How to select the best Home Theater?

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What is a Home Theater?

Whenever you heard for first time about home theater, You have one question in mind i.e. What is a Home Theater? and How to select the best Home Theater?.  A home theater is an electronic component that gives you a cinema-like experience at home. As you watch movies on ordinary TV, is a lot different than watching movies in a home theater. In this, You feel more involved because of its too good sound quality. Sound comes from all sides those are left, right, center, and behind. A minimum of 3 speakers need to be placed for the front side(center, left, and right) and many speakers are in all other directions. It gives you an awesome sound. 

More Detail

 For example, if in the video, a person standing on the left is speaking, then the sound comes from the left side with sound effects that make you feel that the person on left is standing on the left and speaking in real time.  It increases the user experience for movies. Home theaters need a large room to be installed that is kept dark during movie time as you mostly see in the theaters for more focus and detailed sharpness of video.  

What is a home theater?

How to select the best Home Theater?

Next thing is to know, How to select the best Home Theater? Any Home theater requires a minimum of 5 components. It requires a large screen that is at least 4K, speakers, a sound splitter, something to broadcast the movie, and a room to sit and arrange these all components. Home theater quality is not dependent upon the price. Many brands offer good quality home theater at low prices. Many people prefer nowadays subscription base show time like Netflix using an internet connection. Home theater is available in many sizes and prices.

What you need for custom Home Theater

Now you know What is Home Theater? You need the following components if you want to customize it yourself:


  1. A large screen TV or projector that is 4K.
  2. Minimum 5 speakers.
  3. Cable or satellite.
  4. Media server
  5. Blue ray disc or Ultra HD blue ray disk.
  6. An amplifier.
  7. Subwoofer.

Buying guidance for Home Theater 

Home theater is an expensive electronic component for that we invest one time. So, it is very important to buy a home theater that never lets you regret your purchase. Here, I am going to explain to you a few points that you need to consider or think about before you buy a home theater. I am sure it will help you.

1. TV

Without TV, you cannot imagine a home theater. If you already own a TV then it must be 4K at least to enjoy a cinema-like experience. Else you need to buy. It must be future-ready means you have to check whether it is connectable to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or not.

2. Room

You better know the space easiness in your home for home theater. As it is a bulky appliance so be careful before you buy a large home theater. First, you have to measure the space available in your room.

3. Streaming Device

The screen alone cannot play movies for you. You need to have a streaming source like a phone, online app, PC, or tablet. If you have a wireless speaker, It is good. You can feel the sound effects in your entire home.

4. Setup

Its setup must be as easy as possible. Nowadays, Home theaters come in in-box which means a single brand customizes the entire home theater for you and its price is also less. You have to just plug and play it. If you are a non-techy person, then you can easily connect it.

What is Home Theater-in-Box?

In Home Theater-in-Box, all the components are in a single package. It is a very unique effort by the brands to sell their products to non-Techy people. It is very budget-friendly and you can easily upgrade it whenever you want. You need to take no tension regarding finding add-on components that are compatible with it. All the cables, woofer, sub-woofer, amplifiers, and speakers come in this box. It is very quick and easy to use.


Advantages of Home Theater-in Box

  1. You can find easy compatibility with it. Almost every component is compatible with it.
  2. Everything is done for you by the brand itself. You have to just plug and play.
  3. It is cost-effective as compared to customizing every component separately.
  4. Home Theater-in-box is very gorgeous. It goes with any decor.
  5. Hassle-free installation.

Role of speakers in Home Theater

1. Home Theater

Home theater’s life is the speaker’s voice. Many types of speakers are used and everyone has a different role. Speaker’s voice makes you feel involved in the movies.

2. Center Channel Positioning

If speakers are what make it sound good. Place one speaker in the center and 2 speakers on sides that are on the left and right side of the center speaker. Center speakers produce 50% of sound and most of the sound effects are comes from them. Its voice must be matched with other speakers, or else you feel uneven sound. You can go for compact speakers that take up small space.

3. Front, Left, and Right speakers

These Speakers are used to producing special effects. Floor-standing, on-wall, and bookshelf speakers are best for the front, left, and right speakers.

4. Surround Speakers

These Speakers are used behind and beside the seats. Its sound is like rain and the sound of leaves. It works with other speakers very well. For a large room, You have to select 7.1 channel speakers. Bookshelf and wall speakers go well with surround speakers.

Why should you have to choose speakers from one brand?

Every brand speaker’s sound and pitch are different. No two brands have the same pitch. If you want an even sound effect then it’s good to use one brand of speakers. Minimum front left, and right speakers must be from one brand.


Home Theaters come in many different ranges. As the price increase, the quality will also be increased. The average price for a home theater is Rupees 1199 to 70,000.

Best brands for Home Theater

Best brands for Home Theater are:

  1. JBL
  2. Sony
  3. Dolby Atmos
  4. Logitech
  5. iBall
  6. Phillips

Final Words

Going to the cinema every weekend costs you more and you are already tired of the weekend, So it is difficult for you too to step out. For this, Home theater is the solution. It gives you a cinema-like feel and sound quality too. It comes in different types and sizes.  Speakers have a major role in producing sound effects. You need a large screen and streaming source. 

Thank you very much for reading my article. 

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