The Best Voltas AC 1.5 ton 2023

Voltas is one of the oldest names in the market that is providing services of air conditioning. It is part of Tata Companies and it is also one of the largest suppliers of textile machinery, engineering products, and many more services.

 Voltas AC 1.5 ton 2023 review

An air conditioner is very important these days because during summer, heats up very much and it is also impossible to survive without the Air conditioner. So, it is good to know which air conditioner and brand is good. Let us discuss it in detail. Whenever it comes to cooling a large space or a room an air conditioner is always one of the best and the first choice. One of the most popular conditioners nowadays in the market is Voltas SZS 1.5 ton AC which is split a type. This AC is popular for its high-performance energy efficiency and food durability. It is used by almost all like in-the-house, businesses, and shops.

 Voltas SZS 1.5 ton 4 star inverter split ac split

If you are looking for an air conditioner that is energy efficient and capable enough to cool the big room, then Voltas SZS is the one you are looking for. The main reason to buy this AC is that it is energy efficient because it is an Inverter AC.

Do you know What is the meaning of an inverter AC?

Most the traditional AC used a compressor that continuously turns on and off due to temperature changes. This AC has more control over it. This means that when the compressor is shut down, the fan continues to blow the air and maintains the temperature inside the room and it eliminating the need to continuously shut the compressor on and off. It uses a copper coil that is better energy efficient than aluminum.

  1. It is a 4-star energy-efficient air conditioner. It is rated by BEE and BEE defines its quality and efficiency. It is capable enough to cool the room even at 40 degree Celsius of temperature. Isn’t it a cool feature? It not only gives your cool air but also gives you fresh air. It uses the four-stage filtration process. It has a feature of self-diagnosis. This means that if there is any problem in the AC, then it will recognize it automatically and try to solve that( whatever is possible).
  2. The traditional air conditioner is not capable of restoring the previous settings of the air conditioner when the power goes off. But this Voltas AC remembers the previous settings and auto restarts the AC from the previous settings. This AC is capable of saving more energy than 5 Star AC.
  3. Its capacity is 1.5 tons and its cooling power is 5200 Watts. This Voltas AC comes with many special features like an inverter, dust filter, and dehumidifier. This AC has a dimension of 21.1D*71.9 W*34.3H Centimeter.
  4. It has a seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio of 4.1. It comes in white. Its noise level is 50 dB. Its compressor adjusts the power depending on the heat load. It mostly has the lowest noise. It comes with one year warranty on the overall product and 5 years of warranty on the compressor. It uses a copper condenser which requires very low maintenance and provides better cooling. 
  5. It has an antibacterial filter that is capable enough to kill most germs, viruses, and bacteria. The dust filter is capable of filtering the year and removing the dust from the year that enters the room. It is an eco-friendly air conditioner. An eco-friendly air conditioner means it does not deplete the ozone layer. It comes with a very easy-to-use remote control. The Voltas SZS air conditioner is made from plastic material. It included one indoor unit, one outdoor unit, remote control, a manual, a warranty card, one connecting pipe, and one connecting cable. The batteries are not included in it.

Stabilizer Free Operation

This AC is work without a stabilizer. Gone are the days when you need a stabilizer. Nowadays, Air conditioners are capable of working on a wide range of voltages. It protects the ac if there is any voltage fluctuation. There is no need to use the additional stabilizer because it uses low voltage to operate.


This Voltas AC is capable of sensing indoor humidity. If the humidity inside the room is more than required, then it runs its dehumidifier and maintains the proper humidity. This feature is very useful during monsoon because during monsoon the humidity increases very much. You don’t feel any stickiness over your skin with this dehumidifier.

Environment-friendly Air Conditioner

Voltas AC 1.5 ton is an eco-friendly air conditioner. An eco-friendly air conditioner means it does not deplete the ozone layer.

Low-frequency torque control

Low-frequency torque control means it supplies a constant temperature and in this way it saves energy.

Multi-scale filtration

It is capable of removing impurities from the air like allergens, odor, and other harmful particles and gives you fresh and cool air.

Steady cool compressor

Voltas all-star Inverter AC is powered by a steady cool compressor that provides steady cooling and steady saving. It optimizes power consumption and maintains the temperature of a room. It saves your monthly bill. It is capable enough to cool a room of 130 square feet.

