New Awesome Kitchen appliances

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New Awesome Kitchen appliances

We always eagerly wait for some new awesome kitchen appliances to be added to our kitchen. Here ,I come with those appliances that make our fast-moving life easy. I already posted articles on some other kitchen appliances too. please do visit them. Click here to read.

Electric Tandoor

We all are fond of tandoori food. We always went to the market to have tandoori food. Every time we spent a lot of money. But here I want to describe to you all that an electric tandoor is the best option to choose from . It is easy to use and very convenient. You can enjoy restaurant-like food at home that is delicious and healthy too. You can make a different kinds of dishes in it like pizza, tandoori naan, tandoori chicken, and many more dishes.

More Detail

An Electric Tandoor comes in many different sizes, choose as per your requirement. The outside body of an electric tandoor is also come in stainless steel, so it is rust-proof. It has a see-through glass that is toughened glass. It is a healthy option as it uses almost no oil for cooking. Some electric tandoor has stainless steel heating element that has a long life of up to 10 years.It is economical and portable. You can prepare food in small batches but it cooks very fast.

Features to check before buying

1. Proper opening of a door is required so that you can easily access the food.
2. An electric tandoor uses electricity to operate. some tandoor uses 800 watts, some uses 1200 watts. The more power it has the faster it cooks the food.
3. Calculate the capacity of a tandoor. (big/small size)
4. Check for thermostat control.
5. It must have a removable cooking tray.
6. Internal material should be non-stick.
7. It must be shockproof.
8. It must be multi-functional.

Tasty Benefits you get from an Electric Tandoor


  1. Food cooked in an electric tandoor is low in calories and fat. 
  2. Cooking food in an electric tandoor has no nutrient loss.
  3. It make food very delicious.
  4. You will be sure of the hygiene of the food.
  5. You can experiment with different recipes.


We all love to eat but no one like utensil cleaning. So you can go with dishwasher. It is a Robot or machine that cleans your utensils. You just have to load your dishwasher and rest leave on it. It cleans cookware and cutlery. Some new model comes with WiFi connectivity.


More Detail of Dishwasher

Dishwasher uses hot water(45-75°C) to remove soiling. It uses less hot water for delicate items. It uses water + detergent and then sprays water on all utensils. Thus it saves water and detergent. Some models do pre-rinse. It has a sensor that detects the water dirtiness and on behalf of that use more water if needed. Clean water indicates dishes are clean.

Things to know before buying a Dishwasher


  1. You will no longer be able to use normal detergent. 
  2. You can’t overload the dishwasher.
  3. Dishes need to be kept in proper sequence. Dishes face must be toward the spray jet.
  4. You cannot wash stainless steel utensils with silver ones.
  5. You cannot put iron, or handpainted cutlery in it as hot water spoil it.
  6. You can use it only when the water pressure is high.
  7. If you have hard water in your area, you have to use more detergent.

Benefits of a Dishwasher


  1. It saves you time.
  2. It uses less water as compared to manual cleaning.
  3. Utensils are more hygienic as dishwashers use hot water and it kills bacteria too.
  4. It is easy and safe to use.
  5. It organizes our daily life.

Dis-Advantages of a Dishwasher


  1. It Requires more space.
  2. Some models use more water, so choose carefully.
  3. It requires maintenance.
  4. It takes time to clean the utensils, so it uses more energy.
  5. You might get lazy.

Cold Press Slow Juicer

It is called a cold press slow juicer because it presses the vegetable and fruits at low RPM thus it retains maximum nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the juice. This juicer does not generate heat that’s why it is called a cold press slow juicer. Its juice tastes amazing and last long upto 72 hours if kept in the fridge. It produces less oxidation.

Advantages of a Cold Press Slow Juicer

  1. It destroys the bacteria at a structural level, so safe to drink.
  2. It preserves the taste and quality of the juice. Its taste is un-matchable.
  3. It retains more vitamins and minerals.
  4. It extracts more juice than other juicers.
  5. Juice that comes from this juicer has good consistency as it has more pulp and fiber.
  6. You can customize Vegetables and fruits.
  7. It has low noise.
  8. This juicer has no blockage.

Dis-Advantages of a Cold Press Slow Juicer

  1. It is costly. It may affect your budget.
  2. It produces juice at a very slow speed.
  3. If you do not like pulp then it is not a good choice for you.

