What exactly is Chat GPT or Chatbot.?

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What is Chat GPT?


Chat GPT stands for chat-based generated pre-trained transformer. It is a bot by OpenAI that uses Artificial Intelligence to give response to any question. It is presented in November 2022. It has supervised learning and reinforcement learning. Humans are used to training this bot. It is very efficient in giving correct answers. Initially, chat bot is introduced free to use for testing purposes. After a trial period, when it is monetized, A paid version will be launched. 

Chat GPT


In the first few days of launch, It has over 1 million users registered and trying it. It is like a google search engine but with little difference. The difference is that: Google gives us results in the form of links, you have to visit every link to get answers but it gives us human-like direct written solutions. A chatbot is very good in human-like conversations that it remembers previous questions and relates to others’ questions. Below is the result, I try.

Chat GPT


As company claims, It has multiple limitations like algorithm problems. Its training was stopped in 2021, Thus it doesn’t know what happens in 2022. for example, It does not know Ukraine and Russian wars, and many more things. It can do what google can’t do. Some people said it is a red alert to google. well, we see in this article whether it is true or not.

Is Chat GPT is only one in the market?

It is not only the one that is in the market. Before this bot, many other bots are used by the therapist and by many others. This chat bot gains instant popularity due to its free version and getting the attention of people. Before this, there is a bot named “Replika” that works like chat GPT but uses voice commands to communicate and that is paid one.

Is GOOGLE have a bot like Chat GPT?

Google has its bot named “LaMDA”. But Google doesn’t want to launch it because google is more sensitive or care about its reputation. If anyhow bot gives the wrong answer, It affects the reputation of this big and known company.

It is very efficient that it can participate in discussions very actively and relate answers. It is capable of replacing human intelligence.

Advantages of Chat GPT

These are some Advantages of it:-

Accurate Answers

It give answers very accurately and is capable of writing poems, stories, and rhymes. It can share tips on any topic like how to drive a scooter. It is also capable of writing complex programming codes and telling us any bug in code. If you write something, it corrects the spelling and grammar too. If you describe any image’s qualities and description, it is capable of generating a unique image that exists in this world never before.

AI base Customer support

It is capable of human-like conversation, so it can be used in customer support 24*7. It can answer any query.


DALL.E 2 is a program that provides you with a unique image that does not exist in this world before. For example: If you type a man with ten balls. It automatically generates a unique image that has ten balls.

Generate Creative content

If you want to write unique content on any topic, then it can help you. Just give your topic and it will write for you. It may affect the lives of many content writers and bloggers in the future.

Communicate in a conversational manner

It can communicates as humans do. If it is not able to understand your query, it simply asks you to rephrase the query.

Response to everything

The AI chatbot responds to everything whatever is asked of it or any problem it may be related to mathematics.

Admit Mistakes

Its company claims that chat bot admits its mistakes whenever it do any mistake or gives wrong answers.

The Future is Chat GPT

The bot is the future. It will change the way of searching over the internet. As a human, we love to get answers like humans give, instead of opening every single link to find out the correct answer or solution. It gives us direct answers.

Free to Use

The main reason for its popularity is that it is free to use. If people like this, they gonna use it definitely.


Nothing is perfect in this entire world. So this one also have some drawbacks.

Current Events are known to Chatbot

It is unknown to the current events. It does not know what is happens after 2021. It needs to stay up to date. Its company reveal it itself on their website.

Can be inaccurate

It is a bot, so it may produce wrong answers. You can’t rely on this for sure.

It doesn't use google for Information

It doesn’t use google to give answers as it is a pre-trained bot. Content produced by it may be detected by Google.

How to use it?


  1. Go to its official website https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/
  2. Click on TRY CHATGPT. A new window will open.
  3. You get two options. Signup and login
  4. If you are existing user click login otherwise signup.


It is an Artificial Intelligence product that uses its own data rather than Google to respond to the users. It communicates like a human and has direct answers instead of google searching inside links. It is free to use for feedback purpose. I discuss the advantages and disadvantages , you must have to go and check them.

Thank you very much for reading my article. 

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