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What is Vacuum Cleaner ?

A vacuum cleaner is a hand-held device that is used to clean different surfaces. Its energy source is mostly electricity or sometimes battery-operated. It is also known as a vacuum or hoover. It cleans the surface by suction of dust and dirt using a powerful motor, then dirt is stored in the dust bag. A vacuum cleaner is used in the house as well as in industries.

More Detail

A Vacuum Cleaner comes in many different sizes, shapes, models, and designs. It also has wheels for easy cleaning and carrying it from one place to another easily. It can clean any kind of surface from wooden surfaces to floors, cars, stairs, carpets, and many more. We mostly think that vacuum cleaner are not affordable but this is not true to some point. Like some vacuum cleaners are affordable and comfortable to use. It has an air pump that sucks the dirt and stores it in the dust bag.

Types of a Vacuum Cleaner

Following are the Types of a Vacuum Cleaner
  1. Upright
  2. Stick
  3. Handheld
  4. Canister
  5. Hard Surface
  6. Robotics
  7. Carpet Cleaner
Here, We come to know the basic names for different Types of a Vacuum Cleaner. I will explain these all in detail in coming blogs.
Vacuum Cleaner

Parts of a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner has mainly 7 parts. These are

  1. The motor is the one that keeps the vacuum cleaner working and it also makes your vacuum cleaner active when you use it. Vacuum cleaner price depends on the motor quality.
  2. A fan is a very important part of the vacuum cleaner. Without a fan, it is not possible to create such high pressure to suck dust.
  3. Exhaust port The pressure created by the fan is released outside the vacuum cleaner using the exhaust fan.
  4. Intake port It is that much important that if this is not in the vacuum cleaner, VC won’t work. It provides steady steam to the cleaner.
  5. The angled fan blades are responsible for creating suction power and for the air to move.
  6. Housing It contains all the components
  7. A filter is used to filter the dust and dirt. It senses the size of the object and then according to that suck it to prevent any loss to the blades.
Vacuum Cleaner

Advantages of a Vacuum Cleaner

These are the main advantages:

  1. Low Noise Level As you know, Vacuum cleaners are mostly noisy when you use them. Its average noise level is 70dB which is something like more. But many other cleaners have low noise levels like 60dB. It is very low compared to 70dB.
  2. Easily clean hard-to-reach places It is possible to clean those places that are hard to clean manually. You can do it with a vacuum cleaner. It is that much flexible and easy to use that it reaches very tight places.
  3. Powerful Its motor is very powerful and strong that has more suction power.
  4. Easy to clean Its installation is very easy and also easy to use. You need to just plug it into a socket and start cleaning.
  5. Save time and energy It cleans the entire room in just a few minutes. So it saves your time as well as energy. You won’t feel tired after using it.
  6. Easy to use It is easy to use. Just plug it in and start cleaning.
  7. Remove allergens from the air It comes with a HEPA filter that cleans the air and saves us from airborne diseases. It kills germs, bacteria, etc.
  8. Remove the pet’s hair It can effectively remove the hairs of the pet from the carpet which is not possible using manual cleaning.
  9. Advanced Features It comes with many advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity and you can connect it with a mobile app.
  10. A low-cost Vacuum cleaner is a low-cost tool that is ranging from 5000-10,000 depending upon size, style, and model.
  11. Since the dirt, It is capable of sensing the dirt type and size. It can also indicate that the dust bag is about to be full.
  12. Work even in your absence It works when you are out of home and just send a message or use the app to operate it.
  13. Environmentally friendly It is environmentally good because you do not need to use plastic bags to collect garbage. It uses its special dust bag that is reusable.
  14. Save money It saves your money on plastic bags. You no need to buy plastic bags anymore.
  15. Reliable It is reliable as well as efficient. It cleans very well which is not possible using hand cleaning too.
  16. Long-life filters It uses HEPA filters that have a longer life. So after 1 year on average, you have to change the filter. It may depend on the frequency of usage.
  17. Asthma patient It creates no problem for asthma patient as it does not spread dust.
  18. Alert you: It alerts you that the dust bag is about to be full.
  19. No physical exertion It does its job very easily and smoothly moving wheels create no pressure on your hands.
Vacuum Cleaner

Disadvantages of a Vacuum Cleaner


  1. Heavy It is hard to move as it is heavy. You cannot move it upstairs.
  2. Space These are big so they required good space for storage.
  3. Electricity It increases your monthly electricity bill. You have to increase your monthly budget for electricity.
  4. Reusable dust bags Some companies do not provide dust bags. So you have to invest in this too.
  5. Some of these vacuum cleaners cannot clean stairs.
  6. These are somewhat new in our country, so you may feel a problem while purchasing spare parts.
  7. It requires maintenance that is costly.
  8. It uses a HEPA filter that is costly.

How to Select the Best Vacuum Cleaner

There are some points that need to keep in mind while you purchase a vacuum cleaner:

  1. Understand your requirements It is important to understand your requirements for a vacuum cleaner like how frequently you are going to use it and which type of material you want to collect with it.
  2. Power of motor  The performance of any appliance depends on the motor of that appliance. So whenever you are about to buy a vacuum cleaner, always research motor power. How strong it is? How much pressure does it produce?
  3. Noise level If any vacuum cleaner produces a lot of noise then you do not like to use that. Because that increases your temper. So check it before you buy as a pre-test on the shop itself.
  4. Design We are living in the 21 century where everyone loves to have all appliances that are appealing to the eyes and go with your decor.
  5. Filter Check for its filter whether it is of good quality or not and brand too.
  6. Spare parts The most important thing here is to check whether its spare parts are available locally or not. because it creates a big problem for you if you don’t find any parts near your location.
  7. Check filtration Checking filtration make you sure of the quality of cleaning it provides you. How efficiently it filters.
  8. Maintenance Sometimes we are not aware of maintenance. Ask a simple question. That is, How frequently it requires service?
  9. Budget There are many models and brands in the market that are very expensive too. Never ever measure the quality of an appliance with its cost. Always go with your budget.

Final Words

A vacuum cleaner is very new in India. But people start adopting it due to its convenience of usage. It is used to clean any type of surfaces such as fabric, floor, and furniture. It cleans the surface by suction of dirt and dust. It is affordable and easy to use. 

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