How much does Air Conditioner consume electricity?

How much does Air Conditioner consume electricity?

It is very hot outside during summer days, but an AC cools everything inside the room. If you have any plans to buy an AC, then it is essential to know many things before you buy it. Ask a few questions to yourself like How much does air conditioner consume electricity, what would be the power consumption, how to calculate the power consumption, etc before you make a final decision to buy an AC. This blog will explain everything about power consumption by AC,  How much does Air Conditioner consume electricity?, and how to calculate the power consumption. So let’s dive deep into this topic and get to know.

What are the factors that are responsible for AC power consumption?

Several factors are responsible for power consumption by the air conditioner. Before dive into How much does Air Conditioner consume electricity? Lets know Some of them are written below.

  • The type of AC you are looking for like a window AC, inverter AC, Central AC, or Split AC affects the power consumption.
  • The star rating is also the biggest factor when deciding the power consumption of an air conditioner. Five-star rated air conditioners help us save energy. While 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star air conditioners consume higher power consumption than 5-star AC.
  • More the electrical appliances inside the room, the merrier the heat inside the room. It will eventually increase the power consumption by AC to cool down the room that has more heat due to more number of electrical appliances.
  • The temperature inside and outside the room also affects the electricity consumption by AC. If the temperature outside is more than 35°, Then it automatically requires more electricity to maintain the cool temperature inside the room.
  • The number of people inside the room is also the biggest Factor responsible for power consumption by an air conditioner. If any room has people between three to five, then it requires less power consumption. But If any room has a people more than 20, then it requires more power consumption or multiple ACs.

  • One of the most important factors affecting the power consumption of air conditioners is the size of the room where an air conditioner is used. The bigger room requires more power consumption and the smaller room does not consume as much power consumption as the bigger room required.

How to calculate the power consumption by AC?

There are many methods by which you can calculate the power consumption of an air conditioner. Follow the following steps.

First of all, bring out some basic information that is required to calculate the power consumption by AC. These are.

  • The cost of one unit offers electricity.
  • The number of hours an AC runs.
  • KW rating of the AC. (You can find it  on the AC nameplate)


There is a formula to calculate the power consumption.


Units per month = kW of AC * Daily hours an AC runs * 30 or 31 (days of a month)


Now you can calculate the power by month. Let’s take an example- suppose we have a branded AC with 1.5 kW that runs for 7 hours daily.

So we calculate the power consumption by, 1.5 * 7 *30=315 units per month.


The next step is to calculate the electricity bill, you will get for a month. Suppose, per unit cost for electricity is 6 rupees. Then the electricity Bill for a month will be:

= 315 units * 6


= Rupees 1890.

Can we reduce AC power consumption?

Yes, you can decrease the power consumption of the air conditioner by following some steps and tips.

  1. Turn off the AC when not required to run.
  2. Keep the AC temperature ideal.
  3. Clean the filter Timely.
  4. Keep the compressor of the AC in the shade. It does not receive direct sunlight.
  5. Try to buy IoT appliances that switch on and off automatically when not in use.
  6. Use the ceiling fan at a lower speed to cool the room a little bit faster.
  7. Maintain your air conditioner properly and regularly.
  8. Change your AC as soon as you feel it starts consuming more energy than regular.
  9. If your AC is too much old, then buy a new AC equipped with the latest technology.
  10. Keep the door and windows closed to cool the room faster.
  11. Always invest in the latest technology-equipped air conditioner.
  12. Opt for the five-star air conditioner.

Points to consider before buying an AC

Most people buy air conditioners due to hot deals, discounts, for offers. But it is good to consider a few things before investing in air conditioners. Buying an AC at a discount or offer May satisfy your pocket, but this product affects your pocket in the form of an electricity bill till you use this product. So invest very wisely. How much does Air Conditioner consume electricity?


  • Make a list of your favorite brands and check what kind of features and services they provide during or post-purchase.
  • As per the number of members in your family, pick the AC.
  • Choose the AC as per your requirement.
  • If you have a good enough space for split AC, then choose accordingly.
  • Always buy a 5-star over the lower star rating.
  • It is important to check the number of air filters available in the AC. These air filters will disinfect the air from germs and bacteria.
  • Compare the features, specifications, cooling capacity, advantages of power consumption window AC, or split AC.
  • Choose a AC, which consume less energy.
  • It is good to check the noise level produced by AC. This is important because noise disturbs the sleep during night.
  • Check if the AC has advanced features. Nowadays you can not only cool the room with the AC but also warm the room.
  • Check it for sensor that automatically detects the heat inside the room and adjusts the temperature accordingly.
  • Check the cooling capacity of the AC.
  • Make sure the AC is energy efficient.
  • Don’t forget to check its  warranty.
  • Look its post-maintenance services provided by the brand after the product was installed.
  • Ask if the air conditioner required a separate stabilizer or has an inbuilt one.
  • Ask for the type of coil used in the AC. The type of coil used in the air conditioner affects the cost of an air conditioner. A copper coil is the best.
  • Analyze, whether the air conditioner is an inverter based or not.

Is it compulsory to use AC?

In summer, many areas depend on the air conditioner to survive from heat. You can imagine how much electricity is required for those areas and air conditioners.

Power consumption depends on the size of your AC. If you have a central AC, it will consume from 3000 to 3,500 watts per hour. If you have a window AC, it will consume 900 to 1500 watts per hour, portable units consume between 3000 and 4000 watts.

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How to save money on electricity bills?

There are several ways by which you can reduce the electricity bill.

  • Use the air conditioner for peak hours only.
  • If your compressor receiving direct sunlight, install shades or Drapes over the to prevent receiving direct sunlight.
  • Keep the curtains and windows close when Direction sun rays come into your room. It will maintain the temperature to cool until you run the air conditioner.
  • Use the ceiling fan along with the air conditioner at a lower speed to decrease the burden on the air conditioner.
  • Use the Eco Mode which is popular for saving energy. It consumes less electricity than usual.


How much does Air Conditioner consume electricity? The amount of electricity an air conditioner consumes depends on various factors such as the type of AC unit, its energy efficiency rating, the size of the room, the desired temperature setting, and the number of hours it operates. 

  • Typically, a window AC unit with a 1-ton capacity consumes around 0.75 to 1.5 units of electricity per hour, while a split AC unit with the same capacity may consume between 0.80 to 1.5 units per hour. 
  • The energy consumption can be calculated by multiplying the power rating of the AC unit by the number of hours it operates and dividing it by 1000 to get the energy consumed in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Regular maintenance and efficient use of the air conditioner can help reduce electricity consumption, save money on electricity bills, and promote sustainable living.

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