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Mixer Grinder

Phillips is one of the best brands that people rely on for its build quality. Some of the Mixer Grinders come with a food processor. Its look is dam good and sophisticated. In this article, we are going to explore whether its performance is up to the mark as it appears and its build quality with safety features.

You can use this Mixer Grinder for making chutney, slicing, chopping, grating, and making the batter.

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No. of Jars

This Phillips Mixer Grinder comes with 4 jars. Each one has a different capacity and is used for different purposes. These jars are:


  • Chutney jar 400 ml.
  • Multipurpose jar 1 liter.
  • Juice jar 1. liter.
  • Food processor jas 2.1 liters.

What Material is used for Jars?

Phillips uses stainless steel material for its two main jars. Every jar has a plastic lid and a polycarbonate lid. These can be used interchangeably. The juicer jar comes in a standard size and size as other brands are providing. The juicer jar is made up of polycarbonate. You can permanently lock it or unlock it if you want to freely move it.

Extra features you get in it

The food processor jar comes with atta kneading blades and chopping blades. You can also get blades for grating and slicing.

The quality of this Mixer Grinder is very well. Its jar thickness is  0.6mm. It gets heated as any other jar but not that quickly. 


Its blades are 1.4 mm thick. You can change the blades of the multi-usage jar with the help of the spatula that comes with it.

The main drawback of this Mixer Grinder is that if you want to grind something wet then you have to process it in small batches. It is good if it comes with a wet grinder.


Phillips Mixer Grinder has a powerful motor that is compact and very good-looking. Its housing does not have a power indicator light. So sometimes you may be confused about whether the power is on or off.


It has a minor design drawback that I observe is that every mixer has a spillway at the top of the mixer where you fix the jar. It has a small open area to clean the spill. It has a very narrow spillway that makes it difficult to clean. You may feel difficult to clean it with your fingers or with any brush.

Is it durable?

The jars of the Mixer Grinder are durable. Its plastic gasket may get loosened over time. Its blades are durable. The kneading blades are made up of plastic that may be broken if you try to knead a tight dough.

Is it true to its performance?

This mixer grinds everything very well whether it’s wet or dry ingredients. You can use it for spices like masala and turmeric powder. It has very less waste of material after grinding. This mixer is not only good for dry ingredients but also for wet grinding too. You can use it for making wet paste like idli batter very easily and quickly but in small batches only. Sometimes it is noticed that if the ingredients for wet grinding are less, then it is not able to grind finely.

Food processor jar with mixer


The food processor jar of this Mixer Grinder looks very decent and its quality is also good. You can get a glass of juice within 2-2.5 minutes. The kneading blades come with a food processor jar as I mention above. Its material is plastic but it is very strong. You can use it for kneading large quantities of dough. It comes with a measuring cup that has an indication of the quantity of water. You have to take the water after measurement. But it is good to take a little less water than recommended if you love little tight dough.

Why kneading is attractive in it?

I love this kneading technique because it is not only kneading a plain dough but you can customize it with whatever ingredients you like. For example, you can use methi, palak, paneer, beetroot, and anything you like and make dough. You must have to attend the mixer while it is kneading the dough because it vibrates and the jar may get loose.

Slicing and grating

The main feature I love is slicing and grating. You simply have to change the blade and put the vegetables. It is capable of grating carrots and beetroot. It will save you time a lot. One thing I notice while using a slicer and grinder is that if you grind for more time vegetables may lose their water and its results in a puree instead of grating.

Has it a safety feature?

The Mixer Grinder comes with safety features as other brands are providing. These are shockproof bodies, overload safety buttons, and vacuum feet. It has many blades for different purposes. All these are very sharp. But it does not come with any storage box as it may hurt if it touches the hands directly.

Is it easy to clean this mixer?

The jars of this mixer are fairly easy to clean. Its lids are also easy to clean. But white lids get scratches as compared to black ones. You can put these jars in the dishwasher.

Noise level

This Mixer Grinder has a moderate noise of approximately 80 dB. This noise is comfortable. If you are grinding on the mixer, the other person in the house, will not get irritated.


Phillips Mixer Grinder comes with 2 years of warranty overall and on the motor, it’s 5 years. It has a good service after you buy it across the country. Nowadays, a company offers home service. You can go for an extended warranty at a nominal cost.




  • It has a powerful motor of 750W and 900 W.
  • Its control is very simple.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Compact design.
  • It has many safety features.
  • Its blades are very sharp and have good quality.
  • It has a very good air ventilation system.
  • It is easy to clean.



  • It does not have a power indicator light. You may get confused sometimes.
  • You cannot remove the blades of the masala jar for deep cleaning.
  • It has 2 pin plug for electricity power.
  • It is not suitable for wet grinding for big batches.


Phillips Mixer Grinder is overall a very good choice if you want to have a multi-usage machine like a food processor, grinding, mixing, wet grinding, juicer, dough kneading, etc. Its quality is also good along with design and performance. Overall it is a good package.

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