Kitchen Chimney

As we know that indian cooking is all about using more oil, and spices. So it produces more smoke and grease. Kitchen chimneys are designed especially to solve this problem. A chimney is an electronic appliance. A chimney Absorbs the smoke and oil. A chimney comes with light and touch-less control panel.

Kitchen Chimney

More detail about chimney

It comes in 60cm to 90cm sizes and its suction power is 1100 m3/hr to 1300 m3/hr. It is installed inside the kitchen above the cooking counter. It works with the principle that hot air flow above cool air. It sucks the hot air and absorbs smoke and oil from that and clears the air then passes it outside the kitchen.

Why do we need a kitchen chimney

  1. It prevents kitchen tiles and cabinets to be dirty.
  2. It removes unwanted smoke and smell.
  3. It enhances the look of your kitchen.
  4. A chimney lessens the inhalation problem while using spices.
  5. It removes the Excess heat from the kitchen.
  6. The lights on the chimney make cooking easy and properly visible.
  7. A chimney recycle fresh air.

Dis-Advantages of kitchen Chimney

  1. A chimney requires proper cleaning of the filter daily.
  2. Chimneys are costly.
  3. Its maintenance and repair are costly.
  4. It produces noise while working.
  5. It does not come with fire safety in case it catches fire.
  6. It requires extra special space.

Kitchen Hob

Kitchen Hob is a cooking appliance that is used to cook food. It is made with high-quality heavy-duty glass. Its installation is easy, just cut the granite as per the hob dimension and fit it. People love hob due to its sleek look. Its pipes and wires are concealed. It is very important to choose the right hob as the efficiency of cooking depends on how efficient is your hob.


Different Sizes of Hob

Kitchen hob comes in many different sizes like 60 cm (2 feet) and 75 cm (2.5 feet). More wide sizes are also available nowadays like 90 cm and 120 cm.

Advantages of kitchen Hob

  1. The kitchen hob gives our kitchen a clean and modern look.
  2. The kitchen looks more attractive.
  3. Many hobs come with smart features like timers and alarms that prevent the burning of food.
  4. It has a flame failure feature.
  5. It requires no more lighter/ matchstick.

Dis-Advantages of kitchen Hob

  1. It comes with a low flame, so cooking time automatically increased.
  2. It is difficult to clean.
  3. It requires routine maintenance.
  4. You cannot fix any problem. You need an expert.
  5. It is electricity dependent.
  6. Its price is high.
  7. It is not portable.
  8. It requires a special microfibre cloth to clean it.

Gas Stove

A gas stove is also known as a cook top. It is a cooking appliance that is used to cook food. It is one of the most used appliances we use in our kitchen. Some cook tops use natural gas, some use LPG (liquid petroleum gas). It comes in many designs and the material also varies like stainless steel or glass. Some cooktop’s burner lifts for easy cleaning. Many burners are designed especially for low/ high flame. Using a cook top, you can have control over heat.

Gas stove

Size Guidance for a Gas Stove

Gas Stove comes in many different sizes like compact, standard, and extra wide. Compact means 20-34 inches wide, standard means 30-36 inches wide, and extra wide means 48-60. Every cook top has a different height too. As per your requirement, choose the proper size.

Advantages of a Gas Stove

  1. One of the biggest benefits, I personally feel is that it is very quick to use when we buy it. No fitting and no electronic connection is required. Just connect it to a gas cylinder.
  2. You can adjust the heat of the cooktop as per your dish. You have direct control over the heat.
  3. It cooks faster than a hob.
  4. It is energy efficient. So budget-friendly.
  5. Some people like smokey food. So you can cook directly over it without any utensils and enjoy.
  6. It works even when the power is going off.
  7. You do not need to buy special utensils for the cooktop.
  8. Big utensils heat up very fast due to high flame.
  9. It is portable.

Dis-Advantages of Gas Stove

    1.  It is hard to clean.
    2. The cook top doesn’t give your kitchen a sleek look.



In today’s fast-moving world, Everybody like spicy and oily food. It can dirty your kitchen modules. Kitchen Hob is the solution that sucks the smoke.  Juicer is the best option for a healthy drink. You can save time by using the dishwasher. and an electric tandoor gives you hygienic food items that are tasty and yummy. I write the advantages and disadvantages of these all appliances. You must read those all before you buy these appliances.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

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