What are Speakers?

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The speaker is an output device that is a hardware device. It is used to produce sound. In order to produce the sound, it must be connected to the system, laptop, mobile phone, or any other device. Computer sound cards give the signal to it, and then the speaker produces the sound. 

In this Article, I write about one type of speaker only. I will continue on other types of speakers in the next Article.

Types of speakers

Which Factors are responsible for Rating?

These are rated using the following factors:

  • Frequency response

It is the rate of measurement of high and low sounds that the speaker produced.

  • HD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 

When the signal is amplified, the amount of distortion is.

  • Watts

How much amplification is available for the speaker?

Importance of a speaker

If you play a song or any music on a computer or phone, it is not that pleasing to hear. Because the sound is not that much loud and the bass is not that much. To solve this, external speakers are introduced. You can connect it to your laptop or phone. It increases the sound, amplification, bass, and surround sound.

Types of speakers


  • Subwoofers
  • Computer Speaker
  • Loudspeaker
  • Studio Monitors
  • Floor standing speaker
  • Bookshelf speaker
  • In-wall/ceiling Speaker
  • Satellite speaker
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Outdoor speaker


Whenever you need a low-frequency sound, then sub-woofers are used. It is an omnidirectional speaker, that produces a sound range of 20 to 200 Hz. These kinds of speakers are used for computers or in-car audio systems. It can be used in home theater accompanied by other quality speakers to enhance sound quality and lower your budget. It is available in powdered or powerless variations. One of the main features is its booming bass. you can place it wherever you want. These are made up of wood.


Applications of Subwoofers

These are used in many areas. These are

Home Audio

These are used in the home audio. These are smaller in size. Home theater-in-box is the cheapest way to enjoy home theater and it uses sub-woofers. It doesn’t compromise low frequency. Its quality is not that much good as other large loudspeaker is providing. It is also used on the computer.

Car Audio

 Car or any automobile is not suitable to have large o big music appliances due to space problems. So, It come to rescue this problem. because these are smaller in size so you can easily use them in the car back seat and in-doors of the car. This results in very good sound quality due to the small space interior.


Cinema Sound

Cinema owners start installing permanent subwoofers due to their sound quality. You can hear movie sounds even though there is a lot of noise due to these speakers.

Sound Reinforcement

These are used in live concerts sound, churches, nightclubs, and theme parks. Its quantity depends upon many factors like area, interior or exterior, audience, etc. A small room may require 1 subwoofer. It is placed on the ceiling, on the floor near the stage. 

What to look for in a subwoofer

  • Driver Size

You need to understand how powerful a sub-woofer you need. The bass rate depends on the diver’s size. A smaller driver means quick response time and a large driver size means, a deeper bass rate. If you want to feel a bomb feeling in your sound then you should opt for a large driver subwoofer. You can choose an 8-inch sub-woofer that gives you heart-thumping bass that is same time economical too. The commonly used driver size is 10-12 inches. It can do justice to any soundtrack. If you want more bass then you can go for a 15-inch or 18-inch that can peel off your wall paint.

  • Accuracy in Frequency Response 

It means how much low the speaker can go for bass. as human ears can hear up to 20Hz. These kinds of speaker have more price.

  • Powered vs Passive Subwoofer

 Powered sub-woofers have their power roots and passive sub-woofers get power from an external amplifier. It requires a lot of power when it comes to producing low-frequency sounds. That’s why powered subwoofers are popular and liked by everyone.

  • Front-firing vs down-firing

A front-firing subwoofer is one in which the sound radiates from the front or side of the enclosure. A down-firing speaker radiates downwards. You can’t say which type is the best, it depends on your requirement and use. If you are living in a high-rise building, then you can’t use down-firing speakers as they disturb your neighbor living below your floor.

  • Enclosure type

 It is the house where these are placed. Its design has a major role in the sound quality. There are many types of enclosures like a bass reflex and acoustic suspension. Acoustic suspensions are sealed boxes to produce accurate bass. It needed more power. Bass reflexes are energy efficient. It has a hole that releases the air.

  • Crossover

It is an electric circuit that routes all frequencies below the point and other frequencies above that point are left to handle by the center, main, and other speaker.

  • Size 

It is a myth according to me that the bigger the size of a sub-woofers, the better the sound quality. Small-size subwoofers are also providing good-quality bass.

  • Custom sound

Nowadays, These speakers can be customized for a bass response as per the song or lyrics. many subwoofers come with a mic that ways takes sound and automatically does the settings as per your space.

  • Control

You can control many of the subwoofer using remote controls. It makes our life very easy. You can change the setting without moving from your seat.

  • How well it blends with the main speaker.

Integration means using your subwoofers with your main speaker or home theater. How well it goes with other speaker to produce a good quality sound. If you look into this feature, the performance of speakers will increase.

  • Connectivity

Nowadays, Speakers come in wired or non-wired(Wireless). Wired speaker can connect using wires and wireless uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Some people pay just to avoid wires but wired speaker has more quality than wireless ones.

  • Cost

 Your biggest consideration that decides whether to buy a speaker or not is cost. These speakers can start from 30,000 to lakhs of rupees. As its features and quality increase, the price also increases.



Good bass is the thing everyone notice and say “wow”. This is due to subwoofers. You can use multiple subs in different locations of the room for a greater experience. Size is not a factor that decides the quality of a sound. Compact subs are nowadays doing very well. as per your budget, You can choose subs and enhance the beauty of sound.


Thank you so much for reading and staying on my article. 

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