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Computer Speakers

Computer speakers or Speakers for PC or speakers for laptop are used with computer systems. These are output devices. However, You can use it for other purposes too For Example, for MP3 Player and for many other purposes.. These were connected to the motherboard directly when initially come in the market. After that, Speakers for PC are used with desktops and headphones. These speakers have an internal amplifier and it requires a power source. The power source may be direct, USB port, or batteries. These speakers come in two variations. Wired or wireless. Battery-operated wireless speakers require no connection at all. 

Additional Info

 If you connect external speakers to the system, These speakers are disabled automatically. These are widely available in many ranges and variations. These are mostly small in size. Wireless speakers are connected using an adaptor or Aux jack. Many computer systems have built-in speakers but those have low-quality sound and the bass is not up to the mark. These are available in 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 styles. Speakers for PC are also used by gamers. 

Hows it works

speakers for laptop are used electromagnetic waves that convert these waves into sound. Then this input is provided to the speakers. This is analog or digital.  Analogous speakers amplify the signal and produce sound waves. Sound waves are analog. So, digital speakers are required to change digital sound waves into analog signals. After that, the outcome sound is produced through speakers.

Why use Computer Speakers

What is computer speakers?

  • Using speakers for laptop, You can play MP3 and much more audio.
  •  You can keep these speakers anywhere and enjoy your favorite songs.
  • Speakers for PC plays the tracks in good quality.
  • It can be connected to a computer very easily.
  • You can convey a message to many people at one time.
  • You can listen to music while working on the computer.
  • You can enjoy games with music.
  • There are many software’s in the market that convert text into audio and that help may physically challenge people in many ways.
  • kids love learning using audio.
  • They are portable and you can carry them wherever you want.
  • You can use it in schools, colleges, and universities for any announcement.
  • You can use it in marriage and other parties.
  • Speakers for PC are used in many bus stands, airports, railway stations, and stops too.

Why these are avoided by some people


  • These speakers are loud. That’s why avoided by many people. It irritates some people.
  • Noise pollution is another reason.
  • It man causes discomfort due to its high wavelength.
  • Wireless or Bluetooth speakers have a specific range. Outside this range, It stops Working.
  • many times connectivity problems occurred.
  • You must be sure of the compatibility of speakers with the system and other main speakers too.
  • These speakers are expensive.
  • Playing in an open area sometime causes irritation to some people.


These speakers are most commonly used in the household. These are mainly used in televisions and stereos for older products. Nowadays, It comes in a very small size that it can fit into your pocket. These are mostly used for stage performances. It can be used on walls, outdoors, or the ceiling.


Working of a Loudspeaker

loudspeaker converts electric energy into a mechanical one. When an electric current is passed via the wire, It produces a push/ Pull effect that varies due to the current applied to it. It creates waves of high and low air pressure that create a sound.

Parts of a Loudspeakers

Diagraph (Cone)

 It is a total sound it will have and frequency response. It is usually made up of lightweight material. Whenever you play any song, the cone is responsible for pushing air in /out in order to create a sound.

Dust Cap

It is a cap that is placed over the cone to protect it from dust and other debris.

Front Suspension

It is also known as surround. It is a flexible ring that helps the cone to move freely from one side to another and the same time allows it to vibrate freely.


It is responsible for all the internal parts of the speaker being placed in their place.


It is responsible for holding the speaker assembly. It is a frame made up of metal.

Voice Coil

It is responsible for holding the speaker assembly. It is a frame made up of metal.

A Magnet

It is a driving force that pulsates.


It is a place where the drivers are placed.

Where can you find Loudspeakers?

  • Radio

Loudspeaker is used in the radio. It converts the electric signal into a sound that you can hear mostly on Televisions and phones.

  • Televisions

Most Televisions do not have good speakers, because they do not have enough space to fit bigger speakers. You cannot reject your televisions only because of the bad quality of sound. You can achieve this by adding speakers.

  • Portable audio player

 Loudspeakers are small in size and the price is also not that much. For this reason, it is used in audio players that are portable.

  • Computers

You can use speakers on the computer for louder music enjoyment. Inbuilt speakers are not that much good, for that, you can go for external speakers.

  • Musical instruments

We use musical instruments for the party like music. It is achieved using loudspeakers.

  • Auditorium

If the sound is good, it fills the auditorium whether it’s a live concert or speaking using microphones.

  • Conference room

To make sure that voice is audible to all the persons in the conference, loudspeakers are used. It makes sure that the audio is reachable to every person inside the conference room.

  • Banquet hall

This is one of the most used ways of loudspeakers. At every party, it is used.

  • During public emergencies

Whenever there is any public emergency, these speakers are used to ensure that the announcement is reachable to everyone. For example, during covid 19 pandemic, curfew is open for one hour, then loudspeakers are used to make announcements. It has a loud and clear sound, which is why it is used in announcements.

  • Religious Places 

You must hear the sound of religious places in speakers. Those are loudspeakers placed on the top of terris. It makes sure that it is reachable as far as possible.

Loudspeaker in religious place

  • For advertising

Nowadays, whenever a new shop opens or any sale starts, Loudspeakers are used to advertise that. If there is any offer going on or special advertising is done using loudspeakers.

  • Announcements

Many times you must hear the announcements made through speakers for medical camps or any program. They also use loudspeakers.

Final Thought

Computer speakers are very popular for sound and attending video or audio calls. It may be for Professional calls/meetings or for student classes. You can hear the sound of other attendees with the help of speakers. With proper knowledge, You can buy a perfect speaker. A loudspeaker is also very useful to make announcements for a large audience at once. I write about the application areas of the loudspeakers in this article. Please go through and read that. 

Thank you so much for reading my article. 

You can find my article on speakers here.

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