Quick Specifications

Turbo Mode: Yes

Price: Rupees 40,150

Sleep Mode: Yes

Cool Mode: Yes

Dehumidifier: Yes

Dry Mode: NO

Auto Mode: Yes

Dust Filter: Yes

Carbon Filter: NO

Anti-Bacterial: Yes

Dual Protection Filter: NO

Virus and Allergy: NO

Silver Ion: Yes

Auto Air Swing: Yes

Speed Settings: Yes

Air Circulation: 900 CMH

Capacity: 1.5 Ton

Cooling Capacity: 5.2kw

Compressor: Rotary

Start Rating: 4

Voltage: AC 230 V

Power Consumption” 1520 w

Remote Controlled: Yes

Auto Restart: Yes

Button type: Night Glow

Auto-Diagnosis: Yes

Auto Clean: NO

All Weather: No

Jet Cool: No

Timer: Yes

Inverter-based: Yes

Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

Dimensions: 90*31.5*24.2 cm

Reviews by buyers

I go through many reviews regarding this product. There is a neutral view. Some say it is value for money and fully satisfied. Some say that it is lacking many features like Wi-Fi and a timer. You can find this option only on the remote. It is providing a vertical swing only, there is no horizontal swing. It cools the space fast.


  1. Voltas AC 1.5 ton Capable enough to cool the room in less time.
  2. This Voltas AC is quiet enough not to produce noise. The indoor unit is very quiet. The outdoor unit produces a lot of noise. This is specially designed for those areas that required less disturbance like a sleeping room or work zone.
  3. Voltas AC 1.5 ton has a very sophisticated filtration system that catches very fine particles and others very easily.
  4. Voltas AC 1.5 ton has a Dehumidifier that reduces the humidity in the room whenever there is excessive humidity.
  5. Energy Efficiency is the attraction point and increases its sale. It is a 4-star energy efficient
  6.  It is very cheap to run on electricity. Voltas AC 1.5 ton consumes only 25c to 35c per hour for medium size rooms.
  7. Voltas AC 1.5 ton AC is very versatile because you can place it where ever you want on the wall.


However, the Voltas SZS 1.5-ton ac split type has several advantages as every product has. But it also has some disadvantages.

  • Voltas AC 1.5 ton is available in cool mode only. There is no heat mode for winter.
  • Voltas AC 1.5 ton outdoor unit produces a lot of noise.
  • Voltas AC 1.5 ton requires proper maintenance.
  • Voltas AC 1.5 ton requires proper space for outdoor units to be installed. It is not suitable for small houses if you have very limited space or a balcony or a yard.
  • Voltas AC 1.5 ton is somewhat pricey. It cost you Rupees 40150.

  •  High initial cost

Voltas SZS 1.5 ton ac split type is a premium product and its initial cost is high for some buyers. As we know, all air conditioners are expensive. If you are looking for a good air conditioner then the cost will be more.

  • Maintenance

 This air conditioner requires regular maintenance like any other air conditioner requires. It is very important to maintain this AC to increase its efficiency. It includes cleaning the filter for some time replacing the filter if required, regular inspections, and cleaning the outdoor unit. 

Features of the Voltas AC 1.5 ton

  • High Performance

The Voltas ZS 1.5-ton AC is popular for its high performance. It is capable of cooling a large area of space. It comes with an airflow of 850 CFM which is high. It distributes the air evenly.

  • Energy Efficiency

The Voltas ZS 1.5-ton AC is a very energy-efficient air conditioner. It is 4-star energy rated which means it consumes very less power and saves money on the electricity bill. This air conditioner uses an R32 refrigerant, which is eco-friendly and avoids global warming.

  • Advance features

The Voltas ZS 1.5-ton AC comes with many advanced features that make it easy to use and maintain. It has an LED display that is used to display the temperature and other settings. It also comes with a sleep mode that decreases the temperature during the night for comfortable sleeping. It comes with a self-diagnosis feature, which detects the fault or error and displays it on the LED screen.

  •  Durability

The Voltas ZS 1.5-ton AC is a very durable air conditioner. It is made from a material that is designed to last for many years. It has a one-year comprehensive warranty which includes manufacturer defects in the system. It has a 5-year of warranty on the compressor.

  •  Easy to install

The Voltas ZS 1.5-ton AC is easy to install. It includes all the accessories whatever is required to install this AC. It may be an indoor unit or an outdoor unit.

  • Quite operation

The Voltas ZS 1.5-ton AC is working very quietly, and make it suitable to be used in kids’ bedrooms, offices, and other spaces. The outdoor unit is also designed in this way it produces minimum noise.

  • Steady cooling compressor

A steady cooling compressor is a type of compressor that is used in the air conditioner to provide consistent and stable cooling. Another type of compressor is on and off very frequently, this compressor work at a very low speed to maintain and reduce energy consumption.


The Voltas SZS 1.5-ton AC is a high-performance air conditioner that is popular for its energy efficiency, advanced features, easy installation, and it’s durability. It is suitable for cooling a big room. It comes with many advanced features like an LED display, sleep mode, and problem diagnosis that make it easy to use and maintain. overall, the Voltas ZS 1.5-ton AC is an excellent choice for those who are looking for high performance and energy-efficient air conditioner.

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