Top 3 Innovative modern appliances for kitchen 2023

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What are modern appliances for kitchen?

Technology plays a very important role in our life from our wake-up time to sleep time at night. We are surrounded by several technology-equipped appliances. These all modern appliances for kitchen make our daily household work easy and take less time. These all have a great impact on our life. 

  • Nowadays, our kitchen becoming modern and adapting to the digital world. Electronic appliances are future-ready and help us in the best way. The modern appliances for kitchen are easy to use and required no training to use them. Any age group person can use these appliances. If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen, then these are some future-ready appliances that you can consider.

Smart Refrigerator

  • A smart refrigerator comes in modern appliances for kitchen. It comes with many different features that are specially designed to make our life easy and need less maintenance. They not only store food and make ice but also have many advanced features. You can choose the refrigerator as per your family size and how much food you want to store in it. 
  • In the smart refrigerator, you can customize the temperature as per the weather, has flexible compartments, areas to store different food in different compartments, and power-saving options. Gone are the days when only grey or white refrigerators were available, nowadays a variety of colors are available as per your home decor. You can easily fit it inside your kitchen.

Hitachi R-W610PND4 563L Double Door Refrigerator

This Hitachi refrigerator has multi doors. It is one of the refrigerators that enhance your kitchen look instantly and its looks beautiful. The freezer area is mounted at the top of the refrigerator and the storage area for vegetables and other foods is at the bottom area. Its capacity is 563 L. It also has a touch screen outside its door. This touch screen attracts people a lot. I remember, we have a small single-door refrigerator 15 years ago. 

Hitach Refrigerator
More about it.

This Hitachi refrigerator has multi doors. It is one of the refrigerators that enhance your kitchen look instantly and its looks beautiful. The freezer area is mounted at the top of the refrigerator and the storage area for vegetables and other foods is at the bottom area. Its capacity is 563 L. It also has a touch screen outside its door. This touch screen attracts people a lot. I remember, we have a small single-door refrigerator 15 years ago. 

Quick Specifications

  1. Type: Refrigerator
  2. Doors: 4
  3. Display Type: Touchscreen
  4. Weight: 93 KG
  5. Dimensions: 176*86*73 cm
  6. Freezer: Top mounted
  7. Shelf material: Tempered glass
  8. Capacity: 563 L
  9. Frost Free: Yes
  10. Coolpad: No
  11. Door alarm: Yes
  12. Freezer Capacity: 144 L
  13. Special: Inverter based
  14. Voltage: 240 Volts
  15. Child Lock: Yes
  16. Stabilizer: Inbuilt
  17. Warranty: 1 Year on the product, 10 Years on the compressor.
  18. Price: Rupees 49,990(Discounted, when i check)
  19. Ice Tray: Movable twist ice tray
  20. Light: LED
  21. Air Flow: Front airflow
  22. Coolpad: NO
  23. Express Freezing: Yes
  24. Moisture control: Yes
  25. Body Material: CRCA
  26. Handle material: PMMA
  27. Door type: Frech doors
  28. Gasket: Removable
  29. Deodorizer: Yes
  30. Flexible Racks: Yes
  31. Power Consumptions: 160 W
  32. Can Rack: Yes
  33. Egg Tra: Yes
  34. Number of bottle racks: 3
  35. Wheels: Yes(For support)

What More about this?

In the list of modern appliances for kitchen, this refrigerator is very important and let us know the features of it.

More Space so stay organized

It has a good space to store food for a big family. You can organize the food and vegetables easily. Now, no more need to keep your refrigerator messy and fully loaded. As it has many shelves, the refrigerator remains hygienic, organized, and spacy.

Beautiful Look

It adds a beautiful look to your kitchen. Its stunning look is just amazing. 

Finger Prints resistant

Fingerprint resistance means its hard and permanent coating. It shed the oil and greases. Which makes it fingerprint resistant.

Full-width drawers

It has a good space for drawers. You can store much of the food inside it. This is the modern appliances for kitchen  benefits.


Fulfill ice requirements

This refrigerator has a separate compartment for ice. So it is capable of making enough ice for daily needs. 

