It is simple to use.
  5. It requires low maintenance.
  6. It is very efficient in producing heat.
  7. It consumes low energy as compared to other types of heaters.
  8. It has many health benefits
  9. It does not produce noise pollution.
  10. It can be connected to the solar panel.
  11. Its light is the same as sunlight.



  1. One of the biggest concerns is that it has safety concerns. It is exceptionally hot.
  2. Its light is orange in color. So if you have a small room, then it may produce much brighter orange light that may feel uncomfortable to your eyes.
  3. It lost heat in a few minutes after the heater is turned OFF.
  4. It may cause skin-related problems.
  5. You may feel dehydrated more frequently as it causes you to lose water in your body.
  6. It is used to heat in a specific direction only.
  7. The infrared heater has a limited warranty.

Fan Heater

If you are looking for a heater that is suitable for big or large spaces, then fan heater is good to go. fan heater heats the room in a very short time and more important is that it is pocket friendly. A fan heater is portable, So you will face no problem in shifting from one room to another. 

Fan Heater

A fan heater is also known as a ceramic coil heater or convection heater or blower. It uses a ceramic coil to heat the air. It also has a fan that blows hot air to keep the room warm. It is energy efficient. It is small in size. Many heaters auto turn off and are flame resistant too.



    1. A fan heater is easy to use.
    2. It heats the room very fast.
    3. It carries out the heat to the entire room.
    4. It consumes less energy.
    5. It is affordable to buy.
    6. It is safe to use as it does not have any hot coil outside that heat up. If you have kids or pets, then fan heaters are good to use.




    1. It has exposed elements that sometimes (Very rare) heat up. So be careful about this point.
    2. When you turn it OFF, the air becomes cool again. It does not have long-lasting warmth.
    3. It may leave your skin dry if you use it for long hours.
    4. Sometime you may feel uncomfortable.


Oil-filled Space Heater

Oil based heaters works like a radiator. As its name implies that it is a heater that uses oil to heat the room. It uses electricity to heat the oil, then hot oil makes the room hot. Oil heats up fast. If you are thinking of buying a heater that gives you heat for a longer time even after turning it OFF, then this is the best option for you. Its fins stay hot even after turning it off. Oil based heaters are costly compared to other types of haters. But other types of heaters need to be run for long hours thus consuming much electricity as compared to oil base heaters.

Oil-filled Space Heater
More Detail

An oil-based heater runs for a few hours and maintains the heat within the room. It heats the room quickly as soon as its oil is hot. But you can’t control how much or how fast the heater warms up. You can use it only in one direction but after that, it heats the room evenly. It is good to use for small spaces as well as for large rooms. Sometimes Oil based heaters are hot to the touch as it has hot oil. It emits carbon monoxide. If carbon monoxide remains inside then, it is poisonous. So proper measures must be taken to avoid it. You can use flues that escape the harmful gas outside.



    1. No Heating elements It doesn’t use any heating elements as it has oil. So it is safe to use with kids and pets.
    2. This kind of heater is silent. So you can have comfortable nights.
    3. It has no electronic components that are exposed. So it is safe to use.
    4. Its electricity consumption is less.
    5. Oil based heaters does not burn oxygen. 
    6. It is child friendly.
    7. Oil-filled heaters are cost-saving type heaters.
    8. These are easy to use.
    9. You don’t feel uncomfortable or suffocation.
    10. Its maintenance is very low.
    11. It is used to heat the room in all directions.
    12. It doesn’t dry the air.




    1. It is more costly than other types of room heaters.
    2. It takes 10-15 minutes to heat the oil. After that, it starts heating. You have to wait for 10-15 minutes for heat.
    3. It is not instant to use.
    4. Oil-filled heaters are heavy. So you can’t easily move from one place to other.
    5. It consumes more power.
    6. It is bulky.


Is it safe to use a heater?

You can use the heater during the day safely, as we open the door and fresh air enters in your room.  But during night time, set it on auto off or set timer. Using it for long hours or an entire night may lead to less oxygen in the room. It increases the carbon monoxide gas. Sometime you may feel your skin dry. For this, you can use oil-based heaters. You should keep a bucket of water inside your room to avoid dry air. The heaters are safe to use but with care.


There are many types of heaters in the market. But oil base heaters are the best due to their huge benefits. It is cost-effective and efficient. It doesn’t dry your skin and is suitable for kids and elderly age persons. Other types of heaters are good if you have a small budget. But it costs you more every month in electricity bill. At last, oil base heaters are the best.

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