Evenly cool

Traditional or old refrigerators are not able to cool the food evenly. I experienced this many times. But nowadays, refrigerators are capable enough to cool food evenly.

Energy efficient

In many countries, govt makes it compulsory to have appliances certified with BEE or Energy STAR rating. That means appliances consume less energy than usual appliances. It saves your monthly electricity bill.

Easy to look inside

As it has good space for food and still enough space to place more food, that’s why you can easily find out whatever you are looking for in the refrigerator.

LG 674 L Door-by-Door Refrigerator(GC-X257CQES)

The LG 674 L Door-by-Door Refrigerator is an excellent choice for those who trust in look, features, and quality. It is an inverter-based refrigerator. It is smart in the real sense because it is Wi-Fi enabled device and you can connect it to Amazon Alexa and operate it from anywhere inside your home. Its door is in french style or we can say door-by-door. It looks gorgeous in a grey and black combination. It is one of the modern appliances for kitchen .

LG Refrigerator

Good capacity

Its primary part is water, an ice dispenser, and a touch screen that makes it look so much more beautiful. It comes with UV nano. Its capacity is 674 Litre. It is a BEE star rating. It has an auto-defrost function. It has a 674 Litre capacity that is enough for a big family to store food. It is capable of fulfilling daily requirements. Its freezer capacity is 250 L, food capacity is 424 L, and has a water and ice dispenser with UV nano.

InstaView Door

Door-in-Door has instaView for whatever is kept inside. It has mirrored glass. You need to knock on the door two times and you can see inside. It is very useful as you do not need to supervise the food by opening the door. Without opening the door results in energy saving and less cooling loss.

Inverter Linear Compressor 

It has a revolutionary inverter linear compressor that is capable of saving up to 50 % of energy. It can control temperature and keep the food fresh for a longer time.

Self-cleaning water dispenser

The UV Nano feature is just fantastic. It is responsible for cleaning the water dispenser nozzle every hour for ten minutes. You can use it manually too. I love this feature a lot. Now you do not need to worry about cleaning and hygiene.

LG ThinQ

LG ThinQ means it worries free to detect the fault in your appliance. You can use your smartphone from anywhere to detect and diagnose the defect whichever is possible. You can control the temperature, express freeze, and smart diagnoses.

Hygiene Fresh Air

 It has an intelligent air filter that is capable of cleaning the air 99.9% but also cleaning the bad odor. This makes sure that your food remains fresh for longer hours.

Manage Freshness using the Balance button

It comes with a freshness balance button. Simply switch it to a fresh balance of vegetables and fruits. It adjusts the amount of humidity inside the fruit box.

Dedicated wine rack

This refrigerator is the perfect refrigerator I have seen ever. It has a special rack to store and chill the bottle. It has a capacity for four bottles. You can use it to store wine bottles or any other bottle.

Quick Specifications

  1. Brand: LG
  2. Model: GC-X257CQES
  3. capacity: 674 L
  4. Annual energy: 317 Kilowatt/ Year
  5. Food compartment capacity: 424 L
  6. Freezer Capacity: 250 L
  7. Door Type: french door/ Door-by-door
  8. Features: Temperature control, water, and ice dispenser, touch screen, inverter, Wi-Fi control.
  9. Voltage: 230 Volts
  10. Defrost: Yes(Auto)
  11. Shelves: Glass
  12. Energy Certified: Yes
  13. Material: steel
  14. Number of Shelves: 7
  15. MRP: Rupees 2,21,899

Benefits of Smart Refrigerators

The following are the benefits of refrigerators

Remote monitoring

These smart refrigerators can be controlled using a mobile phone and monitored remotely. That means you can control the temperature and receive an alert if any is related to your appliance directly on your phone.


The smart refrigerator makes our life easy by adding smart features that save our time and requires less monitoring. You can control these appliances using voice commands, and you can ask for recipes, and ingredients, and order online.

Energy efficient

These appliances are energy efficient because you can control the cooling by adjusting its settings. Such as in winter lower the temperature and saves energy.

Enhanced food preservation

Smart refrigerators use enhanced cooling technology that can preserve the food for a longer time than usual. It has many types of compartments and every compartment has different cooling settings. For example wine bottle rack, food area, and vegetable and fruit area. These all have different temperature and humidity settings.


These smart appliances are widely customizable. You can adjust the number of drawers and shelves as per your requirements. Many refrigerators come with an inbuilt camera that allows you to check food whenever you required it.

Disadvantages of smart refrigerators

Many things decide whether smart appliances are fit for you or not. The following are the disadvantages of smart refrigerators.


These smart refrigerators are significantly more expensive than normal refrigerators. These are loaded with advanced technology and features., that add cost to their price. It is out of reach for middle-class families. 


Smart refrigerators are difficult to understand for the very first time. Its setup and usage are also time-consuming. You need to learn how to use its smart features. If you are not a techy person then, you need to take time and then learn.

Security risk

Smart refrigerators are connected to the internet so it is widely risky to your security. There are more chances of hacking and other cyber securities. This may bring your personal data at risk.


As with any appliance that relies on the internet and technology, there are chances that you may experience technical or internet issues. If this is so, you are not able to use these smart refrigerators. It relies on the internet and technology.

Limited Compatibility

Smart refrigerators may not be compatible with your smart home. That makes it difficult for you to have a wide variety of appliances.

Haier wahsing machine(HW80-Im12929C)

This washing machine by haier is one of the best machines. Its capacity is 8 KG. It has a super drum and an inverter motor. It has a leaser seamless drum. It is a front-load washing machine. The dimensions of this machine are 58D*55W*85R. This is a fully automatic washing machine that has a front-loaded style. It is energy and water efficient. You can use it for large family sizes too. Indian joint families are using it very well.

Haier Washing Machine
More about it.

It comes with 3 years of manufacturer warranty on the product. It has a good sinning speed of 1200 spin RPM. It is an artificial intelligence-based that sense the hygiene of clothes and washes accordingly. It sanitizes the clothes as well.

Quick Specifications


  1. Brand: Haier
  2. Model: HW80-IM12929C
  3. Capacity: 8 Kilograms
  4. Features: Super drum, Inverter Motor, Refresh leaser, seamless Drum
  5. Access: FrontLoad
  6. Voltage: 220 Volts
  7. Material: Polycarbonate
  8. Dimensions: 58D*55W*85R
  9. Warranty: 3 years of the manufacturer, 12 months on motor
  10. AI-based: YES
  11. RPM: 1200

What are the Features of Heir washing machine?

  • Super Drum

Haier super drum washing machine has an extra large 525mm super drum that provides extra and good space for washing and care of the fabric. It improves washing efficiency. It allows for having safe and less time for laundry.

  • Inverter Motor

Haier super drum washing machine is an inverter-based machine which means it consumes very less energy. It has a high-tech inverter-based motor. It has a very low vibration. It is specially used for delicate and expensive clothes.

  • AI- DBT

AI-DBT stands for Artificial Intelligence- Dynamic Balance Technology.  This means that the machine remains quiet and stable during work.

  • Puri Steam

Puri steam function uses steam and water for deep cleaning. It removes the wrinkles from the fabric and utilizes detergent. It also sanitizes clothes. You do not need to use iron separately as it uses steam and makes your cloth fresh and wrinkle-free.

  • Refresh

Haier super drum washing machine has a refresh feature that softens the clothes after washing and makes them look new. It is best for removing odor from clothes.

  • Dual Spray

This machine has a dual spray of water. It makes sure that clothes are free from detergent very well and it cleans the window and gasket instantly.

  • Anti-bacterial technology

It eliminates 99.9% of allergen microbes. It provides you with the best and safe cleaning. It is a healthy option.

Pin Points

Modern appliances offer us a wide range o benefits over traditional appliances. The integration of technology into appliances makes them more convenient, energy savers, and customization. It makes our daily life easy and saves a lot of time for other work. You can control a smart refrigerator from anywhere and check groceries from your phone using an inbuilt camera without opening the door. Overall, Modern appliances for the kitchen are the best and future-ready.

Thanks for trusting me.

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